Ragini and Laksh short ff – rishte dhillon ke (Intro and Part 1)


Hey guys I’m a silent reader here and a hugeeeeeee fan of Ragini and Laksh couple, absolutely love them. So I’ve decided to write a short FF on them I don’t know how long I’ll keep it before I run out of ideas but please let me know if I should continue or not after reading this part. Thankss!

Characters intro:
Ragini Shah (Rags) –24 years old. an orphan grew up in orphanage until moving to hostel then to Delhi. Originally from jaipur now owns a successful NGO and charity in Delhi living with Sid and his mum. Bubbly and sweet girl. Kind, caring and lives for the moment!
Laksh Maheshwari – 25 years old. Successful businessman younger son of Maheshwari family. Handsome jolly guy loves his family.
Siddarth Kapoor (Sid) – 24 years. Doctor. Also from jaipur now Lives in Delhi with Ragini and his mom (childhood BFF of Ragini but not love way)
Ankita kapoor: Mother of Sid, treats Ragini as her own daughter
Swara Gadodia – 24 years. Lives in jaipur with her family. Childhood friend of Ragini and Sid, engaged to Sanskaar. Worked in her family business and partnered with maheshwari business
Sanskaar Maheshwari – 26 years. Successful businessman. Elder Brother of Laksh and elder son of Maheshwari family. Engaged to Swara
All other characters are same as serial except Ragini and Sid’s family

The story starts in jaipur with Maheshwari house. A guy sleeping soundly in his sleep dreaming with a cute smile on his face. Yes it is our hero Laksh! Annapurna(AP) walks in trying to wake him.
AP: Laksh son wake up its 12pm already
Lak: Kya maa let me sleep I worked until last last night with Dad
Ap: Arre its your bhais engagement today have you forgotten! We have so many preparations to do na
Lak: (Realises suddenly and jerks up) Offo how did i forgot its bhai’s special day today haha
Ap: Acha chalo you get fresh and come down for breakfast
Lak: Ok mom
Laksh freshens and joins everyone for breakfast. Everyone at the table discussing the engagement preps and Laksh and Adarsh start teasing Sanskaar
Ad: Hmmm lagta hai Sanky saab didn’t sleep all night hai na Laksh.
Lak: Defo bhai, he must be day dreaming about Swara bhabhi haha
(Everyone on table laughs)
Sanky: Cmon guys leave me alone today atleast (blushes)
Suj: Of course leave my cute son alone you nautankis. Laksh we’ll see your plight when your time comes
Lak: Dekhenge haha

Scene shifts to Delhi. A guy is showering and singing loudly while doing so. A girl in a blue kurta and black salwar comes outside the bathroom door and takes the guys clothes hanging outside the door and giggles. The boy finishes his shower and puts towel on and opens the door slightly sticking just his hand out trying to grab his clothes. Yes the guy is none other than our Sid!
Sid: Arre, wheres my clothes. I just put them here 10 mins ago. Kidar gaye (he repeatedly moves his hand in reach for the clothes)
The girl starts giggling outside the room secretly looking at Sid. He comes out with his towel on finally giving up and starts searching his room for the clothes
Sid: Maaaaaa! Where’s my clothes yaar?
Ank: (Shouting from kitchen) Arre beta how would I know I been in kitchen whole time cooking na
Sid: (Realises something) Hmmm lagta hai yeh kisi aur ka kiya dara hai.
He comes out of his room and sees his clothes hanging on the washing line! A girl slowly moves his shirt and shows her smirking her face with her tongue out
Sid: (Irritated and shouts) RAGS KI BACHI! Now watch
Yes the girl is none other than our heroine Ragini! He starts chasing her around the whole house in his towel lol. They run upto the terrace and he finally grabs the clothes from her hands but she also has a tight grip so they end up doing tug of war with the clothes
Sid: Acha bachu, you wanted to irritate me by taking my clothes huh

Rags: Haan! Yaar seeing your irritated face every morning just makes my day. (laughs)
Sid: Yaar atleats today stop nuh, we have to catch the train to jaipur in 2 hours and such little time to do so many things. On top you and your nautanki!
Rags: Arre chil Sid, aisi masti to har roz banti hai. Right maa? (Calls Ankita mum out love)
Ank: Right rags! Chalo ab tum dono quickly finish your work and come home quick so we can leave ok
RagSid: Ok maa we’ll see you in a bit! (They leave to finish off their work)
Ank: (smiles) Dono hi pagal! Rags I hope you get all the worlds happiness my child, your presence has always livened my house. (gets teary eyed)

2 hours later Sid Rags and Ankita board the train to Kolkata for Swara and Sanskaar’s engagement. Later on in it is time for the engagement function. Sanskaar and maheshwari family are welcomed by Gagodia family and everyone is enjoying the event. Laksh Sanskaar and Swara and everyone else looking gorgeous in their outfits. It’s time for the engagement, swara and Sanskaar are about to put the rings on each other but just then the lights turn off. Everyone is confused and try to find out whats happening. Just then a spotlight shines on Swara and music plays with people singing….
Dulhania dulhania dulhania

Dulhania dulhania
Dulhania dulhania dulhania
Dulhania dulhania
(Lights turn back on and dancers enter the hall. everyone seems excited)
Sid (comes from the hall entrance singing and dancing) : He teri banegi yeh dulhania
Dulhania dulhania dulhania
(Swara shocked and surprised, everyone looks on)
Sid: Teri banegi yeh dulhania
Dulhania dulhania dulhania
Sharmaye sharmaye dulhania
Dulhania dulhania dulhania

Rat yeh aayi hain nachenghe
Ham teri sagayi hain nachenghe ham
Nachneghe sang me dulhania
Dulhania dulhania dulhania
Ragini wearing a beautiful green ghagra joins from the back with Sid and dance together. Swara surprised and happy to see them. Everyone enjoys.
Dulhania dulhania dulhania dulhania
Sid: He teri banegi yeh dulhania
Dulhania dulhania dulhania
Sharmaye sharmaye dulhania
Dulhania dulhania dulhania
(song break instrumental. Everyone enjoying the guys dancing. Sanky stares at swara and starts to sing)
Sanky: Tujhse hain aashiqi
Tujhse hain har kushi
Swara: Ishk me kho gaye me teri ho gayi
Sanky: Bole yeh pero ki pejanya pejanya
Sid: Sharmaye sharmaye dulhania
Dulhania dulhania dulhania dulhania
Rat yeh aayi hain nachenghe ham
Teri sagayi hain nachenghe ham
Nachneghe sang me dulhania
Dulhania dulhania dulhania
Everyone dance
Dulhania dulhania dulhania dulhania
Swara: Teri banugi me dulhania
Dulhania dulhania dulhania
Sanky: Sharmaye sharmaye dulhania
Dulhania dulhania dulhania
(Song break instrumental. Laksh is mesmerised by Ragini and watches her dancing and constantly gazes and smiles, He imagines the song sequence with her alone)
Laksh: Kyun tere chehre peh
Thum gayi yeh najar
Rags: Hosh kyun udd gaye

Yeh huwa kia assar
(Laksh snaps back to reality from his daydream with Adarsh’s nudge)
Rags: Sajan ki ho gayi sajanya
Sajanya sajanya sajanya
Laksh (joins in): Sajan ki ho gayi sanjanya
Sajanya sajanya sajanya
Sid: Sharmaye sharmaye dulhania
Dulhania dulhania dulhania
Laksh: Rat yeh aayi hain nachenghe ham
Sid: Teri sagayi hain nachenghe ham
Sanky: Nachneghe sang me dulhania

Everyone: Dulhania dulhania dulhania
Dulhania dulhania dulhania dulhania
Sid: Teri banegi yeh dulhania
Dulhania dulhania dulhania
Sharmaye sharmaye dulhania

Dulhania dulhania dulhania
Everyone dances and sings: Dulhania dulhania dulhania
Dulhania dulhania.

Song finishes. Everyone welcomes Sid Rags and Ankita and talk to them.
Swa: (pulls both RagSid ears) Hmm so this was both of your plan huh? You both told me you can’t come because you had a lot of work and now surprised me!
(Everyone laughed)
RagSid: (In pain) Ahhhh Swaraaaa yaar stop
Ank: Arre swara beta, has their nautanki ever stopped that you believed them till now haha
Swa: Aunty I know thats why Im taking their class! Now give me a big hug yaar
(SwaRagSid hug, everyone smiles looking at their friendship)
Sanky: Coughs ahem ahem swara ji will someone introduce me aswell
Sid: Arre jiju kya introduce we’ll introduce ourselves. I’m Sidarth (shakes hands with Sanky) but everyone lovingly calls me Sid. This jungle billi’s childhood friend (pointing at swara)
Sanky: (hugs Sid and laughs) Hi Sid, nice meeting you yaar. And defo right about jungle billi haha
(Swara slaps both their backs playfully)
Rags: Hi Jiju I’m Ragini but everyone lovingly calls me Rags. I’m swara’s FAVEEEE childhood friend right swara? (smirks at Sid)

Sanky: Hi Rags. You both totally rocked the dancing yaar
SidRags: (smiles) Thanks guys!
Sid: Swara baaki sab ko introduce karo na
(Swara introduces rags sid to Maheshwari family. RagSid come upto Laksh)
Sid: Hi bro (shakes laksh hand)
Laksh: (smiles) Wassup bro nice to meet you I’m laksh, bhabhi ka future saala haha
Rags: (smiles and forwards her hand to laksh) Hi Laksh
Laksh: (smiles and heart beats faster shaking her hand) Hi Ragini nice to meet you
(Ragini shaking his hand felt a current inside of her they shared an eyelock, then sanky snapped them both)
Sanky: Where you both lost come its time for my engagement finally (wide smile)
(LakRag smile and go to the stage with everyone, they secretly stare at each other turn by turn. The engagement finally happens and everyone hug SwaSan)
Sid: Jiju yaar a whole life times good luck to you with this (signals swara) JUNGLI BILLY!
(Swara slaps Sid’s shoulder. Everyone laughs, all of the guests have left now only Gadodia, Maheshwari family, Sid Rags and Ankita are left. They are all sitting down and chilling for a while. Ragini is helping Sumi in serving everyone snacks and drinks)
Ap to Su (quietly whispers): She’s such a sweet girl right Sujata? (Both look at Ragini)
Su: Right jiji very cultural and beautiful. Perfect for our Laksh na!
Ap: Hmmm right, ok let’s stop discussing or someone will hear us (both giggle)
(Ragini gives Ap and Su snacks)

Ap: So beta tell me about you three how you’re friends?
Rags: Well aunty actually na, while I stayed at orphanage me sid and swara attended the same school and then I moved to hostel for college and we 3 went to same college as well and have been best friends since childhood, like the 3 musketeers haha. Once we finished our studies me and Sid moved to Delhi with Ankita maa to pursue our careers while swara stayed here to join her family business. But we still are close as ever as you can see, and always stayed in contact!
DP: Nice to hear, what do you two do?
Sid: Well uncle I’m a practising Surgeon and Ragini owns a successful NGO in Delhi, you know xyz organization na? That one
DP: Oh wow Ragini and Sid, you both are very hard working!
(RagSid smile and say thanks)
Ank: Beta rags did u take your medicine or you forgot hmmm?
Swa: Medicine for what aunty? Rags u ok na?
Rag: Arre haan baba im fine I just have low iron deficiency nothing else.
Sid: Well of course she needs medicine all day she does is bak bak running like a monkey
(Everyone laughs, rags glares at Sid angrily. Laksh is completely lost gazing at Rags whole time. It was love at first sight for him, he loved everything about her. Her smile, eyes, laugh, her craziness, everything)

Sanky ( snaps his fingers at him): Bro where are you lost again yaar?
Lak: Nothing bro just thinking about something
DP: I think we should leave now its very late. Lets go guys
(Everyone gets up to say goodbye to each other. Ap comes to Ankita to say bye)
Ap: Ankita ji how long are you guys here for?
Ank: we’re here for 2 days and then we will go back to delhi
Sumi: Omg so quick Ankita why? It’s my daughter’s wedding you have to stay for whole month until she gets married!
Ank: I would love to Sumi but you see these 2 dramebaaz (signalling sidRag) have a lot of work back in delhi so we will have to go, but we’ll come back when its time for the wedding na
Swa: Dont worry ma they’re here with me for 2 days I’ll do enough masti with them until they go back haha

Sid: Oh yes (All 3 hi5 each other)
Rag: I have an idea guys since we’re here yet why don’t we plan an outing together for tomorrow, itll be a good memory for Swara and Jiju before the wedding na?
Shek: Good idea rags beta, bhai saab what do you think?
DP: I have no objection it’s my son’s wedding after all. So then tomorrow no work!
(Everyone cheers. Maheshwari family were leaving. SwaSan gave each other a cute hug secretly and he kissed her forehead. RagSidLakUtt saw this and said AWWWWWW loudly. SwaSan blushed)
Lak (comes to ragsid): Ok guys see you tomorrow (he stared at Rags)
Sid: Cool bro tc (they shared a bro hug)
Rag: Bye laksh (smiled at him and shook his hand)
Lak: Bye Ragini (smiled at her)
(As he was about to leave something caught his watch, he turned around to see that Raginis dupatta caught his watch. They both tried to untangle it and unknowingly touched each others hand. They shared an intense eyelock. Sid looked at them and smiled)
Rag: Oh, erm sorry laksh this stupid dupatta of mine (took the dupatta off finally from his watch)
Lak: Its ok rags, maybe your dupatta was meant to get stuck to me (smirks)
Rag (secretly blushed but laughed it off and ignored): haha maybe
(They said bye to each other and the M family left. It was midnight and Laksh was in his room staring at the moon outside, thinking about Ragini, the girl who has swept him off his feet. Back in G house Ragini was on the terrace staring at the moon as well, she didn’t know what she was feeling. It was strange. Sid came upto her and stood beside handing a coffee to her)
Sid: Feels good to be back, right rags?

Rag: (sipping coffee) Hmmm, now swara is set, its your turn next. Need to find an animal who would be able to put up with you haha
Sid: Very funny, btw you are left too don’t forget. Only a mad person will marry you lol
Rag (thinking): Who knows if that day will come. But you’re right only a mad person will marry ME (smile fades)
(Awkward silence between them both, Sid thinks to himself: don’t worry ragini, there is someone out there for you who will love you immensely for who you are, ignoring your flaws and fill your life with colours, you’ve been everyone’s joy and its time someone comes in your life too to be there for you as well, I pray each day for this to happen, and that day might come soon, he smirks)
Swara comes and joins them: Guys come sit na lets catch up, we have to tell each other so many things!
(All 3 of them catch up all night doing masti and laughing)
Episode ends

Credit to: Sanaya

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