Ragini love ( intro )


Hello guyz i am a silent reader. I have been inspired by many of you i thought too right my own fan fiction. Its swasan and other pair will be out soon.

So my story will start with when laksh betrayed ragini. And she commit suicide but got saved and after some weeks get pregnant. Laksh also relize his love for ragini and regret what he did.
Swasan have a son name ansh.( playing by naksh in yrkkh) all the other are same.
But ragini have a daughter name pari.( playing by ruhi in yhm).
So hopefully you guyz understood that so let begin the story yea.
Hope you all will like it.
And one last thing before i start plz do comment i need comment for this story to contiune.
Lets start the episode.

A little girl is getting ready and without making å noise goes to hall.
Servant. Beta what you want to eat.
Pari. Uncle paratha.
Servant. Ji beta here it is.
Pari. Thanks uncle.
Servant. Here is your juice.
Pari. Thanks uncle. Where is mamma.
Servant. Mom will get up soon.
Pari. Ok..
Scene shift too a room.
Where a girl is sleeping holding files. It none other than our ragini.
Alaram rings.
Ragini get up and say oh shit my presention.
Ragini get ready and goes down.
She sees pari and kiss her cheek and say beta have you eated breakfast.
Pari. Yes mamma.
Ragini. Ok beta today we will go too office first i have a meeting and then we will go too meet someone.
Pari. On mamma.
Ragini. Oh mera bacha.
( ragini is head of thakur company she maked this company on her own.).
Pari and ragini leave for office.

At office.
Armaan ( playing by karan singh grover ).
Ragini come to armaan and say today this project. We have to take this project at an cost.
Armaan. Come down.
Ragini. How yaar. That stupid laksh maheswari have to lost this.
Armaan. Why you hate him so much i want to now.
Ragini. Oh armaan i will tell you today ok.
Armaan. Alright.
Pari come there and hug armaan. Armaan lift her in his arms and say baby where is my kiss.
Pari give a kiss.
Armaan ok today our pari will have some gift.
Pari really.
Armaan yes.
Armaan give her a chocolate and a TAB.
Pari. Wow mom have also.
Ragini. Armaan why are you spoling her.
Armaan. Come yaar.
Ragini. But beta you will not always be on TAB.
Pari. Ok mom promise.
Ragini kiss her.
Armaan pari you sit here we have important work to do.
Pari nods in yes.
And armaan and ragini leave.
( excatly armaan and ragini is best friends ).
Armaan give the presention and everyone liked it they got project and ragini get happy.
After all leave.
Ragini hug armaan in excitement.
Armaan also hug her back.
They share a beautiful hug.
Ragini say armaan you dont now how much happy i am love you yaar.
Armaan get happy and say we are bestiee. And in everything we are best.
Ragini smile.
And say OK bye i have too go.
Armaan ok bye but meet at a resturant clock 08:00.
Ragini. Whhy.
Armaan. U will now.
Ragini ok bye see you.

Ragini take pari with her and goes to a hotel and say room number 365.
Ragini goes in and get teary eyed seeing the person.

Precap. Guess who was that person.

Plz guyz comment.
I need that

Credit to: Amaya

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  8. Swara I guess anyways superb

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