Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari (Chapter 5)

Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari

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SS Ch 5:

(Continue Flashback)


The day had come, where a battle will take place between Justice and Injustice.

Ragini has full faith that today justice will win and she walks inside the courtroom fearlessly with Nitya, Kavya, Ray and Nikhil. Media was crowding around and the news was going viral.

Lakshya, who was watching TV is stunned to see Ragini and his friends in the courtroom.

“As you can see, there will be a big case going on, MLA’s son and these boys have been convicted, lets see what happens but stay tuned with us.” The news reporter says and makes Lakshya nervous.

“What is Ragini doing? Khud maregi aur saath mein unko bhi marwaaegi!” Lakshya says and looks at the screen with a sigh.

The case hearing begins and media was pushed out, but they weren’t as obedient as they’re told, they started recording from the back window’s and even set few people inside with a pen camera to record the whole scene.

“Start the case.” The judge says strictly and the case starts.

The lawyers start speaking while Sahil and the boys stand in the convicted box.

Nitya stands in the witness box and narrate’s the incident to them, the judge nods while listening to her, after telling, Nitya sits back down besides Ragini. Then Kavya walks in the witness box and looks at Ragini, Ragini blinks at her to assure her that all will be well. Kavya gives her statement and then Nikhil comes, he gives his statement and then Ray comes and gives his statement shocking Sahil.

“What proof do you have!” Sahil’s lawyer shouts

“I have the proof.” Ragini fearlessly says and stands up, walking forward.

All look at her, she then takes the CD’s out of her bag and walks gives it to the clerk, who passes it on to the judge.

The judge gives it to a person and he plays it.

“Not only Nitya, but many other girls were victims of these brutal beasts!” Ragini says before the video started.

In that video, Sunny and the boys harass a girl and pushes her inside the class room after she had slapped them for misbehaving.

Sahil glares at Sunny and Sunny puts his head down.

The video continues and few of the boys come out, Sahil walks there.

“Sunny kaha hai?”

“Inside. . .”

The girl screams and shouts for help and Sahil understands and shakes his head.

“Tum log baaz nahi aaoge, anyways, tell him to meet me after he does his business, I need to talk to him.” Sahil says and walks away.

Sahil is stunned and looks at Ragini, Ragini looks at him with a smirk.

The video was taken out.

“Sir, the last one is Nitya’s.” Ragini says while looking at the judge, he signs the person to play the last one.

The person nods and puts it it, the video starts playing. Nitya looks down as tears escape her eyes.

The video stops as soon as Nitya frees herself and runs.

“Why Sir? Because of these animals, we girls aren’t safe in our country, our own motherland, kehne ko yeh bharat maa ke putra hai lekin apni neech harkaton se unho ne unka sirh jhukaa diya! I’m so ashamed to say that people like them are still here.” Ragini says and disgustedly looks down.

Sahil clenches his fist and looks down while the court-room went silence.

“It’s so sad the some woman don’t get respected, if it happens to their sisters then it’s injustice but when they do it do other girls it’s justice? Where’s the fairness in that! Boys like them take girls for granted but little do they know how us girls actually are! Everyone woman has that one form which she hides with her kindness but when her family or loved ones are in threat, she takes that form to save them from every evil eye and do you know what that form is? The form of a warrior! For everyone else here, it’s the form of Maa Kaali! Never underestimate woman and girls because they show generosity! You might have forgot that Parvati took the form of Kaali when her patience was tested! So never assume we’re weak and we easily let you stomp over us! We show tenderness but zaroorat aane pe we show cruelty!”

All were left speechless while Ragini huffs.

The audience stand and clap for her. Lakshya, who was watching it on TV shakes his head in disbelief.

“Yeh toh dangerous nikli.” Lakshya sighs to himself with a small smile.

“Order Order!!” The judge says and silence spreads across the court room.

“Keeping all the witnesses and evidences in count, the court has decided to punish the boys under section 326A, 354A, 354B and 354C! A fine of 20 Lakh rupees and imprisonment of maximum 15 years! But for Sahil Bulreja, of him supporting this act, the maximum punishment we can give him is of 2 years and no more! But he has to pay 20 Lakh fine! The court is dismissed!” The judge announces which shocks Sahil, Sunny and the boys.

A smile curves on everyone’s lips, Nitya is in tears with the happiness glimpsing on her face, all cheer and clap and the judge leaves. Ragini looks at Sahil, Sunny and the boys with a victory grin while they fume.

“Huh! Wasted my time, that’s why we say, never take the law so lightly and play with it!” Their lawyer irritatedly utters and walks away with his bags.

The police start taking the boys, they glare at Ragini while walking away.

‘You’re dead’ is what Sunny gestured Ragini while walking away, Ragini rolls her eyes, she turns and to her surprise, Nitya hugs her.

“Thank you so much, you don’t know which dirt you have cleared from the college.”

Ragini hugs her back.

Kavya, Ray and Nikhil look at each other with a smile.


Lakshya was discharged from the hospital as the doctor’s approved that he was fit enough to go out and the reports were normal and positive.

Next day in college:

As Ragini walked inside the college gate, everyone smiled at her and greeted her, some students even thanked her and cheered for her.

“You’re very dangerous.” Lakshya, out of nowhere popped in front of Ragini while she was walking in the corridors.

She looks at him, “That I am.” Ragini proudly says.

“So bach ke rehna.” Ragini warns and looks at Lakshya.

Lakshya smiles.

“Where do you gather all this courage from?”

“From my fear, I get my strength, courage and confidence by remembering some lines of a song.” Ragini answers as she continues walking with Lakshya.

“And they are . . .”

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
Stand a little taller
Doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone
What doesn’t kill you makes a fighter
Footsteps even lighter” Ragini recites and looks at Lakshya, who was amused.

“She turned out to be way more dangerous than I expected.” Lakshya murmurs to himself.

“Did you say anything?”

“No.” Lakshya lies with a small smile.

“Waise. . .” Lakshya says but stops.

Ragini eyes him confusingly.

“What if someone killed your love, then what would you do?” Lakshya completes.

Ragini sighs and turns forward.

“I don’t have time for your baseless questions.” Ragini utters and increases her speed.

Lakshya grabs her arm and pulls her towards him, she turns instantly, dropping her bag and bumping into Lakshya’s chest, eyeing him shockingly.

“And what if love makes you weak?” Lakshya asks with a small smirk.

“Then I will kill my love.” Ragini boldly says and moves back, bending down to pick her bag up.

Lakshya gulps and Ragini smiles as she hides her face from Lakshya and stands straight. She then brings back her straight face and turns to him.

“Anything else or can I leave?!” Ragini utters with attitude and walks off.

“Have I even got a chance with her? Day by day she’s getting dangerous but no Lucky, you can do it, you can win over her and you will!” Lakshya says to himself and watches Ragini leaving.

End of college, the college was much more happier than before and by witnessing this, Ragini is happy.

She walks out of the college gate and starts walking.

“Hello Ms.” Lakshya softly says besides Ragini’s ears and makes her slightly shiver.

She stops and instantly turns around, finding Lakshya smiling at her, her emotions left her stunned after she felt something when Lakshya was close to her, which was unusual.

“Paani? You still haven’t responded for my Paani date.”

Ragini brushes her thoughts and turns back around, Lakshya stands besides her and both start walking.

“Paani date, but where would be a good place for Paani date?” Ragini asks with one eye brow up and turns to Lakshya.

“Ummm. . . There are loads of places for that date but if you want, I can shift that to a Paani Puri date, what’s say?”

“Pani Puri!” Ragini chirps and her mouth becomes dry, she looks at Lakshya and hunger and craze for Pani Puri rises.

Before anything else could spill out of her mouth, she composes herself and looks away.

“All of a sudden? I don’t think so.” Ragini utters and Lakshya grows a suspicion.

He then smirks, “Okay fine, since you say, no Pani Puri then.” Lakshya changes his expressions just for fun and looks down.

Ragini looks at him, loads of thoughts were running in her mind but she doesn’t exactly know which one to choose.

“If you want to go then you can.” Ragini says and looks at Lakshya.

“Without you, I won’t feel like going.” Lakshya respond and both capture each other in their eyes.

“I guess no Pani Puri then.” Ragini shrugs and looks away.

“Why restrict yourself much? It’s just Pani Puri, it won’t damage your body.”

“I know it wouldn’t.”

“It’s just. . . My favourite stall is far away from here.” Ragini adds.

“Where is it?” Lakshya asks.

“Sharma Ji ka thella in Bareilly.” Ragini says.

“Haan toh. . .” Lakshya utters but stops as soon as he hears the city’s name.

“What? Bareilly?” Ragini nods and Lakshya stares at her with seriousness.

“That’s the first time I had Pani Puri was from there when I was 10 years old and I became his fan.” Ragini says as she refreshes old memories.

“Forget Sharma Varma, I’ll take you to Kolkata’s famous Veej’s Pani Puri stall.”

Ragini looks at him and he releases a small smile.

“Though no one can beat Sharma Ji, I would love to try Veej’s Pani Puri.” Ragini says.

“Then come with me.” Lakshya says and grabs Ragini’s hand.

Ragini was stunned and Lakshya started taking her.

After a while they reach a stall.

“Veej, two plate Pani Puri.” Lakshya orders and Veej smiles.

“Normal one?” Veej asks.

Lakshya shakes his head and looks at Ragini, who rolls her eyes and looks away.

Veej prepares two plates and forwards it, Lakshya hands one on plate to Ragini. She takes it and Lakshya signs her to eat it.

She picks one up and eats it, Lakshya also eats his and when he swallows it, he enjoys it. Ragini takes the second one and eat it, after swallowing the second one, she takes the third one and swallows it.

Lakshya looks at her smiling.

“I told you, you would love it.” Lakshya says and then eats his 3rd one.

“I want more.” Ragini pouts.

“Ek aur plate dena.” Lakshya requests.

Veej nods and starts making it.

He then gives it to Lakshya and Lakshya gives it to Ragini.

“Bhaiyya Ji, why are you feeding Madam Ji that much?” Veej whispers to Lakshya.

“Why not?”

“It’s already starting to affect on her.” Veej whispers and Lakshya gets confused.

Ragini finishes the plate, “one more.” She demands.

Veej looks at Lakshya and he’s confused.

“Bhaiyya Ji, it’s your normal one.” Veej responds.

“Yeah and. . .” Lakshya utters but stops as he realises.

“What?!” He adds being shocked.

Veej nods.

“I want more!!” Ragini demands with a pout.

“She already gulped down 6 and the affect started showing after she gulped the 3rd one down, are you sure Madam Ji likes these type of Pani Puri?” Veej ask Lakshya who palms his forehead.

“Couldn’t you tell me before!” Lakshya frustratedly asks.

“I did ask if you want normal and you nodded.” Veej utters.

“Here’s the money and no more plate.” Lakshya hands him the money and walks towards Ragini.

“I want more!!” Ragini demands.

“Shoot! This is all my fault! Sharaab wali yeh khaa gayi!” Lakshya says to himself and closes his eyes in regret.

Whenever Lakshya came to eat Pani Puri, he always asks for his normal one in which Alcohol is mixed in, he named it the normal one and didn’t realise that Veej would prepare it the way Lakshya loved it.

“Lakshya, I want more!!” Ragini demands with a small pout.

“Not now, later.” Lakshya says and starts taking Ragini.

“Nahiii! I want more!” Ragini shouts and everyone present look at them.

“Ragini, no more!” Lakshya shouts and Ragini silences, she then starts crying.

Lakshya is shocked.

“You’re so bad! I don’t like you!” Ragini shouts and cries.

“Ragini. . .” Ragini frees her hand and walks away.

“Kis musibat mein phass gaya!” Lakshya sighs to himself and follows Ragini.

Ragini was drunk and she doesn’t realise it, she acted the way she never did before, to Lakshya, it looked like she opened herself up that she had locked for a while. He was seeing a different Ragini today.

Both are sitting on a bench in a park.

“Papa always neglected me, my Maa left me when I was 3 years old, then my Dad married his ex-lover, Sharmishta and they already had a child, her name was Swara. Papa’s CM chair was finalised and he says Swara was lucky for him, I had no complaints and never will but I had less love given from everyone and that’s why I live alone in a hostel. My Papa is at Delhi at the moment with the family and I’m here to do my studies.” Ragini reveals with teary eyes.

Ragini sniffs and looks at Lakshya.

“But I’m still proud to be Shekhar Gadodia’s daughter because he is an public server and he doesn’t misuse his chair and power.” Ragini says with a faint smile.

Lakshya gives her a faint smile and she faints on his chest.


It was morning, Ragini opens her eyes with a heavy head. She glances around and sees that she’s in a room.

“This isn’t my room, where am I?” Ragini asks herself and sits up, she touches her head and looks to the side, sighting Lakshya on the sofa, sleeping.

“What happened to me? Why am I here and he’s there?” Ragini worriedly asks herself and the last thing she remembers was eating Pani Puri.

She takes the blanket off and gets off the bed, approaching Lakshya with slight anger. She takes a glass of water and drops it on him.

He sits up with a jerk and looks at Ragini.

“What was your motive behind feeding me those Pani Puri’s?!” Ragini angrily shouts and throws the glass on the floor.

It breaks and Lakshya stands up.

“Listen Ragini, you’re. . .” Before Lakshya could complete, Ragini slaps him across the face.

“I thought you were different but you’re the same! Just stay away from me and if you come close to me ever again then I will kill you!” Ragini angrily sighs and walks away, picking her bag and storming out.

Lakshya felt bad and looked down.


In college, Ragini enters frustratedly and is stopped by Kavya.

“Hey, what happened?” Kavya asks as she notices Ragini’s mood is off.

“Lakshya!” Ragini sighs.

“Lucky? What did he do?” Nikhil pops up out of nowhere.

“You can ask him!” Ragini huffs and increases her speed.

“He took her to Veej’s Pani Puri stall and gave her our normal one.” Ray pops up and reveals while walking behind Ragini and Kavya.

“What?” Nikhil and Kavya respond in shock.

Ray shakes his head.

“Listen Ragini, it’s not his fault, it’s just he gave our normal one to you, in our one, we mix alcohol in.” Ray says and looks down.

“Yeah and Lucky is innocent, if he had to do anything like that then wouldn’t he take the advantage of you while you were drunk? I’m sure he must’ve slept on the sofa and let you sleep on the bed, untouched and unharmed.” Nikhil says and Ragini slightly thinks.

“Like he did with me, I over drank and he took me to his house, he then placed me on the bed and went to sleep on the sofa, he had a full chance to harm and touch me but he didn’t, he’s a nice guy.” Kavya says.

“He doesn’t know what our Normal One is called, I named it that and I always order whenever we go there, he’s not shameless like some guys, he respects girls.” Ray says, feeling slightly guilty.

Ragini gets into thoughts, she remembers she woke up on the bed with clothes on and Lakshya was sleeping on the sofa, she takes Ray and Nikhil’s words in count and starts thinking.

“Wouldn’t he take advantage of you while you were drunk.” This sentence runs through Ragini’s mind.

She continues walking while Kavya, Ray and Nikhil stop, allowing her to be alone for sometime.

“I should’ve let Lakshya explain but I didn’t give him the opportunity.” Ragini says while the slap she had given Lakshya barged into her mind and projects.

It was lunch time, Ragini walks back inside the college after meeting Veej. He cleared the misunderstandings and made Ragini feel guilty.

Ragini enters the canteen and was glancing around but she couldn’t find Lakshya. She sees Nikhil, Kavya and Ray sitting on the table and walks up to them.

“Is Lakshya here?” Ragini asks.

They shake their head, “He’s in the basketball court, playing his match.” Nikhil responds.

“Aren’t you guys going to support him?”

“No, he said if we come then he’s going to hit us.” Ray sighs.

“And if we come then our evil eye will catch him and he will lose the match.” Kavya sighs.

Ragini sits besides Ray and opposite Nikhil.

“What’s the logic behind this?” Ragini asks.

Nikhil, Kavya and Ray shrug.

“Let’s go.” Nikhil and Ray shake their head negatively.

“He’s going to see us.” Kavya sighs.

“But he will be focusing on the match, how will he see us? We can stand behind and in between the crowd.” Ragini says and stands.

“You go, we’re staying here.” Ray says and looks at his phone.

“Me too.” Kavya says as Ragini looks at her.

“Not a chance.” Nikhil says and shrugs helplessly.

Ragini sighs and walks away, she walks on top of the terrace but stops while seeing a couple kissing. She moves back out awkwardly.

“Chiii!” Ragini awkwardly huffs and walks into the basketball area, she stands on top of the brick and sees Lakshya sweating and playing Basketball.

“Lucky! Lucky!” The crowd cheer and Lakshya throws the ball, it falls into the loop and he scores a point.

“Oh god, please make him win and I’ll take that as a bharpai for what I did, I’ll say sorry without arguing.” Ragini prays and watches the match carefully but the game was over as that was the last ball.

She remembers what she had said earlier and curses herself.

“That doesn’t count because he already won.” Ragini says to herself and walks off.

She then rushes down and sees the basketball players walking towards the changing room but Lakshya wasn’t seen. Ragini decides to wait, she waits and waits but the players leave the changing room after getting changed. Ragini looks inside the changing room and sees it empty.

“It’s impossible he left, I mean he was there and I was waiting here, he didn’t come inside and he couldn’t have possibly left then. . .” Ragini mummers to herself but stops as soon as she sees Lakshya behind her.

Lakshya looks down and walks past her, Ragini turns to say something but decides to let him get changed first, so she walks outside and waits for him.

After few minutes, Ragini sighs and leans against the wall.

“People say girls take times to get dressed but here, a boy is taking time and way more than I take.” Ragini sighs to herself.

Then Lakshya walks out and walks past Ragini.

Ragini sees him, “Lakshya.” Ragini shouts and Lakshya stops without turning to her.

“I’m sorry I misunderstood you.” Ragini apologises.

“It’s okay.” Lakshya responds and walks off.

Ragini gets surprised, “This is what I wanted anyways, then why am I feeling sad when he walked away?”

End of college, Ragini walks out of the gate, she turns and doesn’t find Lakshya, she then faint smiles and starts walking.

Ragini reaches her hostel and goes inside her room? She sits down and starts thinking.

It was yet again morning and had been 2 days since Lakshya stayed away, Ragini doesn’t know why she’s feeling awkwardness. Kavya, Nikhil and Ray talk to her but Lakshya doesn’t interact with her often.

Ragini was walking to college, there she sees two girls walking.

“You know, I don’t know why but he keeps on popping in my mind and disturbing my peace, I feel very awkward whenever he doesn’t talk to me.” A girl tells the other girl, Ragini decides to listen as she somewhat is going through the same situation.

“Then you like him, you like his closeness and all his antics, that’s why him not talking to you is killing you from the inside.” The other girl responds.

Ragini gasps and stops walking.

“No ways I would like Lakshya.” Ragini says to herself and covers her mouth by placing her hand over it.

She turns but soon gets hit with a rod and slowly falls onto the ground. Few men pick her up and start taking her, Ragini’s vision slowly blurs and blood makes it way out from her head.

Lakshya, who was walking down sees Ragini being dragged away and gets stunned, he runs after the men while Nikhil phones the police.

While following the men, he stops and sees the men throw her away into the woods.

“The jungly animals will eat her now!” The man laughs and sits in the jeep.

The jeep goes and Lakshya rushes down the woods.

“Ragini!” Lakshya shouts and runs down, he doesn’t manage to find her, soon he sees her skirt and rushes there, he forwards his hand while seeing her dangling, she grabs it painfully and he pulls her up, while he pulls her up, she falls unconscious.

“Ragini!” Lakshya taps her face but gets no response in return, he carries her and starts walking up.

“Lakshya, I’m sorry.” Ragini mummers and breathes heavily, Lakshya glances down at her and feels angry seeing her condition, his emotions took over which softened his miffed feeling.

Nikhil comes with a jeep, Lakshya places Ragini inside and hops on, Nikhil starts driving.

“Who were they?”

“Not sure.” Lakshya responds.

Nikhil sighs.


Ragini opens her eyes and realises her head was bandaged. She glances around and sees Lakshya sitting in front of her.

“How are you feeling?”

“Better.” Ragini softly responds.

Lakshya releases a faint smile.

“Here we can have our Paani date.” Lakshya says as he sees a pot of water.

Ragini chuckles and shakes her head in disbelief. Lakshya walks there and takes two cups of water and gives one cup to Ragini.

“Cheers.” Lakshya utters and starts drinking, Ragini also starts drinking.

They start talking and open up to one another.

After few hours, Ragini is discharged and Lakshya drops her home.

The next day, Ragini and Lakshya started spending time together, Kavya, Nikhil and Ray are happy for them and RagLak become friends.

A week later, they’re close enough to know each other, no one could tell that they’ve recently met each other.

“Ragini and Lakshya are trending, their picture together is going viral on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, do you think there’s anything cooking up between them?” A girl gossips among her friend gang.

“No ways, I mean Lucky and her are just friends.” Another girl answers.

“But they’ll make a cute couple.” The girl utters.

“Oh please, I don’t think Lucky would go for Ragini or Ragini would go for Lucky.” The other girl says with a small smirk.

The girls turn to the side and see Lakshya pull on Ragini’s shirt, she gets annoyed and turns with anger, he laughs and runs while she chases him.

“It’s more than friendship.” The girl says.

The other girl crosses her arms and rolls her eyes with a sigh.

Kavya, Nikhil and Ray were walking down.

“It’s somewhat good seeing Ragini open up.” Kavya says and looks at Nikhil, who agrees.

“It seemed like she locked this side of hers but now is glad to be out.” Nikhil says.

“All thanks to Lucky, they make a great pair.” Ray utters with curved lips.

“You mean to say couple!” Both Nikhil and Kavya shout and Ray closes his ears.


As the days passed, Ragini and Lakshya know each other inside out, Lakshya obviously likes Ragini from Day 1 but Ragini is slowly starting to develop a feeling for Lakshya.

Lakshya was thinking to propose to Ragini after achieving his degree while Ragini thought the same.


It was the graduation day, Ragini, Lakshya, Nikhil, Ray and Kavya achieved their degree and decided to build their career.

During these two years, along with Ragini and Lakshya, Kavya and Nikhil developed soft corners for each other and Ray noticed it.

At the college exit gate:

“Ray, before leaving at least tell your real name.” Nikhil utters and Ray chuckles.

Ray clears his throat while all wait.

“Ravi Bulreja.” Ray reveals.

“Ravi ka Ray?” Kavya confusingly asks.

“Why not?” Ray responds.

All nod, “Why not.”

Lakshya looks at Ragini while Ray nudges Nikhil to look. Nikhil looks and so does Kavya.

“Ragini, would you marry me?” Lakshya proposes after getting on his knees.

“Wohooooo!” Nikhil, Ray and Kavya cheer in the background.

Ragini looks at the rose and takes it with a smile.

“Why not.” Ragini says and everyone cheer along with share a laugh.

“We will keep in touch.” Ray says and all nod before departing.

The next day, there was no college but Ragini phones her father.

“Papa, I’m getting married so bless me and bye.” Ragini says and disconnects the phone.

Her heart beats were increasing but she managed to calm herself down.

Her phone rang again but she doesn’t pick it up, she stands up and walks out.

Ragini enters the temple and sees Nikhil, Kavya and Lakshya there. They wait for Ray.

“Beta, the time is running.” The pandit says.

“Lucky, don’t wait for Ray, he said he might not be able to make it so I’ll record it for him.” Nikhil says and take his phone out.

Ragini and Lakshya agree and Nikhil starts recording.

The wedding ritual starts, someone was needed for Kanyadan so Nikhil comes forth, he places his phone near the statue, facing the camera to them and sits for Kanyadan.

The kanyadan ritual was finished and Nikhil stands besides Kavya, watching the marriage.

Ragini and Lakshya smile at each other, Ragini never knew she would fall in love and get married to the person she loved.

The pehre’s start after Kavya tied the knot.

Ragini was nervous yet happy, Lakshya was happy that finally Ragini reciprocates to his feelings.

After the rounds, they take a seat, then Lakshya fills Ragini’s hairline and ties the Mangalsutra around her neck.

“You are officially husband and wife.” The pandit declares and soon Lakshya feels his chest perice.

Ragini jumps upon hearing the gunshot sound while Nikhil and Kavya are shocked.

Lakshya falls down in the effect of the bullet and closes his eyes.

Ragini stands up and looks forward, Nikhil and Kavya turn and see Ray, wounded and blood dripping down, being dragged by men.

“I’m sorry.” Ray mouths and looks down.

Sahil walks in front of Ray with a gun, shocking Ragini, Kavya and Nikhil.

“Hello, remember me?” Sahil asks as he looks at the three.

Sahil points the gun towards Ray.

“What type of man are you?! You’re about to kill your brother!” Kavya shouts as she had enough of what she was witnessing.

“He forgot I’m his brother but I haven’t forgot he’s my brother, I can’t kill him because if I do then my Mom would kill me.” Sahil sighs and lowers the gun.

“Take him to the hospital.” Sahil tells the men and they nod, dragging him away.

Ragini looks down at Lakshya and tears form in her eyes.

“Lakshya, get up!” Ragini bends down and shakes Lakshya, his blood covers her hand.

Sahil walks up and inside the temple with shoes and the Pandit gasps.

“I’m sorry, I don’t lay my fingers on a woman so. . .” Sahil says and aims the gun at Nikhil.

Kavya gets shocked and Ragini swims into mix emotions.

Sahil shows no mercy and shoots him. Nikhil falls onto the floor and Sahil smirks while Kavya freezes.

“Messing with me will be bad and you knew the consequences still you went for it, that was your loss, you stole my post didn’t you? And now I stole your life!” Sahil utters and walks away.

Anger rises and Ragini clenches her fist, she holds Lakshya’s hand.

“Lakshya, wake up, please, you promised me just now that you won’t leave my side! Did you forget the vows!” Ragini controls her tears and shakes talks to Lakshya.

Shekhar reaches their with his body guards. He sees the scene and is stunned.

“Ragini.” Shekhar rushes to her and she looks at him.

Tears make her way down and she runs to hugs her father.

Shekhar hugs her back.

“Papa, see what he did to my Lakshya.” Ragini cries on her father’s shoulder.

“Come Ragini, let’s leave.” Shekhar says and Ragini breaks the hug, looking at him shockingly.

“But Papa. . .”

“Enough.” Shekhar interrupts and starts dragging Ragini away.

Ragini turns around and looks at Lakshya, unable to control her emotions, she bursts into tears. She isn’t able to understand why Shekhar is taking her away.

“Lakshya!!” Ragini shouts as Shekhar takes her down the stairs.

“Lakshya!! You promised you won’t leave me! Get up!!” Ragini screams with anger and pain.

End of Flashback.


Ragini eyes the ashes and vengeance was glimpsing from her eyes.

“Just to save me, my Papa sacrificed his CM chair to that Sahil, just because of me, Nikhil lost his life, because of me, my Lakshya separated from me. . . I can’t sit idle, I. . . Need to get justice.” Ragini closes her eyes and tears fall down.

“What if someone kills your love?” Lakshya’s words refresh in her mind and are clear to her ear drum, his voice brings a small smile onto her lips.

The door opens yet again.

“Ragini. . .” The same voice utters.

“Why Papa? Why did you betray your own daughter? Why did you bow in front of Sahil Bulreja? Why did you sacrifice your post of CM? Why are you getting me re-married?! I’m only Lakshya’s! I don’t want to talk to you!” Ragini opens her eyes and sternly says.

Shekhar yet again slams the door and leaves. He wants her to move on as Lakshya is no more.

End of SS Chapter 5.


How was it? Har harai ke tell me. . . Shukriya ?

Finally finished the past and I think I messed it up ? I’m sorry, my mind went blank so I wrote it without thinking ?

Chappal, Tomatoes and Dande mat nikalna, I have a sensitive skin and I’ll get bruises easily ? But you can curse me with your words, I won’t mind ?

Quickly shoot your curses down in the comment box and tell me do you want more of it or not? Cause I ruined it ??‍♀️

Love you all for this balti full support, looking forward to see your extra special wala support ?

Up next is Saathiya ~ Teri Meri Kahani
Haven’t wrote it but I’ll promise you’ll get it on Monday ?

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  1. Awesome episode


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  4. Loved it

  5. This was amazing ??????

    And wow bhootni where do u get ur balti full ideas from

    Anyways after reading this I can definitely say that me and laksh r just alike well we won’t use the phrase opposite attracts becuz in this case it isn’t necessary and I think me and laksh r fine without it ???

    Feel so happy that nitya has got justice and the boys got punished they truly deserved it

    Aur kis ne kaha that u ruined the past the past was brilliant infact no one could hav portrayed it even better ??

    Aur intezaar hi Nahi ho raha hai for Teri meri kahani as I am eager to know the reason behind dps changed behaviour

    Can’t wait till the next part
    Till then
    Take care
    Keep smiling ☺️
    Stay blessed ✨

    Love u loads ???

  6. Awesome

  7. Awesome dear

  8. Awesome

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  10. Poor raglak and kavya, nikil

  11. Bowed????????it’s fab superbbbb

  12. Amazing part nd can’t wait for next

  13. Superb update

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    I awesome

  15. Sreevijayan

    Mindblowing update dear…..

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  17. Superb

  18. Firstly I’m really sorry for very late comment, my exams will starts in next week so I’m busy in studying. It’s interesting episode and also very emotional. What happened to Laksh??? Is he fine??? Feeling really bad for Raglak??? Please don’t separate them. Eagerly waiting for next episode and please post next part ASAP

  19. Awesome superb

  20. Superb di…post next soon

  21. IQRA222

    wowww bhootni di you toh seriously rock
    this was a blockbuster dhamekedar khidkitod gatetod and what not episode
    a fab one
    but didu a doubt lucky is alive right??
    anyways today i dont have words so no more describing as you left me speechless
    waiting for the next part
    take care
    keep smiling and writing
    love you

  22. Interesting

  23. Nice part

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    Awesome dear

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