Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari (Chapter 6) (Last Chapter)

Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari:

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SS Ch 6:

The voice of Sahil reaches her ears and anger rises.

“Thank you Uncle, only because of you I’ll directly become a CM.”

Ragini stands up and opens her door, she takes steps out and looks downstairs from the railing, seeing Sahil in the hall, talking to Shekhar.

“No, he can’t become a CM, he can’t! I will not let him!” Ragini mummers to herself and wipes her dribbling tears.

Memories of the past flash and she gasps.

“The camera, Nikhil’s phone. . .” Ragini remembers and rushes out in no time.

She had till tomorrow to find proofs against Sahil before he could sit on the CM Chair. Ragini wouldn’t allow that as she knows the world would be in danger if Sahil sits on that chair.

“I won’t let that happen, I will make sure Sahil is punished!” Ragini’s final words to herself before she stepped into the car and drove off.


Ragini reached the temple and rushed up, she saw the pandit and he looked at her.

“Pandit Ji, phone. . .” Ragini trails off as she walks inside.

The pandit nods and walks inside, he then comes out and hands Ragini the phone, she thanks him and rushes out.

As she sits inside her car, she looks at the phone but to her surprise, the phone is locked with password.

“What should I do?” Ragini asks herself but then inhales deep breaths.

“Kavya.” Ragini uttered and starts driving.


Ragini parks outside the apartment.

“Kavya is only my hope.” Ragini says to herself and steps out of the car with Nikhil’s phone, locking the car.

Unable to stay steady, she rushed inside the building, wasting no more time.

As she reached to the third floor, she rings the doorbell of Kavya’s flat. After waiting, Kavya opens it.


Before Ragini could utter anything, Kavya pulls her inside and locks the door.

“What happened Kavya?” Without uttering anything, Kavya drags Ragini inside the room and Ragini is shocked seeing the view.

Her Lakshya, he was lying down in front of her, unconscious and plugged into the machines.

“Doctors say he has slipped into Coma.” Kavya sniffs and looks down.

Ragini slowly approaches Lakshya with moist eyes as she couldn’t believe what she was witnessing.

She sits besides him, holding his hand and Kavya starts speaking.


After Shekhar had dragged Ragini away, the Pandit bent down, he felt Lakshya’s pulse rate and declared he’s still alive.

“D. . . Don’t spare. . . Sahil. . .” Nikhil stammered and breathed his last and Kavya started crying.

Then the pandit and Kavya took Lakshya to Kavya’s apartment and phoned the doctor, the doctor declared he has slipped into Coma.

“He had to live, for his wife, for his better half.” The pandit says as he sees Lakshya plugged with machines, after requesting and narrating the incident for the doctor to allow home care for Lakshya.

***End of Flashback***

Ragini sobs, losing herself into tears along with Kavya, she then takes a deep breath.

“Sahil won’t be spared! We will give justice to Nikhil. We won’t let him win and I will do anything for that!” Ragini angrily says as she looks at Lakshya.

Kavya wipes her tears and walks towards Ragini.

“What’s the plan?”

Ragini turns to her and forwards Nikhil’s phone.

“This has the incident recorded.”

Kavya takes the phone and eyes the screen lock, which had Kavya and Nikhil’s photo.

Kavya closes his eyes as memories drown her.

“Nikk! What’s the passcode?”

“Why should I tell you?”

“Because I’m your girlfriend.”

“That’s my passcode.”


Kavya opened her eyes and looks at the phone.

She sees a five number passcode and types her name in and the phone unlocks.

Kavya passes the phone to Ragini and she presses on the ‘Photos’. There she sees a video.

Ragini faintly smiles as she sees the video saved and stands.

“Now we won’t spare Sahil!” Ragini stands up with confidence.

Kavya places her hand on Ragini’s shoulder, indicating her support.


Ragini knew it wasn’t enough, she wanted Sahil to accept all the crimes he did so he could get the punishment he deserves thus, a plan came in her mind and she shares it with Kavya.

“No Ragini! That’s too risky.” Kavya disagrees and stands up, facing away from Ragini.

“We have that option, let the whole world see his true colours.” Ragini utters as she stands.

“But. . .” Kavya turns, not agreeing.

“Nikhil deserves justice.” Kavya’s eyes moist upon hearing Ragini’s words.

Kavya sighs and nods, just then the door bell rings and Kavya answers the door, she is stunned.

The person at the door is none other than Sahil, Ragini is also stunned seeing him.

“Oh Ragini, what did you think? I wouldn’t have my eyes on you? So I hear you have a proof against me?”

Ragini and Kavya look at each other, Ragini knew she couldn’t lose, she blinks at Kavya and Kavya understands.

“And what is this, you didn’t tell me your husband is alive? It’s good of that Pandit who told me or else I wouldn’t know anything!”

Ragini looks at Sahil stunned, Sahil walks forward with his men behind him. Kavya quickly sends a message to someone and before Sahil could catch her, she stands besides Ragini, glaring at him.

“Don’t assume we will be sacred seeing you here because we won’t fall weak!”

Sahil chuckles and Kavya glared at him, Ragini looks at the room door.

“I won’t let anything happen to you Lakshya, before death could reach you, I’ll come in front.” Ragini says in her mind and then looks at Sahil.

Sahil noticed and signed his men, his men nod but Ragini stands in-front of them, blocking their way.

“Before going to him, you have to pass me!” Ragini angrily says and looks at the men and Sahil.

Fire was clearly seen in her eyes, her duty of saving her husband was clearly shown by her body language.

“Like I told you Sahil, don’t assume us girls to be weak, if we show tenderness then we show cruelty too!” Ragini boldly says as she eyes Sahil with anger.

Sahil yawns and clicks his fingers, seeming to be bored of hearing the same dialogue again but little does he know he messed with the wrong woman.

The men look at one another and shrug, unable to think what to do as Ragini is in their way and they can sense the anger she had.

“What is your problem Ragini? Why do you want your husband dead again?!” Sahil says and walks forward, facing Ragini.

“This time Lakshya won’t go down! You would!” Ragini says.

Sahil sees a phone in Kavya’s hand, he instantly snatches it, making Ragini and Kavya move forward to grab it, seeing their movement, Sahil smirked.

“Ohh, so this is proof wala phone?” Sahil says and drops it.

“Oops!” He stomps on it few times breaking it.

Ragini and Kavya looked at each other with an victory grin.

“Do you not watch the news? Kavya, turn the TV on.” Ragini says and Kavya nods, surprising Sahil.

Kavya turns her TV on and Sahil turns, he is stunned seeing his deed on TV.

“As you can see, our would to be CM, Mr Sahil Bulreja is full with sins which doesn’t suit a CM, as you can see here, he yet again threatened Ms Gadodia, we think he’s not suitable, if he can’t clean himself they what will he do for the world?!” The news reporter utters, making Sahil angry.

Ragini then takes the broach off her Saree and few news reported come out with camera’s, shocking Sahil.

“What did you think Sahil? You came here yourself? No! I brought you here!” Ragini confidently smirks and Sahil looks at her.


Ragini had called the Pandit and told him to tell Sahil everything, though the pandit hesitated but he did what he was told after Sahil entered the temple with his men, cause Pandit called him as per plan.

Then Ragini calls the media and directs them to hide, they nod and then Kavya walks out, unaware, after the news reporters hide at their spots with the camera, Ragini tells Kavya her plan.

Then Sahil came

***End Of Flashback***

Sahil clenches his fist while Ragini passes out an victory grin.

“Sir! Why did you do this?!” The news reporters ask.

The police come and handcuff Sahil, Sahil glares at Ragini while being taken away by the police.

“Ma’am, you’re really brave, if you don’t mind then can you share something with us and of course the world.” The news reports says as the camera’s face Ragini.

Ragini releases a faint smile.

“Your courage and strength comes from yourself, if you face the biggest problems then your confident will automatically rise. Some people think girls can’t do anything but they can, it’s just they don’t show it but they’re much stronger than they show.
You just need to find yourself in between the fears and problems.” Ragini answers.

“Ma’am, your name?”

“Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari.” Ragini confidently and proudly says while the flashlights flicker at her.

End of Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari.


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