Ragini – My Love For U Wont Change [EPISODE 12]


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Both Maheshwaris and Gadodia stood there shocked everything happnd in a few seconds which didnt even allowed them to think… The thing they can see was Ragini was holding Sanskar’s hand while Laksh whose face was wounded and bruised was holding his right cheek… Laksh himself didnt knew that why did she slapped him and supported Sanskar who was now her so called husband…
“What the hell is going on here” Shekhar shouting “Why did u slapped him instead of him” pointing towards Sanskar
Before he could say anything further Laksh grabbed Sanskar’s collar and gave a tight punch on his face
Sanskar stood there sticking his eyes Laksh’s which were red by that time… Anger reflected clearly in his eyes…
“How dare u to touch my husband” Ragini yelling
“Your husband??” Laksh shocked and he holds her shoulder “How can you forget that you love me… Today in this mandap we were going to marry… Look at my condition.. His men have beaten me… they hv kidnapped me”
“Not his but my men” Ragini, receiving shocked expressions from everyone sbe continued “What did you think I wont be able to know about your plannings”
Silence filled the room for a second
“Plannings” Laksh with a shocked expression
“You act very well Mr. Laksh Maheshwari” Ragini
“I was just a bet for u… You and Anisha.. sorry.. you and your girlfriend Anisha made a joke of my feelings made a joke of this sacred relation” Ragini “You know what.. I never loved you… I have only loved Sanskar.. that day when Maheshwaris came to my home i thought that they want me to marry Sanskar but no it was your proposal”
“Ragini i think u r misunderstanding.. I didnt bet on u… that too wid Anisha… I dont love her.. ” Laksh trying to defend himself
“Well u think m lying… u ll think that this video is also a lie” Ragini


“Wats special in this girl… Every boy of this medical is behind her” Anisha
“Which girl??” Laksh
“That Ragini” Anisha
“Ohh.. That Ragini Singhania” Laksh
“Did u also like her” Anisha
“No baby…” Laksh cups her face “I just love u”
“You know evryone loves her but afraid of confessing because of her father” Anisha
“She loves anyone??” Laksh
“As far as I know… She doesnt love anyone” Anisha, observing Laksh’s serious face “Are u interested in her??”
“I am thinking about that” Laksh “well I think she is not my type”
“Really” Saying this she started laughing ” She is not ur type.. OMG this is the joke of decade”
“What do u want i should go to her.. make her fall in love wid me” Laksh
“Well thats impossible… She didnt even paid a heed to others she ll love u” Anisha
“my cold dude attitude will impress her for sure” Laksh
“Okk i am challenging you impress her in… in whatever time u need but impress her” Anisha
“Challenge accepted” Laksh

“I have never loved u” Ragini
“Ragini believe me… Because of this bet i have started loving u… I love u alot..” Laksh pleading
Ragini didnt gave the response to him but Laksh kept pleading her
“Enough… If anyone will try to trouble my wife I will kill him” Sanskar, he held Ragini’s hand and went towards DP “Marriage wont be completed without blessings” saying this he and raginin bent to touch dp’s feet waiting for him to bless them and at last he did it…
They went towards RP and he also blesses them leaving Laksh in shock… AP and sujata also blesses them and so does Sumi and Shekhar..

“Leave the past and start the new life from tmrw afterall there are still many rituals left” Ap “Sujata show Ragini her room”
Sujata nodded
She took Ragini and Sanskar to Sanskar’s room…
“Rest for sometime and come at 8:00 in the morning for muh dikhai ritual” Sujata
Ragini nodded
Sujata left..
Sanskar bolted the door and went towards Ragini
“Ragini” Sanskar lovingly “I love you”
Ragini replied with a sweet smile..
Sanskar came close to her and wrapped his arms around her waist…
“Sanskar.. what are you doing” Ragini
“Romancing with my legally wedded wife” he emphasizing the word Legally
“Sanskar but..” Ragini
“No ifs and buts… today is my night” Sanskar holding her more closer..
“Sanskar we have to get ready at 8 plz.. you go and change” Ragini pushing him into the dressing room..
“Wat yaar… I cant even romance with wife”Sanskar muttered and closed the room’s door..
Ragini smirked..
“This is just the begining… I will make all of ur life hell” Ragini thinking


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