Ragini love ( episode 1 )

Hello guyz.
Lets get back to story.

In hotel.
Ragini goes in room. She is teary eyed by see that person. She run too that girl and camera roll on that girl face. And now it shown that girl is none other than our swara.
Swara hug her back.
Sanskar sees this and say sister love.
Sanskar sees pari standing at door he goes to pari and pick her up and close the door.
Ragini. I missed you so much.
Swara. Even i did.
Ragini. How is everyone.
Swara. Everyone is fine. And all are missing you.
Ragini. Even i miss them a lot.
Sanskar. Ok you guyz stop crying like ababy.
Swaragini. Shutup.
Ansh, pari. Laugh.

Sanskar. Ragini who are you.
Ragini. Fine and i always miss my beste.
Sanskar smile and say same her ladoo.
Swara. Dont call her ladoo only i can call her that.
Sanskar. Ok BABA.
Ansh. Masi.
Ragini. Yes beta.
Ansh. Why dont you come home. And why you guyz dont let me tell anyone.
Ragini. No beta. I will surely come home oneday i promise.
Ansh. Ok my sweet masi.
Ragini. Ok stop buttering ne i know you Wang some thing right.
Ansh. Masi you know me every well ha.
Ragini. Acha bacho.
Ansh. Yea.
Ragini give ansh a same TAB too ansh that pari have.
Swara. No ragini already he is naught. He will become more.
Ansh. No mom i am nice.
Swara. Achaa when were you.
Sanskar tell her many things.

Swara. Ok tum bapa beta.
Sanskar and ansh smile.
Ragini sees the clock. And say OK bye i will go now.
Swara.so soon.
Ragini. Ha sohnaaa i have too.
Swara. Ok.
Ragini with pari leave from there.
( I know you guyz are surprised how swara know about that it is like that when ragini commit suicide swara know about that. For teaching lesson to laksh. Swasan make that plan ).

At home.
Ragini pari beta you sleep i will go and meet armaan.
Pari.ok mamma bye.
She leaved to the restaurant.
At restaurant.
Ragini. Armaan where are you.
Armaan. Here my cutie pie.
Ragini. Finally.

Armaan come with me.
She goes with him and is shocked to see the decoration.
She feels real happy.
Armaan. Ragini i have to say many things too you. But i dont know what should i do. I just want to say from the first i have seen you i falled for you.
Ragini. Yes.
Armaan. I love you ragini.
Ragini get teary eyed and say i love you too.
Armaan say i will accept you with pari too.
Ragini. Thanks armaan for coming in my life.
Armaan. Even you.
Armaan get up and goes close too ragini. Ragini heart is wearing fast. Armaan cup her face and softly kiss her on her lips. Ragini closes her eyes.. After some time they broke the kiss.
Ragini hug armaan.
Armaan hug her back.
Armaan you was going too tell me something.
Ragini say yes.
Ragini tell everything and conversation is mute.
Armaan but still i love you.
Ragini hug him.
After some time leave for house.

At home.
Ragini goes home and see pari is still awake.
Ragini. Pari.
Pari. I am not sleepy.
Ragini beta i have too tell you something. Me and your armaan uncle are together.
Pari. Really mom that mean he my new dad.
Ragini nods in yes.
Pari get excited and start jumping.
Ragini get happy to see pari happy.
Both share a hug.

Precap. Laksh and armaan meeting. And ragini and armaan romantic moments.

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    Love Ragini’s character

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    Armaan and ragini new combination
    Update was perfect hope u update the next part soon

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  10. Superb episode dear

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  13. lovedddddd it………..manragg is osommeee
    plzzzzzzz update nxt part soooooonnnnnnnn…………..

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