Ragini- I love u – OS

Ragini-I love You

Hi Tejasswi-lovers I’m Anisha a die-heart TejasswiHolic & love RagLak & RagSan

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This OS is on a old track of SwaRagini show when Laksh refused to marry Ragini & SwaLak’s alliance got fixed

So here i start it..

Camera shows the member of Maheshwari family talking about SwaLak’s alliance in their hall

Just then Shekhar & Sharmistha entered there with smiling faces

Maheshwari family & Gadodias greeted each-other

They were asking Pandit ji to fix a auspicious day for Laksh & Swara’s wedding

Laksh asked Shomi where is Swara & she replied that Swara is at home

Laksh felt sad, he stood in a corner & dialled Swara’s no.

But she was not picking the call

Suddenly Someone snatched the phone from Laksh & ran towards outside of MM

it’s Sanskaar who is prentending to be mad

Laksh felt irritated & ran behind Sanskaar to take his phone back

Sanskaar came out from MM & hided in a corner holding Laksh’s phone

Followed by him Laksh too came there & looked around to find Sanskaar

His eyes fell on a girl who was picking flower-basket from roof of a taxi

Only Her back is shown

Seeing her dress Laksh thought that it’s Swara

He silently stood behind her & gripped her right hand & started talking to her without seeing her face

Laksh-So u r here,that’s why u didnt gave answer of my calls?

Now Camera rolled & showed the face of the girl

It’s revealed to be our princess Ragini

Ragini felt goose-bumps feeling Laksh’s touch

She lost herself in the moment for some time

Laksh took her hand near his lips & kissed her hand without relizing that she is not Swara

Laksh came more closer to her & hugged Ragini tightly from behind by surrounding his arms around her belly

Ragini shivered as an unknown sensation passed through her nerves

Laksh placed his chin on her shoulder

Ragini tried to speak but her voice got stuck inside her throat feeling his closeness

Laksh broke the hug & made her turn to him holding her one arm

When he did it Ragini felt a strong pull & bcoz of that the flower basket got jerked & the flower-petals showered on RagLak

Laksh was shocked to see Ragini infront of him as he thought her as Swara

RagLak shared an intense eyelock
Laksh broke the eyelock & questioned Ragini

Laksh-Ragini u r here?Why did u dressed up in Swara’s dress?

Ragini burst out in a mild laughter

Ragini-Aww just look at your face,u thought me as Swara right?She is at home,i came here with baba & maa to fix the wedding date of my sister!

Laksh felt embarrassed & faked a smile

Ragini was removing the flower-petals which got stuck with her silky hair

Ragini-U didnt expected me here na?

Laksh smiled & scanned her from top to bottom

His eyes unknowingly got stuck on Ragini’s beautiful face

Ragini narrowed her eyes feeling his stunned gaze on her

Ragini-What happened?Am i not looking good?

Laksh(looking into her eyes)-U r looking very very beautiful!Infact more beautiful then Swara!

Ragini(teasingly)-Really?R u flirting with me?

Laksh-U can think like that!After all u r going to become my aadhi-gharwali so from now i can officially flirt with you!

Ragini laughed a little & shook her head

Sanskaar witnessed all these stared at Ragini’s angelic laughter being lost in her

He came near them & gave Laksh’s phone back to him

Ragini-Sanskaar what were u doing?

Sanskaar-Umm i was waiting for u my dost!

He smiled & gripped Ragini’s hand & took her inside MM
Laksh walked behind them


Pandit ji-So there is a good muhrat after 2weeks for this wedding!

DP-Shekhar ji do u have any problem with this date?If not then can we fix this date for the wedding?

Shekhar-Yes DP ji we r happy with this date!

AP-So now we r officially samdhan right?So let’s eat some sweets!

They fed sweets to each-other

Laksh smiled widely thinking about his wedding

He looked at Ragini & found her busy in some childish talks with Sanskaar

He recalled crying face of Ragini when he rejected her & felt a pain in his heart

He was loving Ragini’s innocent smile

Laksh(in mind)-Ragini I hope u too get someone who will love u honestly & will never let u cry like i did!

10Days Passed like this

Ragini erased the hatred & revenge thoughts from Sanskaar’s mind

He confessed the truth that he is not mad infront of all Maheshwaris & Gadodias
They forgave him

In these days Swara & Laksh stayed away from each-other bcoz of wedding preparations of their wedding

But On the the side Ragini & Sanskaar’s bond grew more stronger then before

Ragini was trying to keep herself busy in other thoughts as her heart was paining thinking about the wedding of her sister & her love of the life LAKSH

yes she still loves him but she was trying to avoid Laksh as much as possible

Her is ignorance hurting Laksh a lot

He himself didnt understood why He was missing Ragini & why Ragini was ignoring him

Ragini used to go for wedding shopping with Sanskaar

And this things r making Laksh crazy

The girl who always loved only him
Who always gave attention to him only

Now the same girl is giving more attention to his brother Sanskaar

An unknown feeling grew inside Laksh’s mind


but why?This question jerked his heart

One day in their college the college authority arranged a Fusion Singing Event at their college

Principal choosed Ragini & Laksh to perform in the event

@Day of the Event
Laksh took his guiter & came in hall to have his break-fast

AP served him his break-fast
He was eating it suddenly Sujata came there smilingly

Sujata-Jiji i’m too much happy today!Finally my Sanskaar came out of his depression.And u know he is in love with someone!Guess who it is?

Laksh stopped eating & looked at Sujata

AP-Sujata is it our Ragini??

Sujata(exited)-Yes jiji u r absolutely correct!It’s our Ragini only.U know i was arranging his bed & found this pic of Ragini under Sanskaar’s pillow.I’m so happy finally my beta choosed a girl for him!

AP-Even I’m also very happy!U choosed her for our Laksh but he choosed Swara over her but God fulfilled our wish now Ragini will become bahu of this house!

Laksh couldnt take it anyone
His eyes welled up with hot tears for an unknown feeling

He took his guiter & left the place without finishing his food

AP-Sujata got shocked seeing this weird behaviour of him

@College Performance Hall

Laksh was waiting for Ragini to come as their name got announced

Ragini still didnt came so he thought to start the performance alone latter Ragini will join him

He came on stage & started playing his guiter
& Started singing

Chooteya Na Choote Mosey
Rang Tera Dolna
Ek Tere Bajo Duja
Mera Koi Molna
Bolna Mahi Bolna
Bolna Mahi Bolna

He recalled the moment when he 1st time met Ragini at college

Then their 1st engagement ceremony when he unwantedly made her wear the engagement ring

Just then he heard a melodious sound of Sitar

He looked around & saw Ragini is playing her sitar sitting on stage

She smiled at him

Laksh continued singing

Tere Liye Aaya Mai
Tere Sang Jaana
Dolna Ve Tere Naal
Jindadi Bitavan

He recalled the moment when he met with Ragini in her badi’s roof

Ragini was playing sitar with closed eyes

Kadi Naiyo Chhodna
Ishq Di Dor Na
Saare Chadd Jaaye
Mahi Tu Na Chhodh Na
Bolna Mahi Bolna
Bolna Mahi Bolna

Now Ragini opened her teary eyes recalling the moments when Laksh confessed that he loves Swara not Her

Ragini tried to controll her feelings & started singing

Tere Sang Hasna Mai
Tere Sang Rona
Tujh Mei Hi Rahna Mai
Tujh Mei Hi Khona

RagLak’s eyes met & both felt the same fear TO LOOSE EACH-OTHER FOREVER

Ragini continued singing & Laksh continued playing guiter

Dil Mei Chupake Tujhe
Dil Naiyo Kholna
Marke Bhi Mahi Tose
Munh Na Modhna
Bolna Mahi Bolna
Bolna Mahi Bolna

Ragini recalled the moment when she convinced Dadi for Laksh & Swara’s wedding while still hiding Laksh in her heart

RagLak were in their own world just then they heard loud sound of clappings & came into senses

Ragini wiped her tears without Laksh’s noticed

RagLak left the stage

@College Gate
RagLak were walking slowly slowly avoiding eye-contacts

Finally Laksh broke the silence

Laksh-Do u Love Sanskaar Bhai?

Ragini got shocked hearing his question

Laksh repeated his question again

Ragini-I like him.He is a really caring person.Why?

Laksh(angrily)-Only like?Then why u two getting this much close with each-other?Dont u liked me?But u never got so frank with me!Why?

Ragini-Bcoz u never tried to become friendly with me but u became friendly with Swara!And Sanskaar is the person who cared for me!

Before she could continue
She got caged in Laksh’s strong embrace

Laksh-Why r u ignoring me since so many days?

Ragini(shocked)-Laksh leave me,my arms r paining!I didnt ignored u,i just tried to be formal with u as u r going to be my jiju!

Laksh(with teary eyes)-I missed u a lot Ragini!I dont why but i dont like when u talk & laugh with Sanskaar bhai!I dont know what happened to me but i’m not happy with my & Swara’s wedding!

Ragini pushed him & backed off

Ragini-Have u gone mad?First u broke our wedding saying that u want to marry Swara!Now u r saying that u dont want to marry her??What exactly u want Laksh Maheshwari?

Laksh gripped her shoulders & pulled her closer to him

Laksh-I want u Ragini!I want u back in my life like before!I dont want to loose you!

Ragini(shouted)-Enough Laksh!There is a limit to bear something!U broke our alliance for 3 Times & now u want me back?U made my life a joke Laksh!Am i doll to play with?Jab Mann Kiya Mujhe Apna Liya Aur Jab Mann Kiya Toh Mujhe Thukra Diya??

Laksh cupped her face lovingly

Laksh-Ragini pls try to understand my feelings!

Ragini-Why should i Laksh?Did u ever tried to understand my feelings my pain?See if u dont want to marry Swara,that’s your choice but pls dont drag me in your impulsive decisions.I’m not going to accept u this time in my life!

Laksh twisted her hand behind her back & pulled her closer
Ragini winced in pain

Laksh-I know why dont u want to give our relation a chance!Bcoz now u want to marry Sanskaar bhai haina?

A hard slap fell on Laksh’s cheek & he left Ragini’s hand

Ragini(sobbing)-Think whatever u like i dont care!

Ragini started running from there while crying bitterly

Laksh for a while stood silently then he too ran behind her to stop her

These whole incident witnessed by Swara who came to see RagLak’s performance

She followed RagLak

@Bridge(from where Laksh fell into the river)

Ragini came running there & stopped there thinking about the recent incidents

Tears rolled down from her eyes recalling Laksh’s words

First he rejected her many times & now he wants to get her back

These thoughts made her restless

She is confused what to do & what not

Just then Laksh reached their

He hugged her from behind & sobbed

Laksh-Pls Ragini dont do this!We both r made for each-other,i relized it now.It’s not too late we can sort it out..

Ragini was trying to remove his grip from her waist

Ragini-Laksh pls leave me alone or else i’ll become mad!I cant tollerate these tension these pain anymore!

Swara-So dont tollerate Ragini!

RagLak got shocked hearing Swara’s voice

Laksh quickly left Ragini & they stood still looking at Swara

Swara looked at Laksh ragefully then she came near Ragini & stood beside Ragini holding her hands

Swara-Ragini I love u a lot.U love me na?

Ragini silently noded yes

Swara-And u love Laksh also?

Ragini bowed her head

Swara smiled with teary eyes

Swara-Now the question is who is Laksh’s true love!U or me!

Laksh-Swara i love..

Before he could finish his words

Swara jumped into the river by dragging Ragini with her

Both Ragini & Swara fell into the river

Laksh got shocked

Laksh(shouted)-Raginiii Swaraaa!

Ragini was shocked

She & Swara were drowning in the river

Swara(shouted)-Laksh help us we both dont know swimming!

Ragini was drowing in water

she tried to ask her

Ragini(with choked voice)-Why swara why did u do it?

Swara(smiled)-I’m also here with u na?

Laksh jumped in water as he knows swimming

First he rescued Ragini from river & made her lye on ground

Then he rescued Swara
Swara was coughing badly

But Ragini was not breathing
She was senseless

Laksh’s heart stopped beating seeing Ragini’s state

He placed his ear on Ragini’s heart to hear her heart-beats
and pumped on her belly

Laksh patted her cheeks while crying like a child

Laksh-Ragini pls open your eyes pls!Give me punishment but pls look at me!I’ll die if anything happens to u!I cant leave without you Ragini i really cant!

Swara noticed Laksh’s behavior towards Ragini & tears rolled down from her eyes

Ragini coughed & opened her eyes slowly

Laksh quickly hugged her tightly

Laksh-Ragini r u ok na?

Ragini noded yes

Laksh-Thank god u r ok or else i would have killed myself!

Ragini-Why did u do this Swara?U tried to kill yourself & tried to kill me too!Why?

Swara-Bcoz i wanted to see for whom Laksh is more concerned!I got my answer he is much more concerned about u, it means he loves only you not me!

RagLak became silent

Swara-I’m sorry Ragini!I’m going home.Laksh u can break our alliance!Ragini i decided to go back to Banaras!I’m not that strong too witness your wedding with Laksh!I need time to heal my pain!

Ragini-Swara i’m not going to marry Laksh!

Ragini stood up & went to MM to share all this incident to AP

Swara went back to her home alone & Laksh followed Ragini


Ragini entered inside & found AP-Sujata there

Sujata saw her,she came running to Ragini & hugged her happily

then she is completely wet

Sujata-Arre Ragini what happened?Why r u drenched in water?Accha leave it i want to say you something!We caught u both!

Ragini-Caught whom chachiji?I cant understand!

Sujata-Arre u & my Sanskar!U two love each-other na?I found your photo under his pillow!Why u both hided these all from us?

Ragini-Chachiji Sanskaar never said about his feelings to me!We r friends only!

Sujata-Whatever it is u two like each-other & i accepted u as my bahu!I already asked your hand for my Sanskaar & he is very happy after knowing about it!

Laksh stumbled on his feet hearing these words who entered in MM a while ago

Tears rolled down from RagLak’s eyes

Both stood their like 2 statues

Laksh was about to say something to Sujata & AP but Ragini looked at him painfully & signalled him not to say anything

Sujata asked Ragini to sit on sofa & she left the place with AP to bring something special for Ragini

When they left the place Laksh knelt down infront of Ragini

Laksh-Ragini pls dont ruin our lives like this!U know very well that i’ll be not able to forget u!I’ll never be able to see u as my brother’s wife!

Ragini(with a strong voice)-I dont love u Laksh,i never loved u!U loved Swara now u love me & in future u’ll love someone else!U always made impulsive decisions & those decisions of yours always broke my heart!But not again Laksh,I love Sanskaar!He is the best person for me,my best friend so i made my decision to marry him!

Laksh(shouted)-Fine do whatever u want to do but Ragini I love you.And i’ll only love u in future also!And You will regret for breaking my heart today!You will soon regret!

Next day pandit ji came & fixed RagSan’s wedding on same day of Swara Laksh’s wedding

But Laksh announced that he isnt ready for his wedding so soon

Swara to supported him so that they can hide the truth from Shomi that Laksh loves Ragini

Shekhar-Shomi felt bad but supported their decision

RagSan’s wedding got fixed on that date but Swara Laksh’s wedding got cancelled

Laksh looked at Ragini & they shared a painfull eyelock

Sanskaar held Ragini’s hand & took her in his room to talk something personal

@Sanskaar’s Room

Sanskaar-Ragini i never said u but today i want to say that i love you a lot!After Kavita’s death i was just a person who wanted revenge!But then u came in my life or should i say i came in your life,we became friends!Then when & how i dont know but I fell in love with my You,my Dupatte wali dost!Now We r going to get married but i want to be your best-friend for whole life!

Ragini-I’m lucky Sanskaar that u came in my life & u love me so much!

Sanskaar-But u dont love me!I know u still love Laksh!Dont lie to me i’m your best-friend so i can see the pain in your eyes for loosing him!

Ragini(trying to lie)-It’s not like that Sanskaar.I agreed for our wedding bcoz i love you..

Sanskaar-I know you love me but you love me as your best-friend.You love Laksh u cant hide it from me!Even i felt Laksh too loves you!I think that’s why he cancelled his wedding right?

Ragini burst into tears

Sanskaar held her shoulders & cupped her cheeks

Sanskaar-When you both love each-other then why r u both sacrificing your love?For my & Swara’s happiness?

Ragini-Swara knows about Laksh’s feelings for me!Sanskaar i cant trust Laksh again,he will again break my heart!Let it happen whatever our your mother decided for us!

Sanskaar noded ok & hugged her to console her

These scenes witnessed by Laksh who came to talk with Sanskaar

He left the place silently with teary eyes

On wedding day

Ragini got ready in a golden bridal lahenga
Looking like a fairy straight from heaven


Sanskaar got ready in groom’s attire & was waiting for Laksh to join him

He went to Laksh’s room& got horrified seeing Laksh lying on floor in pool of blood

His wrist is bleeding badly

Sanskaar shouted his family members

They came & saw Laksh’s state

Sanskaar saw a letter on Laksh’s bed & read it


Bhai I finally relized what true love is.Swara was never my true love,bcoz my true love is Ragini.I relized it late but i really cant live without her.Forgive me for my this decision & start a new life with Ragini.

From your Lucky

Tears rolled down from Sanskaar & other family members eyes

Doctor came & started doing Laksh’s treatment


Shomi & Dadi took Ragini in wedding mandap

Sanskaar came & sat beside her with a sad face

Ragini asked him why he is looking sad

Sanskaar replied her that Laksh attemted suicide

Ragini started sobbing & asked him is Laksh ok or not

Sanskaar replied her that he is alive but is in senseless state

Ragini became a little angry & asked him that when Laksh is in this state then why they didnt cancelled their wedding

Sanskaar calmly replied that when she decided to marry him then she shouldnt be so much concerned for Laksh

Ragini looked at him with blank face hearing his words

Pandit ji started intial rituals of the wedding

Sanskaar told Ragini that Laksh loves her madly so may be he will again attempt suicide in future

Ragini started crying bitterly thinking about Laksh

Her heart badly wanted to run from there & meet Laksh

Sanskaar wiped her tears & asked her if she still loves Laksh then she should marry him only

Ragini said it’s too late

Sanskaar stood up & said it’s not so late

He stepped away from mandap & took Laksh there

Ragini was shocked too see Laksh there

His wrist is covered with bandage

Ragini ran towards Laksh & held Laksh hand & sobbed

Ragini-Laksh u r so bad!How could you hurt me like this?Do you think i can be able to live if something happens to you?I’ll die Laksh!I love you,i love you a lot!

Sanskaar said her that thankfully Laksh’s cut on his wrist is not too much deep that’s why he is ok now

Laksh kissed Ragini’s hand & knelt infront of Ragini
Laksh-Will you Marry me Ragini?

Ragini-I’ll Laksh!

Shomi-What is happenning here?What about my shona?How can Laksh marry Ragini when he himself wanted to marry my shona?

Sanskaar explained everything to her

Shomi’s became sad now she understood why Swara left Kolkata for some days

Sanskaar took RagLak in mandap & asked Pandit ji to start the wedding rituals

RagLak took 7vows around the fire then they exchanged garlands & Laksh finally tied mangalsutra around her neck & filled Ragini’s hairline

RagLak got married

Sanskaar went in a corner & cried silently as he again lost his love

He loved Ragini unconditionally & Ragini loved Laksh unconditionally

[email protected]’s Room

Ragini is sitting on bed & waiting for Laksh

Laksh came & locked the room

Ragini looked at him & smiled mildly

Laksh sat beside her cupping her face

Ragini tried to say something but Laksh kept his finger on her lips & resist her from talking

Laksh-Dont say anything Ragini!Tonight we will only feel our love for each-other!I’ll try to keep you happy forever!Ragini i love u truely!

Ragini hugged him tightly

Ragini-I love you too Laksh!

Laksh-Ragini sing a song for me pls!

Ragini smiled & started singing

Tere Bin Tere Bin
Tere Bin Tere Bin
Jina Nahi Tere Bina
Marrna Nahi Tere Bin

Laksh broke the hug & removed the nose-ring from her nose

He placed his lips on her soft lips slowly & started kissing her gathering his Pur love for her

Ragini surrendered herself to him fully

RagLak consummated their marriage

The End..

Sorry for grammer mistakes & Pls Forgive me if you find this OS boring ?

Happy Hug Day Once Again

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