Ragini life: {shot 4}

Sorry guy I know that I have not replied to your comments I and terribly sorry about that, but thank you so much for your valuable comments and your love, in this one shots are about RagLak but the pairs are not RagLak. Sorry (Holding my Ears)

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Everyone was shocked to hear the name Swara
Swara: why did you name her Swara?
Ragini: because she is my life that’s why
Swara: so this baby is yours and Laksh’s right
Ragini: when did I and Laksh take our relationship to the next level to have a baby it’s mine and Ranveer’s child ??
Ranveer nods his head.

Rv: as I have explain me an md Ragini are in an actual relationship, we love each other.
Dadi2: Ragini is he saying the truth
Ragini: yes Dadi ma he is we have a child ?? together that is Swara
Dadi2: I’m so happy for you beta at least you are living your life peacefully right now.
Shekar: what are you saying ma how about Laksh? What will he do now
Ragini: JUST STOP IT I HAVE HAD ENOUGH, listen papa ?? I am not going to live for someone who didn’t give respect for my love or for someone who is just selfish. First he gets engaged to me then he falls in love ❤️ with Swara when she came in between me and him after our engagement ? then he breaks the engagement because he loves her then he says that he will marry me for his brother then his brother will influence me to do bad things and then he will change in to a good ? person making me look ? like the enemy infront of everyone then I did all that to Swara and Laksh to take revenge on Swara her married me even though that’s what I wanted but then everything turned upside down, he kidnapped me and then her tries to murder me. And you, you just stood there with your second wife and her daughter did you ever think about me your first wife’s daughter janki’s daughter? What would you say you didn’t even know that I had a best friend who was there for me through thick and thin. I had enough of living for other people I want to live for my self and my love ❤️ which is Ranveer. Now stop bothering my family and please just leave. Do you all get that?

Everyone was gobsmacked ? after listening Ragini thinking ? that she has kept everything in her all these years but kept quite about it.

Rv: Ragini why are you speaking like that.
Ragini: how else do you want me to speak Rv these people just want me for their own purposes except Swara and dadi ma the rest I’ll tell you Ap Ma sorry aunty would want me to come back for Laksh after seeing how her he is suffering now dp uncle is the same that whole family is the same reason, my family my dad wants me because of swara’s condition Thats the only reason and sumi ma is the same.
Rv: Ragini listen just go there for for a couple of weeks and then come back
Ragini: Rv if your are coming with me I will go with out you, our child ?? or am I am not going anywhere and that too if we are staying in the Singh mansion I’ll come I will not be entering the MM or the Badi maybe the Badi because dadi ma’s there.
Swara: why are you doing this Ragini
Ragini: doing what Swara I have agreed to come back to India ??
Swara: why can’t you stay in MM
Ragini: Because I don’t belong there anymore
Sanskar: Ragini I know I have don’t wrong with you but please for Swara s health sake come stay with us in MM
Ragini: okay I’ll come and stay (all gets happy ?) but on one condition I will be staying in the guest room with Ranveer and Swara and ma will in the SM
Laksh: why does he have to come
Ragini: what do you mean why does she have to come? He is my husband and the father of my child ?? do you get that?
Laksh: but Ragini we are asking only you to come home
Rv: excuse me Laksh she is MY WIFE I will be staying with her.
Laksh: look Rv I am Not talking to you
Ragini: Laksh don’t talk to my husband like that
Laksh: then why is he interfering when I’m talking to you.
Ragini: because he can and he has all the rights to.
Laksh: Ragini where is all the love for me gone don’t you love me anymore?
Ragini: Laksh get one thing straight I LOVED you, not anymore okay
Laksh: but why
Ragini: what sort of question is this can you try and remind yourself of what you have done to me and how you used me. I just want to keep repeating my self okay.
Rv: Ragini please
Ragini: you still don’t believe that I am Married to Rv.
She shows her magalsutra and her marriage certificate with Rv
Rv: what is going to happen
Before he can say anything Ragini kisses him on his lips ?. They were all shocked.
Ragini: now does this prove that I love him ? and we are in a relationship??
Laksh come and slaps her
Laksh: what
RV: how dare you slap my wife?
He started beating Laksh to black and blues.
Ragini: stop Rv enough
Rv: how can I stop ✋? how dare he slap ?? you
He started beating him again, Sanskar pulled him away from Laksh.
Sanskar: what is your problem Laksh? Why can’t you believe that she is in a relationship with RV and that they are happy ? please lucky ? just understand? We need Ragini to come back to India
For Swara’s sake
Ragini: Let me tell you something, why don’t you and Swara stay in London it will be a change of place for her as well as the other family members, you can stay at our place if you like.
Rv: yes, Sanskar that’s a great idea it will be a change for Swara and all other problems as well.
Dadi2: yes, that’s a great Idea so all of us will stay here and for deffo I am staying because I want to spend time with my ladoo and my great granddaughter. So may I stay here Ranveer?
Rv: what sort of question is this Dadi? Yes of course you can stay here as long as you like.

So everyone decided to stay in London, and see how it is…

Rv and Ragini’s room:

Rv: what is this Ragini are you sure that you can handle Laksh staying here?
Ragini: Ranveer I will be alright as you are here also Dadi ma she is here I will be fine. I just need you to be with me and I need to be in your embrace that’s all.
Rv: I just don’t know how you are like this I just love you Ragini
Ragini: I love you too Ranveer… Mwahh…
Rv: Ragini Stop tempting me otherwise I will not be able to control myself.
Ragini: who told you too stop?
Rv: Raginiiiiii
He started chasing her around the room…

This was all watched and heard by Laksh…

To be continued.

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