Ragini life: {shot 5} longer version

Rv and Ragini’s room:

Rv: what is this Ragini are you sure that you can handle Laksh staying here?
Ragini: Ranveer I will be alright as you are here also Dadi ma she is here I will be fine. I just need you to be with me and I need to be in your embrace that’s all.
Rv: I just don’t know how you are like this I just love you Ragini
Ragini: I love you too Ranveer… Mwahh…
Rv: Ragini Stop tempting me otherwise I will not be able to control myself.
Ragini: who told you too stop?
Rv: Raaaaggggiiiinnnniiiiii
He started chasing her around the room…
This was all watched and heard by Laksh…

Rv caught her and pulled her by her waist and started giving her wet kisses on her neck and then…

Rv: so are you going to give me and our doll a prince?
Ragini: Rv do you think we are able to be free now as everyone is here and we wouldn’t have time to spend with each other.
Rv: Ragini please don’t leave me hanging you promised me tonight
Ragini: but how Rv I will have to stay with Swara and look after her
Rv: ok tonight we will go outside spend a couple of hours together as we don’t know when we can spend time together again as everyone is here?
Ragini: okay Rv but just for a couple of hours okay
Rv: that’s fine with me but you should give me what every I ask you

Laksh was fuming as she never been like this with him but he didn’t think is that he never gave her the chance to be like this or his never been like this.

Rv and ragini hears a knock on their door and ragini opens the door and see that Laksh is standing their room.

Ragini: Yes Laksh?
Laksh: actually I came to apologize, I know that you are not mine anymore but it’s just that I can’t digest that fact that you have a kid and a husband also that husband is not me and the kid is not ours
Ragini: Laksh please can you leave this topic and please try to move on and this is what you wanted Laksh do you remember when you tried killing me and mention that you wished that I never came in to your life how you humiliated me in front everyone Let me tell you something even if I was with you would have went behind a different girl and would have had an affair with her Am I right?
Laksh was thinking…
Laksh: but that has not happen and it will not I have realise how important you are to me
Ragini: Look Laksh I have moved on and you too have to move on please leave me alone, my feeling for you has died.
Laksh: please don’t say like that please
Ragini: I have lived my life with RV to say I have gave myself to him, now he and my child is my world so please Laksh live your life in peace and let us live
Laksh: is that your final decision
Ragini: yes.
Laksh: okay I will let you live but one last thing
Ragini: what is it?
Laksh: will you live with me for one last night?

Laksh gets a slap across his face…

How can you say something like that would you like to it if someone said that to Uttara?
Laksh: MA!
AP: then how can you something like this to her then? Why don’t you understand that she is now married and has her own family that who will take care of her and a place where she will live happily?
Laksh: but ma didn’t you want Ragini back too?

AP: but Laksh just look at them they are happy and they proved that they love each other you cannot force some to love you, just remember Laksh you are the one who rejected her, you are the one who broke her heart, you are the one who tried killing her, now understand this and let her live her life.
Laksh: okay ma I understand now, but I want to know how they fell in love and how they got Swara
Rv: so if I tell you how we fell in love would you leave Ragini alone
Laksh: yes

Rv: okay here it goes… I always loved Ragini since we have been studying in school I don’t know when I fell in love with this girl but I realised that it is love when ragini went missing for a day, she got lost in our school tour in Chennai then finally we found her sitting on a park bench, that’s when I realised that I love her and I can do anything for her happiness. I always wanted to proposed go Ragini but then i don’t know why I didn’t have the guts to tell her my feelings. Then my parents sent to me to US for my higher studies but then I was missing ragini so much I’ve always spoken to her on the phone every single minute I’ve free time that’s how much I loved and love her. Then one day she told me she was going to get engaged to you, she sounded so happy and excited she was telling me how much of a nice person you are.

Your probably thinking why I didn’t express my feeling to her because I wanted her to live in peace and have a nice life with you the person bee loved but then after a couple of weeks she was speaking to me she was sounding so dull and sad so I asked her she denied telling me because she knew that if she told me I would break down and come back to India but I forced her to Tell me she made me promise that I would come after my exams I was shocked just shocked that what sort or jerk you was and how can you cheat on a pure soul like ragini she has never harmed anyone but because of you she turned in to something that I have ever imagined. Like you break the engagement once then you say yes to her because you love your brother like seriously what sort of person are you then you break her again saying you can’t get married to her because you love her step-sister. How would you react is someone does the same to your sister? You have played with her feelings Laksh your just a f****** p***** scared of his father. You never deserved raginis loved nor did swara your brother nor the silly family of yours. You guys were just using her for your own benefits, did you or your damn family think about her feelings? NO!
I came back to India and called ragini dadi picked up and told me what ever happen to her I came to see her she was crying her heart out me then she got a call from swara then she called me again telling me this accident has happen she doesn’t want to be a burden to anyone in her family so I told her to do something like this then you guys will feel her and know her value.
How was it? How did you feel without ragini in your life?

Now coming to your point I took ragini away we came to London as my dad had his business in London as well. Ragini said she didn’t want to be a burden to me I gave her a slap for saying that then all of a sudden I blurted out that I love her and I cannot see her unhappy and she was stunned that I told her everything in one go she asked me why I have kept all this in myself all these years and why I let her marry you I explained everything go her she said she was to be friends the she will see if she can move on then one night we went to beach near our house she told me that she want to bring our friendship to relationship forward one step I was on cloud 9 when she Said that she stills needs time to forget you completely i agreed couple of months passed she forgot what happened in her past then one night I proposed to her to marry me she said yes that was the happiest day in my life i got my love life. We got married Then we didn’t want to straight away take our relationship to the next level so we took things slowly then one day me and ragini went to a party someone spiked our drinks and we got drunk we came back home as we didn’t want to stay there longer,

we came back to our room ragini went to change all of a sudden I don’t know what happen we just lead our relationship to the next level Ned morning we woke up ragini was on top of me we were both laying there with no clothes and then we took a look back last night then I couldn’t believe it I said sorry and felt really guilty ragini didn’t say a word just kept quite, I said sorry just then ragini was like why I’m I saying sorry because I love her and she too loves me then why shouldn’t we take the next step we’ve kept away for 6 months our love increased and our bonding had got stronger ragini was just cool about it… from then we just let our life and that’s how swara came along to our life.
Ragini: now is this enough or so you need more explanation?
Ap: beta I am happy that you are living a happy life and the life that you wished to live with laksh we are just unlucky not to have a bahu like you.

Laksh: no please Ragini give me a chance please
Rv: stop begging Laksh you clearly know that she doesn’t like or love you anymore just leave her alone.
Ragini: what is that you need from me Laksh can’t you see me live peacefully, when I loved you you didn’t love me back and tortured me then as well and now That I don’t love you and gave you why you wanted you are still torturing me. Why?
Laksh: now I love you.
Rv: listen Laksh me and ragini are loving each other now and we can live without each other please leave us alone.
Laksh: okay I will leave you alone from now I will not bother you but trust me ragini I really really love you the extent that you wouldn’t even realise or know because I know yeah you are my true love and it was my mistake to let you go. I will try to move on but I don’t think I can. I’m sorry

They leave from there…

Laksh POV; it’s all your fault Laksh your the one go tried killing ragini and now he has found her love someone that truly love her I must control my self and leave them live happily.

Ragini POV; I know Laksh it is hard for you to move on from me but I am really sorry from the extent that I loved you so much you have given me so much pain and now that I have found my Rv I can let him go away from me he loves me to the extent that no one has ever loved me she has showed me how to live and how to love I cannot leave someone like him for you. I’m sorry.

Rv POV; I know how much you love ragini Laksh but I can’t let her go she is my life my everything I loved her since we were little children I just haven’t expressed my feelings for her but I just love her a bit too much I just felt like killing you first when j heard that ragini is marrried to you but then I had to let her go for you that you will make her happy jut at the end you tried killing her and now that I’ve got a second chance to live with ragini I will not let that chance leave my hand. I’m sorry Laksh.

Ragini and Rv’s room:

Rv: Ragini don’t think so much.
Rag: if rv I feel scared I want to have another child with you I just feel like something is going to separate us.
Rv: stop think stupidly ok I will not leave you, you are my life. Get that?
Rag: no Rv I need to have your baby again in my womb. Please ( she starts crying)
Rv: seri seri (ok ok) please calm down my baby please I can’t see you like this please okay we will try for another baby and this time with both of our senses and whole heartedly ok?
Rag nods.
Rv: so shall I start where I stopped winks ?at her

To be continued…

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