Ragini life: {shot 3}

Rv: what if your family separates us
Alisha: they would never do that I know my family they would never go against my wish and do you think that I will leave our baby ?? as well she is my everything I would never leave her.
Rv: hugs ? her: I love you Ragini, I really really love you ?.
Alisha: I love you more and now come let’s go

They both go down stairs while they were coming down stairs Laksh was watching them Rv kisses Alisha aka Ragini’s forehead Lakshs anger got to the peak and wanted to beat Rv up, but controlled.
They both came down stairs and holding hands.

Laksh: where your baby?
Alisha: she’s with her dadi
Laksh: can I see her?
Alisha: yeh wait a sec “maaaa”
Dadi: haan Alisha
Alisha: can you bring baby down?
Dadi: okay beta

Dadi brings baby down

Baby jumps on to Rv and kisses his cheeks

Rv: say hello to Laksh uncle
Baby: hello
Laksh: what’s your name beta
Baby: Swara
Laksh got shocked on hearing the the name Swara.
Alisha: what happen Laksh why are you shocked to hear the name
Laksh: it’s because this name is my wife’s sisters name that’s why
Rv: ohh ? what a coincidence.
Laksh: yeh & now are you going to continue with you live story
Rv: okay where did I stop yesterday
Laksh when you came back to London after searching for Alisha
Rv: oh yeh, I came back as I tried my best looking for my love ❤️ but then after a month Or so I heard that she had an accident and died but she didn’t I didn’t believe that she did I can’t back to India ?? again and asked the doctors they also said that she’s dead but then I tried my level best to ask were Ragini I mean Alisha was (Laksh didn’t really realise what Rv said because he was staring at Ragini) one day as I was looking for her I saw her working in my office in India and went to her and asked what she was doing here she said that she was working there and Told me that she faked a drama that she died to make her family believe that and the doctors agreed for her to do that and she did it because she did not want her family to suffer because of her. Then I asked her to to come London with me and she agreed as she wanted to forget a coupe of memories from India ?? so we moved here and then we both fell in loved and I proposed to her, she first refused because of her past but I made a realise that now she has to move on and then we got married and this is how our love ❤️ Swara came in to this world ? two years ago.
Laksh(A tear ? skipped from laksh’s eye): as he knew it was the same story as his but the one this he doesn’t know that if it is Ragini and if it is Ragini and why is she doing this. She also has a child with Rv how can this happen my work has shattered she is not mine anymore this is what I deserve for treating her like that and not respecting her love for me now she has moved on and living a kappa life if it is Ragini. I will always love you ?.
Alisha: What happen Laksh? Is everything okay??
Laksh: yes it’s fine
Rv: okay now tell us about your marriage story.
Laksh: mine was an arrange marriage for me it was an unwanted relationship but now I have realised me mistake and now I am going through the toughest time of my life and regretting each and everything I have done to my Ragini.
Rv clenches his fist ?? when he said my Ragini, Alisha noticed this and hold his hand ?? and makes him calm.
Rv: what did you so bad what happen.
Laksh: let me tell you first she was proposed for me for our marriage then I started loving he sister Swara who didn’t love me at first then yeh she also loved me but then Ragini did so much to get me at the end she pushed Swara in the river on our wedding day but then the truth came out and I kidnapped Ragini to make her realise her mistake some how she was found and then I got her in to a car ? accident and tried to kill her that’s where I did the mistake by the car accident I realised my love for Ragini but then Ragini was no more I lost my first love ❤️ and my last love ❤️. He started sobbing ?.
Rv went to him and side-hugged him to comfort him. But nope no use

Laksh: you know Rv my wife looks ? exactly like Alisha.
Rv: really, wow.

Just then Laksh gets a call from ap

Ap: Laksh we are at the airport come and collect us
Laksh: what you didn’t tell me you was coming
Ap: it’s not only me it’s the whole family.
Laksh: but why ma?
Ap: because we wanted to see Ragini or her look ? alike.
Laksh: okay I’m coming.
Laksh ends the phone call

Laksh: Rv and Alisha I have to leave my family from India ?? has come I need to college and pick them up so I’ll you later
Rv&Alisha: okay bye.

Rv and Alisha’s room–>

Alisha: what do we do now Ranveer the whole family has come to London.
Rv: don’t worry Ragini we will face it together.
Alisha: I know that your always there for me so I have no worries. I love you ?.
Rv: I love you ? too.
{now a bit of romance guys ?}
Rv: So Mrs Singh
Alisha: Yes MR Singh
Rv: I think ? Swara wants a brother what do you say??
Alisha: eerrrrr since when did she say that.
Rv: yesterday didn’t you know she was saying that she wants a brother so will accept it or decline it?
Alisha: so Swara wants a brother?
Rv: yes
Alisha: okay we will try
Alisha: Ranveeerrrrr
Rv: okok sorry, when shall we start planning?
Alisha: tonight? (Winks at him ?)
Ranveer gives her love bites on her neck and shoulders where it is visible to people.

Just then they hear ?? a knock on their door and compose themselves and Alisha opens the door ?.
It was dadi…

Dadi: Alisha Laksh and his family are here to see you and Rv
Alisha: ma what did they tell you why they are here that too straight after their flight
Dadi: no but they want to see you both.
Alisha: okay ?? we are coming ma. What is Swara doing
Dadi: she’s in my room with me.
Alisha: okay man we will go and see them

Alisha turns to Ranveer and asks him to come down stairs with her he agrees and goes….………

They both go down stairs and everyone is shocked ? to see Alisha and Ranveer.
Laksh noticed the love bite on Ragini’s neck and fumes.

Alisha and Ranveer gets the elders blessings.
Swara straight away hugs ? her.
Swara: Ragini do you know how much I missed you please come back to your Swara please.
Alisha: hugs ? Swara back but then she says so but it’s a pleasure to meet you all I’m not Ragini as you think ? who I am.
Swara: why are you lying my inner feeling tells me that your are my Ragini and and also I know that you are my Ragini because I can feel her when she is with me or not.
Alisha: sorry you have mistaken me I am not who you think I am.
Sanskar: Swara please calm down its not good for your health.
Swara: no Sanskar she is my Ragini and I know that why isn’t she admitting it
Rv: please calm down she’s my wife Mrs Alisha Ranveer Singh.
Swara: no she is Mrs Ragini Laksh Maheshwari.
Rv: and who are you to say that.
Swara: I am her sister
Rv: no she is Mrs Singh and that’s it.
Alisha: Rv leave it
Swara: why Ragini why should I leave it
Alisha: look Miss Swara I am not your sister I am an only child to my mother and father so please try to understand.
Sanskar: why are you doing this to us Ragini can’t you understand she is not in the right state and her health is appalling.
Rv: why what is wrong with her.
Sanskar: she’s had a miscarriage and she is weak she is not able to take any shocks.
Alisha: what? How can that happen?
Sanskar: because she blames Herself for Ragini’s death if she didn’t do anything Ragini would have been alive by now it’s been four years and she still hasn’t come out of that trauma.

A tear ? skipped from Ragini’s eyes ? as she didn’t know what say now Swara is in this states because of her.

Alisha: I’m sorry Swara please don’t think like that please try to come out of your past she’s gone now why are you thinking of her.
Swara: because she is my sister even thoug she is not my blood sister she is my souls sister.
Laksh: please if you are Ragini please just come back to us.
Alisha: but I’m not Ragini
Sanskar: Would you say that even after seeing them.

It was the Gadodia family the family was shocked to see them expect one person which was Ragini’s dadi she knows Ranveer is Ragini childhood friend except her no one else knows that.

Dadi2: Ranveer beta how are you?
RV: I’m fine ? dadi ma
Shekar: Ma do you know him?
Dadi: yes shekar Rv is Ragini’s childhood best friend
Shekar: but she never had any friends
Dadi: no shekar she did that’s all you knew about my ladooo she’s always had her best fiend

Everyone was shocked to hear ?? that.

Rv: dadi ma she is my wife Alisha
Dadi: wow ? congrats beta
Alisha comes her blessing.
Dadi is shocked to see Alisha’s face and says: ladooo
Rv: she’s not ladooo dadi
Dadi: Rv don’t you think when your lying I can tell and I know my laddoo as well then anyone.
Alisha: dadi I’m not Ragini please
Rv: Alisha there’s no point in hide anymore let’s just tell them what happen
Alisha looks at Rv and her nods
Swara: what do you mean the truth

Rv explains everything to them and everyone is shocked ?. Swara hugs ? Ragini so did Ragini.
Swara: Ragini please come back home please
Ragini: no Swara I don’t belong there anymore
Swara: but Laksh loves you
Then suddenly Laksh comes and hugs ? Ragini
Rv fumes by his actions
Rv: what the hell are you doing Laksh
Laksh: she is my wife
Rv: she is your ex wife she is my wife
Laksh: no she is just mine
Rv was about to say something
Ragini: what do you think I am Laksh a doll to play around with??
Laksh: no Ragini
Ragini: no Laksh I don’t love you ? I love Ranveer
Rv comes and side hugs hers
Ragini: she has been there for me through thick and thin. Unlike you always wanted someone like Swara what do you think ? just please like Swara can be on this earth doing and can be strong ??.
Swara: Ragini no it’s Not like that Ragini please come back to us
Ragini: no Swara I can’t I cannot leave my daughter and my love here and come.

Everyone: what daughter
Ragini: yes daughter, wait let me call her.
Ragini shouting: maaaa
Dadi1: haaaa Alisha
Ragini: can you bring Swara baby ?? please
Everyone was shocked to hear the name Swara
Swara: why did you name her Swara
Ragini: because she is my life that’s why
Swara: so this baby is yours and laksh’s right
Ragini: when did me and Laksh take our relationship to the next level to have a baby it’s mine and Ranveers child ??
Ranveer nods his head.

To be continued…

What do you think ? is going to happen next?? Any guesses??
Please guys forgive me and I will try and update as I am busy these days because of work and college I can’t update regularly sorry ?. please do comment it you like it or not. Love you all

This will be a couple of shots long as Nikky asked to make it longer so here Nikky this is for you xx
Thank you ? xx ?

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