Ragini-laksh FF Part 1


hello guyz i am new here i will write it from the past track going on swaragini. it will start from when kavya take laksh with her and bulid wall around laksh. Ragswasan reach there so lets start.

Begins with.
Ragswasan was searching for laksh.
swasan goes to another side and ragini other. after searching it they thought maybe she have taken him to another place but ragini heart was not ready to think that kavya taked laksh from there. swasan was going outside. when ragini heared someone mumuring. she think that she know the voice. and then she say laksh. ragini call for swasan. they run to her. ragini say laksh is here. in this wall.
they all start hit the wall after sometime they broke the wall. laksh was there his head was bleeding. they all get happy. sanskar hug laksh. swara goes to bring water and come after some mins. she throw the water on his face. suddenly laksh open his eyes. he is happy to see them.
he hug sanky and he hug him back.
but then they heared a clap.
they turn around and see that its kavya.

kavya. u all we be not able to save laksh.
swara. shutup.
kavya. no i am here to take my revenge no one can stop me.
swara. why dont u understand that we did’t mean it. oh actually why even i am giving u explantion.
kavya. yea stop your drama.
she take the knife and goes forward toward swalak. sanskar pick something to hit her but before that kavya forward the knife and then suddenly ragini come in between. shocking everyone one. swalak shout RAGINIII.
sanskar hold kavya and then police come they take kavya aka tania with them.
swalaksan take ragini to the hospital.

PRECAP. Will ragini survive or ….

guyz do comment even then i will contuine this story. hope u all will like it.

Credit to: navya

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