Ragini – My Love For U Wont Change [EPISODE 14]


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Today was her muh dikhai. She always wished her marriage to be the best. Indeed it was the best marriage of the country. But the marriage was an emotional torture for her. She never wanted a life in which she felt suffocated.
“No I cant live in this world.” Ragini muttered. Some flashes made her decision weak. “I want my revenge at any cost” She scolded herself.
“Ragini Beta sit on that sofa” Sujata instructed her.
She sat there. By that time all the men of that house also came there. No not all, Laksh was still missing.

Sujata was continuously waiting for his son to attend the ritual. Finally he came there.
His eyes were red, seems he cried all the night. He behaved like nothing happened, but Sujata was the only one who can understand the pain her child was going through. After all she was his mother. She felt bad to see him.
“What happend Chachi ji? I can understand the pain u are going through. Afterall u r his mother.
She also had a mother, who is still crying for her daughter like she did 5 years ago. AFTER ALL SHE IS A MOTHER” Ragini thought.

Ritual started. Ladies one by one came to Ragini lifted her veil and gave her the gifts.
“Annapurna, ur son has brought the world’s beautiful daughter in law” One of the ladies commented
Ap just smiled.
Sanskar was eyeing Ragini lovingly. He never wished anything for himself.For the first time he asked for Ragini. He got her. He loved her like anything, always cared for her. Finally he got her, his life.

Ritual got over.
Everyone got back to their houses.
“Now evrything is done. Now we have to go to Sujata’s native” Ap said “There is some rituals”
“But Badi maa.. I am having my prof so I wont be able to come” Laksh said
“Yes jiji he is right” Sujata “Sanskar and Ragini are also having it, so we shall leave them here”
“Okk than rest of u get ready” Ap

All went and RagSanLak remain there.

Ragini got ready in her usual dress, Shirt and Jeans. She wore them because no one was there. Sanskar and Laksh both were not there in the house.

“Ragini, situation is in ur favour.” Ragini thought.
She went towards DP’s study and started searching some documents.
“Where will it be” Ragini thought “As per my information, I will get those documents in Durga Prasad’s study.”

Her gaze went to the black colured digital clock hanged their which showed that it was 3:00 PM.
“Shit! I missed this chance also. Sanskar would be returning by now” Ragini cursed herself.
She went to the kitchen, took out bread and started making the toast. Someone patted her shoulder.
“Sanskar, u came. U want anything” Ragini asked
She was pulled by a strong force.
“Laksh!” She said

He pinned her to the wall and kept his hands on shoulders.
“Yes me!! The one whom u left on the marriage day and married his brother. What the hell do u think of urself?? I loved u so much and still love u. But u made a joke of my love, my reputation” Laksh shouted
“Leave me Laksh my husband would be coming in no time, it would be better for u” Ragini said
Laksh left her there.

“What happend Laksh u are angry, because I left u I ruined ur respect!
What about her? What was her fault? She kept pleading infront of u all, no one listened to her. U all snatched her dignity, destroyed her self respect. Now I wont spare u, u all have to pay for it” Ragini thought.

Suddenly someone hugged her, yes it was Sanskar.


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