Ragini – My Love For U Wont Change [EPISODE 15]


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Recap: Ragini’s Muh Dikhai. Family members going to Sujata’s native.

Sanskar hugged her. She was in a state of confusion whether to be happy or angry with him. She herself didnt knew!!
“Let me romance with my wife”
“Laksh is here”
“So what u are my legally wedded wife.”
They didnt broke their hug and Ragini also reciprocated. She rested her head on his chest. They were in their own world!! Both of them felt complete with each other’s touch.
They broke their hug. Ragini blushed and went to her room.

RagSan’s room:
Ragini’s POV:

A girl in angelic attire came towards me. Her face was blur, I wasnt able to see her face clearly, she came closer to me closer and closer.
Now her face was cleared. Her lips were bleeding, face was bruised, hand were wounded. No one can recognise her seeing her state but I did.
‘She is my Addi’ screamed my heart.
Yes she didnt looked less than any angel.
“Ragini” she started crying
“Hmm” I responded
“Promise me, u’ll take my incomplete revenge” She continued to sob
To see her condition I started crying, I wasnt able to speak anything, I simply nodded. We both were crying. She was crying on her fate and I was crying on my helplessness.
I stepped forward to wipe her tears but she dissapeared.
“Addi” I shouted with all my might. I was not able to touch her, feel her.
“She dissapeared” My mind alerted. I was left with nothing except a heavy heart. I cried cried and cried.
I woke up with a jerk. Oh God!! I fall asleep while studying.
I was sweating and breathing heavily. She came in my dreams again.

End of POV

Suddenly her gaze went on a carton placed near the almirah. She went towards it. She saw an envelope, she opened it and found a photograph of 4 children who were about 10 years old. 2 boys on the left side and 2 girls on the right.
Seeing the photograph Ragini’s eyes welled up. She heard some footsteps and wiped her tears.
“What is this Sanskar” She said
“What” The reply came.
She handed him a photograph.
“Who are they?” Pointing towards the photo
“This is Laksh” pointing towards a young boy. “This is me” Pointing to the another young boy standing on the right side of Laksh. “This is Priya” pointing towards a young girl standing at right of Sanskar “and this is Asmita” Pointing to the girl standing at the right side. Ragini smiled listening to the name Asmita. “We were the best friends. We used to do everything together, even sleep at each other’s house. We were crazy.” Sanskar stopped and looked at her, she was listening to him carefully, resting her head on his shoulder which gave him the peace of whole world. “You know what” Sanskar lowering his gaze to look at Ragini, she gave him a questioning look “I had crush on Asmita” Listening to this Ragini eyes widened. “Her eyes reflected her innocence. Her smile was so affective that whenever she smiled I used to forget evrything. I still remember her lips”.
“What” came her instant reply
“What happend” He asked
“Umm Nothing, continue..” She said innocently
“No say” Sanskar said, he waited for a second for her to reply but she didnt, he continued “She was only a crush, but I love you” Ragini rolled her eyes. “You dont need to be jealous yaar” He gives her a side hug.

Same Evening

“Hello” Ragini on a phone call “I want to meet you.. Same place”
She disconnected the call and turned, she gets shocked to see Laksh infront of her. He started moving towards her and she stepped backwards.
“What happen Ha” Laksh said making an innocent face.
“Laksh get out!!” Ragini boldly
“Get out my foot! I loved u like hell, I’d always cared for u, loved u immensely but u. When u hugged Sanskar I felt like someone stabbed my heart. Leave the past, I love u and I always want u to be with me.. Leave that Sanskar come to me.. ” Laksh said like an obsessive lover but soon he was interupted by a tight slap across his face
“This is the second time I am slapping u.. If u ever tried to misbehave with me again than remember I wont think twice” Ragini pointing her index finger towards him..

After An Hour
Ragini comes to an isolated place. She sees a big mansion in the centre. She goes in the outhouse with rage.

“You told me that I’ll find those documents in DP’s study. But I didnt found a single paper that would help us.” Ragini yelled
“Relax. We’ll find them.” A familear voice is hear
“How can we? If we dont find those documents than we wont be able prove that Maheshwaris were also guilty. Not only Addi every Maheshwari was guilty especially that Laksh Maheshwari, whenever I see him I feel like killing him. He was the prime reason of my Addi’s condition.” She started sobbing


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