Ragini – My Love For U Wont Change [EPISODE 3]


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They celebrated their NEW YEAR in Manali now they are back in Mumbai where they live work and study

M. M.

Love was in the air… was the love one sided??? No one was able to answer… was it love..

Sanskar had a new feeling since the time he met her… He had many things in his mind but cant even say one… his heart was only thinking about her.. her smile her eyes her talks her anger everything about her…

Wat was those feelings.. why he was thinking about her continuously… He also didnt know… He decided to ignore it and enjoy the feeling…

Next Morning..

Ragini was driving the car.. Her phone rings and it was an unknown no.

Ragini: Hello!!

Unknown: Hello beautiful..

Ragini: Who’s this??

Unknown: Wat yaar darling.. u cant even recognise me…

Ragini: Tell me who are u otherwise i ll block ur no.

Unknown: Aree wait i m telling.. Me Sanskar whom u forgot in a week.. not even in a day but in only 6 days..

Ragini: From where did u got my no.. and its nothing like that… Have u reached medical??

Sanskar: Ye….


Ragini: Oh Shiiiiiiit!!

Sanskar: What happnd???

Ragini: I ll talk to u after sometime..

And she descends from the car.. yes its an accident but of cars.. She was really scared…

Ragini: Sorry!!!

A tall smart and handsome man gets down from his car and walks towards her and shouts

Man: Dont u have eyes.. Or are u drunk… When u dont know how to drive than why do you drive… Have a look… Now pay for it..

Ragini: Oh mister mind ur tone… I know it was my fault and i also said sorry… and wat should i look at ur car.. have look at my car its a complete garbage…
She turns to leave but he holds her hands and pulls her towards her they have a cute simple eyelock disturbed by rags… The man had a feeling that she was meant for him…

Ragini: What the hell.. how dare u touch me.. see mister this is my phone no. tell me the loss and i ll pay it..

Ragini started waiting for a cab or an auto… Man was also waiting for it as their cars weren’t starting..

She saw an auto…

Ragini: Auto… auto..

Auto stopped their…

Ragini: XYZ medical… and sits in the auto

Listening to it man’s eyes widen and he runs to that auto…

Man: I have to also go there.. and he sits in auto forcibly…

Ragini was fuming.. They didnt talk to each other on the way…

Precap: Ragini and that boy enters medical college… Everyone staring at them..

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Credit to: Anaita

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