Ragini – My Love For U Wont Change [EPISODE 10]


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Recap: Sanlak happy about their marriage with ragini

Ragsanlak were so happy as were thinking to marry their love… Wedding date was finalized within a week but before that comes the engagement…
The day of engagement came… preparations were on full swing…

The engagement venue (Singhania mansion):
It was the big party all celebs and legends were enjoying the party… Media was also there to see the view of a high class celebration… Both sanlak were happy as it was their engagement day… They both were ready in the sherwanis… All were waiting for Ragini to arrive… She descended from the stairs in lehenga accompanied by Sumi and Swara… She was looking gorgeous and elegant…
She sat beside Ap… She was waiting for her fiancee to sit beside her… Ap noticed it and said
“Laksh… come and sit beside your rags see how much eager she is”
Laksh was smiling while Sanskar stood their shocked…

There one someone else who was shell shocked that was ragini… her heart broke into pieces but she didnt let that come on to her face.. There Sanskar was experiencing the same feeling… He couldnt believe his ears… Previous moment he was so happy but the next moment he felt that his world has been snatched and teared into pieces… The engagement rituals were completed.. while ragsan stood there lifelessly following the commands of their parents… All guests had left to their respective houses…
Maheshwaris also went to their home…
“Today i am very happy our ragini chose a really good guy” Sumi
“Yes Sumi… I am very happy for her…” Shekhar
Ragini listened to thier conversation silently..

@11:00 P.M.
Ragini came to temple unknown to the fact that sanskar was also present their… They were only present there…
Ragini and Sanskar comes face to face… Both had tears in their eyes… Sanskar turns to leave while ragini holds his hand…
“I dont need your satisafaction or ur pity… Leave me alone” Sanskar
Ragini hugged him from back while Sanskar closed his eyes making the way for the pain in the form of tears…
“Believe me Sanskar… I just love u… I dont love Laksh… I have always Loved u…” Ragini crying..
“Leave me Ragini.. now this is of no use” Sanskar
“I know that… but trust me i thought that ur parents came to finalize our wedding… i didnt knew that it was Laksh’s proposal” Ragini
This time Sanskar was not able to resist ragini as he also remembered how he misunderstood Ap about his marriage…

Sanskar turns back and cups ragini’s face… He could feel her pain… He wipes her tears and kisses on her forhead
“Ragini… I love you alot… but wat about Lucky… Why is he acting” Sanskar
“Sanskar.. he is not acting… He also loves me.. The day u proposed me Laksh also proposed me… and now he thinks i also love him” Ragini
“What” Sanskar ” ragini come into my life i wont be able to live without u.. i love u alot… we ll tell this to every one..
“sanskar.. we cant do this.. i am engaged now” Ragini
“Do u respect this relation which is based on misunderstandings…” He
“No but my parents does” Ragini
“Are u out of ur mind… who thinks about this in this 21 century” Sanskar
“Ragini u know what… ur this decision will destroy 3 lives” Sanskar
“And what about the lives that are tied with mine” Ragini “Look Sanskar I just came here to lighten my pain”
“That means that u will give Laksh all the rights of a husband” Sanskar
“Never… I only considered u as my husband and no one else can snatch that right but this is also a truth that now i cant marry u… ” Ragini
Ragini started leaving
“No ragini u cant do this to me.. Ragini” Sanskar
Ragini left
“I wont leave u Laksh… u have destroyed my life once again.. I only love her… I will ruin ur life… That is the promise of Sanskar Maheshwari” Shouted Sanskar

Precap: Raglak marriage..

So sorry for this “baby episode” but its just that i am out of time… SORRY… THANK U ALL FOR UR CONSTANT SUPPORT…

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Credit to: Anaita

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