Ragini life: {shot 1}

This story will start when Laksh is going to hit Ragini with a his car ? and Swara trying to stop ? him from doing that but the car hits Ragini and they immediately take her to the hospital as she was loosing so much blood and they need the A + blood which is given by Sanskar but the doctors has said that her situation is very critical that’s when then storm ⛈ starts for Laksh:

Swara went up to Laksh–>

Swara: what was wrong with you how could you such thing like this to my Ragini do you know how much she is suffering because of you from the start first you tell her you will marry her for your brothers sack and then you said you loved me but then still she loved you but you kidnapped her and now you trying to kill my sister what the F*** is wrong with you stupid brain huh do you think I will love you back if you do such things? The answer is NO I will NOT love you back as I am in love with Sanskar, I love him so much. So from this instants forget me. And one more thing I have called the police ?? and that and coming to arrest you I will not leave you for trying to kill my sister.

Everyone was gobsmacked ? as no one really was really expecting Swara to stand up for Ragini even though teagininhas done so much to her but she is still her sister from another mother that they are sharing a really close bond she would NEVER let people like Laksh to hurt her soul sister; everyone really excepted dadi to do such thing as calling the police ?? but not Swara

Sanskar: Swara why did you call the police we could have solved the problem between us.
Swara: no Sanskar in that ICU ward is my sister who never had love ❤️ or never had what she wanted and she did all this to me because she wanted something for once but this man stand here would never understand her love he deserves to go to the jail and serve his life and if you want to support him you can but remember that I am a criminal lawyer myself (yes guys Swara studied law and is a lawyer) I will do whatever it takes to get this guy in to the prison for my sister
AP: but beta please forgive him once please
Swara: no bade Ma I can not let him go I know you guys all expected dadi to be like this but I just couldn’t take it today you know in the ward that’s my sister who I loved since I was small I’ve always admired her and. Ow she is in this condition because of him pointing ☝? at Laksh.
Know you can ask me why am I taking her side as she has done so much to me but no ma she has always regretted what she has done ✅ during the night one she stands in the temple praying to her Krishna that she knows she is doing wrong but she did it because she never got love from anyone including papa ?? and dadi she’s longed for love in her life just then me and sharmishta am came and filled her life with love. She deserves a good life and caring life partner but this man he is selfish he only cares about himself not anyone else.

The doctor ??‍⚕️ comes and says I’m sorry but it’s al up to god now please go and see her and make her lasted moments happy she’s calling someone called Laksh, Swara and Sanskar.

All were shocked ?

Laksh: no no this can’t happen I sorry please save her I can’t let her go I have realised my mistake and my love ❤️ for her I need her in my life please god please.
Swara: what you trying to create sympathy in front of everyone here don’t worry Laksh if Ragini comes back to life I would never let her come back in to your life again you selfish c*** don’t you dare come near Ragini

They all go inside the ward Ragini is like lifeless body on the bed–>

Ragini: Hi guys ??, hope you all everyone outside too is happy that a big issue you had in your life is going away from your life.
Swara: please Ragini don’t do this please we need you back please no no I NEED YOU WITH ME PLEASE.
Ragini: no Swara I’ve done so much to you that I deserve this
Sanskar: please Ragini don’t say that you are my best friend I need my bestie my duppatta wali dosti please I need you to be there for me through thick and thin
Ragini: no Sanskar I have I have done so much to you and Swara because of me you guys are in an unwanted relationship please forgive me if you can
Swara: no Ragini we are happy I am in love with Sanskar. I love him so much if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have got him In my life please don’t leave your sister please.
Ragini: no Swara god is calling me to come I have to go to him and also Janaki ma is also calling me she wants her daughter to be with her I’m going.
Laksh: comes running ?? and hugging her: no Ragini please don’t leave me I can’t live without you please I need you in my life please I really regret trying to kill you please Ragini I love you ❤️. I Love you ? so much please don’t leave me.
Ragini: I’m sorry Laksh for everything I have done to you and Swara if is wasn’t for me you would have been Livin with Swara happily now please all of you forgive me and please call everyone in I want to tell everyone something.

Laksh goes outside and called everyone in ~~>

Call come in crying looking at Ragini’s state with bandages and everything.

Dadi: Laddoo please don’t leave me.
Ragini: I m sorry dadima I have to janaaki manis calling me. I’m sorry everyone is be done so much bad sins and I am getting punished for it and now it’s us time to say goodbye to me and my loved ones
Dadi: this is because if you Laksh I will no leave you, Swara I will give the compliant and you please be the lawyer please
Ragini: please no dog. Do anything just leave him live is his life as he wants please promise me you wouldn’t file a case against him please. Promise me both Swara and dadi
Swara and dadi: why laddo this man has tried killing you and you are save him.
Ragini: because I have done so much to him and I deserve it please forgive him and me please.

Ragini takes her last breath with holding Swara and dadi’s hand ??.

All started crying ?


Please guys forgive me and I will try and update as I am busy these days because of work and college I can’t update regularly sorry ?. please do comment it you like it or not. Love you all

This will be 2-3 shots long.
Thank you ? xx ?

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