Ragini life: {shot 2}

Swara and dadi: why laddo this man has tried killing you and you are save him.
Ragini: because I have done so much to him and I deserve it please forgive him and me please.

Ragini takes her last breath with holding Swara and dadi’s hand ??.

All started crying ?

After 4 years…

All did Ragini’s rituals and life did not get back normal as expected.

No one spoke to Laksh expect Ap, Sujatha, Sanskar and uttara, all think that Laksh is the reason for Ragini’s death ? and was really upset ? it has got worse for Laksh couldn’t live like this so he moved to London with their business in London.

London after 6 months from Laksh’s move~~>

Laksh lived all alone In a house ? with a servant lady called kanaamma who is like a mother to him.

One day in his off a girl and a man comes to sign a contract with their company

Laksh’s manager: Laksh sir, Mr and Mrs Ranveer Singh are here to sign the final deal
Laksh: please bring them to my cabin
The manager nods and goes to bring them.

When they entered
Ranveer: Hi I’m RV (yes guys his from meri aashiqui tum se hi) and this is my wife Mrs Alisha Ranveer Singh (guys it’s Ragini)

Laksh was shocked to see Alisha he wanted to go and hug her but her controlled but a tear skipped from his eyes ?.
Rv: Mr Maheshwari is everything okay??
Laksh: yes sorry Mr Singh please take a seat and you too Mrs Singh
Alisha: thank you ?
Laksh: I’m so happy that I am Signing a contract with one of the business tycoons in London this is I believable Mr Singh
Rv: please Mr Maheshwari call me Rv it’s better and yes it’s my pleasure ? too
Laksh: please call me Laksh
Rv: so shall we sign the papers then?
Laksh: sure
Rv: Alisha please give me that pen you gifted me.
Alisha: here you go ?
Laksh: so is yours a love or arranged marriage? If I can ask?
Rv: ofc we don’t mind it’s a love marriage we’ve known each other for 4 years when was in India ?? then I came back to London but then I was missing something and then I realised that I am missing Alisha and I was in love with her madly then I came back to India but then I couldn’t find her I was really depressed and sad ? I came back to London and was going on with business.

Just then Rv’s phone rings

The phone displays name saying baby ??
He answers the phone and speaks and puts it on speaker ? and they hear a small voice says papa please phone to mama
Baby ??: mama when you co…co.come Home ? I misshh ju an papa
Alisha: soon baby ?? is dadi with you baby ??
Baby ??: yashh
Dadi: Alisha beta she’s crying for you and Ranveer please come him quickly.
Rv: okay ma we are coming
Alisha: ma we will come as soon as possible bye ??
Dadi: bye ??

Laksh was dumbstruck because he couldn’t believe his ears his love ❤️ being another persons ??‍? love killed him he knew it was Ragini but didn’t know how to ask or anything he wanted to know the rest of the story of their love story but as their child called them they had to leave.

Laksh later called back home to Ap and explained everything how he saw Ragini and her name was now Alisha.

Then Ap told the rest of the family and they asked him to find out more about Alisha and Rv’s family and Laksh agreed.

The next day Laksh went to their house and he rang the bell Alisha opens the door ? and gets shocked ? and say –>

Alisha: hi ?? Laksh
Laksh: hi ?? Ragini sorry Alisha
Alisha (shocked): come in and who’s Ragini (she’s asking as if she doesn’t know)
Laksh ( walking inside): she was my wife
Alisha: oh okay where is she now
Laksh: not in this world ? no more
Alisha: I’m sorry to ask
Laksh: it’s fine
Rv just can from jogging
Rv: hello Laksh how comes you here so early
Laksh: I came to give your favourite pen and also you left your love story halfway that’s way.
Rv: lol ? Laksh okay ?? I’ll get freshened and come and tell you the rest of the story Alisha please come with me.
Alisha bring coffee and give it to Laksh and goes behind Rv puts his hand around Alisha’s waist and Laksh fumes in jealousy and anger.

Rv and Alisha’s room –>
Rv got freshened and came

Rv: Alisha please get me my clothes
Alisha: okay
Rv goes behind Alisha and hugs her and started giving her wet kisses on her neck
Alisha: Ranveer Laksh is waiting for you.
Rv: Ragini is this Laksh who was talking about? And telling me about
Alisha: yes Rv
Rv: then why don’t we tell him the truth about our story
Alisha: no Rv I had to go through so much and the family also went through so much because of me I thankful to you that you have accepted me with my past but before we got married we were friends you knew everything and it’s really a big thing for you to do that ( before she could speak more)
Rv: no Ragini I accepted you because you have a honesty and that your a pure souls, I also love you very much. No I cannot live without you please don’t leave me please

Tears skipped from his eye…

Alisha: why are you upset Rv
Rv: what if something bad happens and you leave me I would never want that to happen please don’t leave me.
Alisha: no Rv never do you think I will leave you after seeing Laksh I’ve lost love for him, when I was with him he didn’t realise his love for me and now if he wants me back we would never get me because I am in love with a kind hearted soul I only love you ?.
Rv: what if
Alisha: what if what??
Rv: what if your family separates us
Alisha: they would never do that I know my family they would never go against my wish and do you think that I will leave our baby ?? as well she is my everything I would never leave her.
Rv: hugs ? her: I love you Ragini, I really really love you ?.

What do you think ? is going to happen next?? Any guesses??
Please guys forgive me and I will try and update as I am busy these days because of work and college I can’t update regularly sorry ?. please do comment it you like it or not. Love you all

This will be 2-3 shots long.
Thank you ? xx ?

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