Ragini – My Love For U Wont Change [EPISODE 13]

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Recap: Ragsan Marriage

Sanskar changed and came out. He saw that Ragini had already slept. He came forward and gave a peck on her lips. He too doze off. Ragini opens her eyes she stares him for a long time. His innocence and cuteness brought a smile on her face.
“Dont stare me like this” Sanskar said, his eyes were still closed “Otherwise I wont be able to control myself”
Listening to him Ragini immediately pretended to sleep again

“Why i m getting so attracted to him. He is just a way for my revenge. This Maheshwari family cannot stay happy by destroying someone’s happiness.” Ragini thought
Some moments flashed in her eyes which bought a smile on her face
“Mr. Laksh Maheshwari this was just a begining of ur destruction. What u thought that clashing of our cars is just an accident. It was a well executed plan. The day when u made a bet with Alisha on me, that was also my plan. It was just a trap and u… Whatever happened, didnt happened because u wanted it, it happened because i wanted it.” Ragini thought
Suddenly she felt a hand on her waist. Sanskar held her in his embrace… Ragini rested her head on his chest. She missed this touch since ages.
“Whats happening with me. I cant love anyone. Afterall he is also a culprit” Ragini thought and composed herself
They both slept

Next moring
Sanskar opened his eyes and found his angle dressed in Green colour lahenga with light makeup struggling to tie the knot of her blouse. Sanskar got up and moved towards her to tie the knot
“I wonder, why do u always need me to tie the knot” Sanskar in teasing tone
“Oh hello!! Ididnt asked u” Ragini in a fake angry tone
Sanskar adjust her hairs and kisses on her bare back which Ragini shiver. Sanskar turns her and says
“I want my kiss” Sanskar, Ragini widens her eyes
“U took it yesterday night” Ragini innocently
“So I was right u werent sleeping that time” Sanskar smirking
Now Ragini was speechless. Sanskar wrapped his hands around her waist and came closer to her lips. Ragini forgot everything and she fixed her eyes with sanskar’s, she didnt resisted. Their lips were only few inches away when they heard a knock on the door
“Ragini” Ap called
“Ji maa” Ragini said
Ragini was pushing Sanskar but he tightened his grip, finally she was successful. She went to the dressing table and took the box of vermillion, she was about to put it on her forehead when Sanskar took it from her hands and filled her forehead with it. Ragini stood their shocked.
Meanwhile he gave a peck on her lips again.
“At least their should be something on our first night” Sanskar whispered in her ears


I know guyz i am late and that too a short update… I hope u understand my pov…


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  1. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    Awesome episode 🙂 like it very much! I’m eager to know what Laksh and Sanskar did 😉

    1. Hey when u r updating ur ff

  2. here comes twist
    what did sanskaar n laksh do in their past
    why is ragini taking revenge and for whom
    its awesome update
    will ragini forget about her revenge
    bcs i know she loves sanskaar

  3. Awesome Superb
    Waiting to know what Laksh and Sanskar did
    Waiting for the next one eagerly……..

  4. wow so interisting ragini’s revenge from sanlak update asap,…………

  5. Oh god so much of qn in my mind… Ragsan cute

  6. Nice Update

  7. Awesome dear.update asap

  8. Oh god such a big twist??but then too their romance is on??

  9. Awesome

  10. Ragini s on revenge…waiting fr nxt episode

  11. Ragsan rocks.. What is Raginis past??

  12. Oh super cute it is!!!

  13. raglak(fouz arshi)

    revenge of ragini.interesting.

    RagSan are my favourite! And the episode was fantastic…Ragini might be here for revenge but she’s falling for or may be is already in love with Sanskar though she wont admit it easily, but I can wait 😛
    Eagerly waiting to know as to what Laksh and Sanskar did that Ragini wants revenge and moreover I think that Sanskar wasn’t at fault, don’t know why but I think that it’s Laksh’s mistake. The bet he made with Alisha explains very much.
    Jo bhi Ho! I just want my RagSan together forever <3

  15. Itz amazng dear…wtng for nxxt update….loved it yaaar….ragsan r soooo cute….awww sanky is chooo chueeettt…..love ragini…

  16. Awesome nd eagerly waiting to know wht laksh nd sanskar did tht ragini wants revenge but ragsan scene so cute..

  17. Azure

    loved the epi….really nice

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