Ragini – My Love For U Wont Change [EPISODE 11]


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Recap: Ragini loving Sanskar.. Raglak engagement.. Ragsan confrontation

Ragini took the same photo from the side table and caressed it..

“I love you Sanskar… You are my life… no one can take your place but this is also a truth that I cant give u that place…” Ragini
“Rags see who has come to meet you…” Sumi disturbed her thoughts
Laksh enters her room..
Ragini hid the photo as fast as she could…
“I think someone needs privacy… I think I should go..” Sumi
“Come Laksh sit… You came suddenly anything urgent…” Ragini trying to cover her emotions…
“Wat happen why are u being so formal… is there anything u r hiding from me” Laksh sensing something
“No” Ragini
Laksh came close to her while Ragini’s heart skipped a beat…
“Hmm… well I thought u wont accept my proposal but when Badi maa told me that you have accepted for this marriage i felt like i have got my everything in this single second” Laksh being romantic and he held her from her waist..
“Laksh wat are u doing” Ragini curtly..
“Wat… Cant I love my wife… ” Laksh
“We are still not married Laksh” Ragini
“So wat” Laksh trying to be innocent “okk than i will take my everything on our wedding night and than dont stop me… I wont listen to u”
“Come down all are waiting for us” Ragini
“Hmmm… wat will they think that you are taking advantage of me” Laksh sarcastically
Ragini gave him a deadly glare.. and went to the hall..
Ragini went down and found the whole Maheshwari family there chit chatting including Swara…
Suddenly Ragini’s eyes met Sanskar’s.. they all were discussing about raglak marriage while ragsan kept staring at each other..
“So lets start with shopping” Swara
“Yeah.. than we have many rituals to do” Sujata “So Ragini, Swara, Armaan, Sanskar and Laksh u all go and select whatever u like”
“Wont u come with us” Ragini
“You dont have to worry we are also modern” Ap
Ragini just replied with a smile or a fake smile..

Ragini and Sanskar were not even interested in what others were doing… They just roamed here and there in search for some liberty…
“Umm… Ragini its beautiful this will suit u” Swara “What say Laksh”
Laksh passed a smile..
“So done Ragini go and try this” Swara
“No thats not needed.. this one is good” Ragini
“How can u be so boaring.. its your wedding.. I dont care go and try this” Swara ordered..

Ragini went to the trial room while everyone dispersed… Sanskar was standing near the trial room…
“Swara… Plzz come and help me” Ragini exclaimed
“What happened to her.. She is thinking me as Swara” Sanskar thinking
“Swara..” Ragini
Suddenly Sanskar’s phone beeped.. It was a video…
He started knocking… Ragini opened the door assuming Sanskar to be Swara..
Sanskar got inside and Ragini’s back was facing him..
“Where were u.. how much time it takes for u to reply” Ragini “Leave it plzz tie the knot of my blouse”

Sanskar was mesmerized and he soon started moving towards Ragini without his knowledge… He moved forward and started tying the knot of her blouse… Ragini got aware of the muscular touch and turned to scream but Sanskar covered her mouth with his hand…
“What the hell are you doing here” Ragini yelled
“Its nothing like that” Sanskar “Just be calm I have to show you something”
And he shows him some video…

All are done with their shopping and return to their respective houses….

Days passes… rituals went fluently and smoothly for the Maheshwaris and Singhanias but not for Ragsan..
Finally the day arrives… It was the wedding date of Raglak… Evrythin was falling at its place as Ragini and Sanskar started to believe in the word FATE…

It was a pleasant environment with flowerly decorations everywhere..
Everyone was present there..
There were rituals which were performed by the members..

Priest were chanting the mantras while everyone gathered around the havan… They all were happy…

“Call bride and groom” Priest said while arranging the stuff
Sujata and Sharmishtha nodded and went to call Laksh and Ragini respectively..

Laksh’s room
There he was ready in cream colour sherwani with a sehra over his face..
“Laksh are u ready” Sujata asked, after receiving the nod from the other side she again said “come down every one is waiting for you”..

Ragini’s room
Ragini was ready in an off white and red colour lehenga and Swara was giving her a touch up…
“Come Ragini… Mahurat is passing” Sumi
“Aunty just a minute.. only final touch is left” Swara hastily
“Rags are u happy with this marriage” Sumi emotionally
Ragini gave a sad smile and hugged sumi…

Sujata reached there with groom..
Ragini descended the stairs accompanied by Sumi and other relatives…

Ragini goes and sits beside Laksh and Priest starts the wedding rituals..
Sumi watches them emotionally while Shekhar consoles her…

Ragini and the groom exchanged the garlands… They than complete all the rituals one by one… They take 7 pheras… The groom ties mangalsutra… And puts vermillion…

“RAGINIII” a voice shouting on top of HIS lungs..
All gets shocked to see him specially ragini
“The marriage is completed” Priest
Ragini took a sigh of relief after hearing to the priest..
Ragini pulls the sehra of the groom..




Guyzz just because of your comments and support i am posting my 11th epi…
So now i am all set to reveal the pairs and the Pairs are: Ragsan…
I am so so so sorry Raglak fans…

I am writing a new ff in “RAGLAK” style which will be the continuation of the series in my style… I will be posting that epi tonight… so plzz raglak fans support me…
“U & I Will Never Be One (RAGLAK)”

And Ragsan fans enjoy the ff… And Nikki i must admit that u r a born talent… u hve guessed the pair ragsan correctly… Guyzz i have already told u in the intro that our Hero will be the son of Dp and Ap… And i have revealed this in epi 6… Guyz i have supported only the votings… I asked u all to vote for ur fav pair in my intro and u all supported ragsan so here it is…

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