“ A broken heart can understand the pain of another broken heart” Ragini made me realize this. The pain she is facing now , can someone explain it in mere words?? Can anyone do that?? No , Because this is the pain , the pain that no one can even think of as belonging to them , she didn’t knew about him , she didn’t knew how he looked , she just knew that her marriage was fixed to him , from that time she is living in his thoughts , in his love , how it feels to have a feeling that he was snatched from her , this time by the Destiny.

“ App humara Parichayy janana chahti hain , Hum Ragini Laksh Maheshwari”

She is still Ragini LAKSH Maheshwari , Laksh is in her soul , in her heart , in every cell of her body , No one can separate him from her heart , she knows him the best ,she knows everything that he would have done and she knows , it is her duty as well as right to do what HE would have done. No matter he isn’t here , but she is here , she completes him just the way he completes her , she’ll be his strength , his family’s strength. She’ll fight against every wrong done to Laksh’s family , WRONGLY SAID , to her own Maheshwari Family… She’ll not support the wrong at any cost because she knows her Laksh also won’t have supported the wrong because….. because he is within her , just the way she is within him….

She can understand the pain that Uttara is going through very well , she herself has faced rejection , she herself had her heart broken into pieces just to get it joined again….. EVRYTIME BY HER LAKSH. So another time her heart had broken , now she is waiting for her Laksh………..for her Laksh to return and join these pieces again……………..NEVER TO LET THEM SCATTER AGAIN….

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    Again a bang on updateee!!!!!!its fabuloussss !!!!!reallly emotional!!keeep rockng n stay blesssesweeety!!!!!?????? waitng for nxt update!!!????????

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  4. she is the one who define true love purely nothing just love

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    superb!!!!!!!! Even I’m waiting for Laksh………….

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    awesome dear…

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    it’s beyond amazing… I loved it to the core… the way you always expresses ragini feelings was superb….

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