Ragini life: {shot 6}

Rag: no Rv I need to have your baby again in my womb. Please ( she starts crying)
Rv: seri seri (ok ok) please calm down my baby please I can’t see you like this please okay we will try for another baby and this time with both of our senses and whole heartedly ok?
Rag nods.
Rv: so shall I start where I stopped winks ?at her
They started their romance again…

On the other side:

Laksh was throwing thing around the room but one thing striked his mind.
Laksh: why? Why is this happening to me? First I lost swara because I didn’t trust her and married ragini, then I torched ragini for what every she’s done to my family then I lost her because of my carelessness and now I got her back she’s near me but she’s with someone else. I love her truly I want her back but she wouldn’t come back I need her she is my true love I will kill Rv to get her I need to do something to him now watch Rv how I get my ragini away from you just wait and watch.

On the other side Rv and Ragini are in a restaurant:

Rv: Ragini for how long are we going to hide the fact that swara is not our child?
Ragini: what do you mean Rv she is my child.
Rv: only we know the truth, that she is mine and ishani’s daughter we can keep it for a long time.
Ragini: Rv I didn’t marry you to make Laksh jealous ?, I married you so that swara has a mother and when you told me that you loved me since childhood, but circumstances made you get married and me fall for Laksh, now I love you not that Laksh. Please just don’t say that swara is not my daughter. She is my daughter. I will love her like how ishani would have loved her.
Rv: Rag…

Ragini: no let me speak today; I know that you didn’t like me kissing you the other day to prove that I’ve moved on but that’s me showing how much I love you truly.
It was a tragedy that ishani died while giving birth to swara it happens to not many women’s but bad luck she was on of them I’m sorry. I didn’t take ishani’s place from your heart she is still in your heart I’ve created my own spot in your heart. That’s Day I said I love you you said that you still love ishani, I felt really bad but then i didn’t really want to take ishani’s place. I don’t know if I still am please tell me if I am I will leave your life and go somewhere that no one will fine me??

Rv: Ragini please don’t leave me I know that I said that I can’t give you ishani’s place but I’ve loved you since childhood that doesn’t change I still love you. Now I realised how much I love you and your worth I love you please don’t leave me like ishani did please I will die with out you please.
Both Rv and Ragini had tears ?.

Rv (stands up and gets on his knees): Ragini I want to live with you, I want to love you, I want to feel you, I want all your love towards me and my child, so will you accept me as who I am? Will you carry my children in your womb and make me the father of your children? Will you allow me love you? Will you be mine?
Ragini (she doesn’t in her knees): Yes, Yes, Yes. I was waiting for this only this from your mouth I wanted to hear this please say it again.
Rv: I love you Ragini ❤️

Ragini: I love you tooo Rv ❤️
Rv: so Ragu shall we take our relationship to the next level as we have planned it to be tonight for Laksh but it’s coming true.
Ragini ( she got shy) and nods.
They both go the hotel room and Ragini was awestruck’ed as the room was decorated and she wasn’t expecting this.

Ragini: when did you do this and is this what you was planning and you already accepted Me.
Rv nodds and you know what happens, they get intimate and romance.

To be continued….

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