(NOTE:- in this os, sanskar’s younger sister is ragini and swara’s younger brother is laksh.)
The story starts with the marriage of swara and sanskar. One can clearly say that they both were very happy. And all the marriage rituals get over and they go home.
At home Ragini does their Aarthi and welcomes them and then they play some fun games. And then Ragini shows Swara their house alas takes him to Sanskar’s room where Sanskar was eagerly waiting for her. He was mesmerised by seeing her. She comes and sits beside him. They chit-chat for sometime and sleep.

(RagLak get married and stays alon with SwaSan in these two years)
Swara’s pov-
I feel that i am the luckiest person on this earth cuz i got a person like Sanskar as my husband. He respects me a lot…. And cares for me like i am his princess…. Today is our anniversary…and i gift for him . I hope he likes it.

Sanskar returns home. He finds noone and even the lights r also turned off.
Sanskar – Shonaa…..ginu……lucky…. Where r u all????
He turns the lights on and finds everyone there. They shout Happy Anniversary…..he smiles and hugs everyone. They cut the cake and now gifts….. Ragini gives them a collage of Swasan’s best moments Laksh gives them watches. Now it is Sanskar’s turn…. He gives Swara a beautiful necklace. And niw Swara gives him a letter….he opens and reads it aloud.
Swara blushes and asks her with eyes “is it true?” Swara nods and blushes. Everyone enjoys that moment and go to their respective rooms.
In SwaSan’s Room-
Sanskar- Swara u have given me the best gift ever…😘😘
Swara blushes
Sanskar – Tomorrow we will go to the hospital for ur checkup….
Swara- Hospital???😫😫 its ok sanskar….nthg will happen i we dont go….
Sanskar – πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘we r going and that’s final!!!
Swara – okk😟😟
Sanskar pecks her head and they go to sleep……
In RagLak Room
Ragini – Laksh ….i am very excited….. I am going to become bua…..
Laksh – aur me mamu….
Ragini – laksh imagine karo… Ek din hamari bhi ek baby hogi…kitna acha rahega….
Laksh – then why late??? Come on we will do that
And smiles naughtily. Ragini hits him playfully on his chest and goes to bed…
Even they sleep.
Nxt mrng…..
Ragini wakes up and goes to kitchen to prepare food…..and finds Swara doing smthg…. She goes to her….
Ragini- bhabhi, what r u doing here??? That too in this condition….
Swara- ragini, i am alright….. U r telling like i am a cancer patient….
Ragini gets teary eyed….
Ragini – bhabhi plzzz dont say like that…. U plzz goo and take rest i will do everything….
Swara- i told na …. I will do….😠😠
Ragini – let me also see how u will do….. Let me call Bhai and come…..
Ragini runs frm there when she was climbling stairs she slips and was abt to fall Laksh catches her and makes her stand.
Laksh- carefully Ginu…. Dont run….
But Ragini goes on running to Sanskar’s room where he was sleeping peacefully….she goes to him
Ragini – Bhai plzzz utho na…. U have to help me….
Sanskar (sleepy)- Ginu….mujhe sone do na…. Lucky ya shonaa tumhari help kardenge…. Plzzz now let me sleep….
Ragini – noo bhai… Nly u can help me….
He gets up slowly…..
Sanskar(yawning) – now u tell
Ragini – bhabhi is cooking and if i am asking her to take rest she is not taking….
Sanskar- is it??? Comeon lets goo….😠😠
They go to the kitchen…..
Sanskar – what is this shonaa???
Swara- (stammers) no…nothing Sanskar….
Sanskar- i knw that u were not taking rest and cooking….. Ginu told me everything….
Swara looks at Ragini angrily….
Sanskar- okk now come and get ready…. We have to go to hospital….
Swara – i am coming….

Just then laksh comes….
Laksh – dii, jiju…. And ginu…. Now i am starting to Delhi… And i will be back in a week…. I am having somework there and i actually forgot to inform u all…. Okk bye for now…. Take care…
Sanskar, swara, ragini – Bye laksh…. Take care
Then Sanskar and Swara goes to hospital and Ragini continues to cook…. She starts thinking smthg and burns her right hand….
Ragini – ahh….
She somehow bandages it….
At the hospital
Sanskar – doctor is everything alright???
Doctor – Mr Maheshwari…. Sorry to inform u….but Mrs Maheshwari cant bear this baby for 9 months…. Her baby bag is not strong enough…
Sanskar and Swara are shocked listening to that…..
Sanskar – is there any solution???πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯
Swara was crying and Sanskar was pacifying her….
Doctor – Surrogacy…. If there is any surragate mother i will surely inform u…. As nly 2 months are left over…. We should search little bit quickly… Now u may leave….
Sanskar – thank u doctor….
Swara was very sad…sanskar was also sad but he shud be strong as he had to support his Swara…. They reach home. Ragini was watching tv. They come home teary eyed. Ragini gets tensed seeing them like that…. She goes to them.
Ragini – bhai, bhabhi….what happened???
Sanskar – kuch nahi ginu….tum chinta mat karo….(to swara) swara….tum kamre me jaakar aaram karo….
Sanskar takes swara to their room and makes her lie on the bed….
Sanskar – swara kuch nahi hoga….u dont worry….everything will be fine….
Swara nods and sleeps….
Sanskar comes down. Ragini was walking here and there… Sanskar goes to her and hugs her and starts crying…
Ragini also starts crying….
Ragini – 😒😒😒bhai…what happened?? What made MY HERO cry??
Sanskar tells her what all happened
Ragini wipes Sanskar’s tears..
Ragini – everything will be fine bhai….that god wont let anything wrng happen…. I am sure ki u will get a surrogate mother….
Sanskar hugs her… She consoles him. They see the time…
Ragini – bhai… Plzz make bhabhi eat smthg…. She needs ur support alot..
Sanskar nods and goes to Swara…
He slowly wakes her up an makes her eat with his hands and goes down… And swara sleeps again. Sanskar smiles a bit seeing ragini watching tom and jerry…. But she was thinking smthg seriosly…. Sanskar goes to her.
Sanskar – Ginu…. Come we will eat….
Ragini – bhai u gooo…. I already ate….
Sanskar nods and goes to kitchen…. To serve food for himself. He finds all the food untouched….
Sanskar(in mind) – why did Ginu lie to me???
Sanskar goes to Ragini.
Sanskar- Ginu… Will u get me some water plzzz???
Ragini – Sure bhai…
She goes and brings water and gives her with left hand. Sanskar observes this.
Sanskar – Ginu… What is this??? U shud give it with right hand…
Ragini grins.

Ragini – its ok bhai….. Frm nxt time i will give….
She puts the bottle near him and tries to go frm there.
Sanskar – Ginu…. Stop there!
Ragini stops and turns back….
Sanskar – show me ur hand.
Ragini shows her left hand.
Sanskar – both the hands….
Ragini slowly puts her hand in front of sanskar.
Sanskar (tensedly) – what happened???
Ragini – nthg bhai…. It just burnt a bit….
Sanskar- u r very careless Ginu…. Why dont u take care of yourself??
Ragini – i was careful nly bhai….
Sanskar – why did u lie to me?? That u had lunch??
Ragini – it is cuz i didnt want u to see my hand 😁😁 i knew that u will get tensed…
Sanskar- now come here let me feed u….
Ragini goes and sits beside him. Sanskar starts feeding her…
Sanskar – u knw wat Ginu…. I feel better after talking to u always…. I dont knw wat u will tell but u r my choti , pyaari behna…. And now promise me that u will not hurt yourself.
Ragini:- ok Bhai. I will try
Like this they speak for sometime…. Sanskar goes to his room to check Swara…. He finds her awake…. But she was thinking smthg….. Ragini goes to her and starts speaking smthg smthg abt sanskar’s and her childhood which makes Swara laugh. Sanskar adores them.

In the evening everything became normal.
After a week Laksh comes back. Slowly 1.5 months pass
SwaSan were worries abt their child as they still didnt find a surrogate mother.
One day, Ragini comes to SwaSan makes them sit on the couch.
Ragini – Bhai, i want to tell u smthg….
Sanskar – what is it Ginu???
Ragini – i will be the surrogate mother for swara bhabhi…. I have thought a lot and came to this decision.
Swara – Ginu…. Did u ask Lucky abt it???
Sanskar – But Ginu….
Ragini – u dont worry bhai…. I knw u, bhabhi and Laksh are there to take care of me….
Sanskar – r u sure Ginu??
Ragini – yess bhai….
Sanskar smiles and was very happy.
Ragini – so tomorrow shall we go to hospital???
Sanskar – okk
They go to hospital and they doo that procedure and now Ragini was carrying SwaSan’s baby.
Everyone took special care of Ragini especially Laksh.
After 3.5 months…
(Ragini was now 5 months pregnant)
One day…. Swara takes Ragini to hospital….
Doctor – she is absolutelu fine…. Nthg to worry….
At home Swara tells everyone that Ragini and the baby are absolutely fine…. And everyone were elated
In RagLak’s room
Ragini goes to bath…. Laksh finds reports in the room and starts reading them.
Ragini come out and pulls those reports frm him.
Laksh – why did u lie ragini??? I knw that the baby is fine but it is also written that u have a lot of complications and u may even lose ur life while giving birth….
Ragini – it is because….i didnt want to shatter bhai and bhabhi’s dreams abt this child….
Laksh- let me tell this to jiju (sanskar)…
Ragini- u r not going to do that laksh…
But he starts moving … Ragini goes back of him and takes his hand and puts it on her head.
Laksh was shocked hearing that and gets teary eyed….
Laksh – why r u doing this Ragini???
Ragini – i was nly 5 yrs Laksh when mama and papa passed away. Frm that time my bhai took care of me …. He is my world even now…. If in my fate death is written then i will accept it fir my bhai…. But i knw dat god wont let anything wrong happen with us.
Laksh hugs her…

All were now worried abt Ragini and the baby….
One day everyone were praying to god in temple. And suddenly Ragini gets a strong pain in her stomach…
Ragini – aaaaaah
Sanskar and Laksh rush to her…. Tears starts coming frm their eyes… They take her to hospital. There they take her to OT. After sometime doctor comes out.
Doctor – Its a baby girl! But..
Sanskar – what abt my Ginu…. I mean Ragini???😦😦
Doctor – I’m Sorry…. She has very less time to live….. Maybe an hr. Right now she is unconsious…. She will come consious after 30-45 mins…. U can meet the baby….
Sanskar sat there wid a thud…. Laksh was not able to control himself… Swara was crying continously….. They meet the baby…..
After 40 mins
Nurse comes and informs that Ragini got consiousness…. They all rush to see her. Her feeble smile made Sanskar weak.
Ragini – Bhai… R u happy now??? Look aapki nanhi si pari kitna cute hai…
Sanskar cries badly…. Laksh wasnt able to see his lady love on death bed. He was hugging Swara and crying….
Ragini – bhai… U knw i was never scared of death….but now i want to live…..😒😒😒 i want to spend few more days with my brother….. This birth God was unfair to me….
Sanskar – Ginu dont speak like that….
Ragini – But that is the truth bhai…. Will u plzz hug me once bhai like how you used to do.
Sanskar cries. He hugs her tightly….. And then pecks her forehead….
Ragini – Laksh….. I am sorry Laksh i couldnt fulfill my promise of staying with u till ur last breath….. Bhabhi plzzz take care of Bhai, laksh,choti (baby) and urself..
Swara nods her head😒😒
Ragini smiles weekly…..
Ragini – Bhai…. Will u plzzz name her Sanskruti???
Sanskar couldnt speak anything….he just nods his head….
Ragini – I…..love….u…u Bhai
And then takes her last breath…. Just then Sanskriti starts crying…. Sanskar hugs Ragini and cries very badly…..
The Screen gets blurred…..

After few years
Sanskar became a lifeless body after Ragini’s death…. Swara and Laksh pretend to be happy for Sanskriti….
Sanskar was sitting sadly… Just then 5 yr old Sanskriti comes
Sanskriti – papa….what happened???
Sanskar- nthg beta….
Sanskriti – dont worry papa…. THAT GOD WONT LET ANYTHING WRNG HAPPEN…
Saying this she pecks in his cheeks and runs
Sanskar slightly smiles….
The screen freezes on Sanskar’s face


  1. Akshata

    |Registered Member

    you made me cry…. awesome OS, loved it. loved ragsan’s selfless relation. can you pls write second part and try to give happy ending.

    • Kyvalya


      thank u dear… πŸ™‚ sorry that i made u cry… i cant write a second part for this….. i assure to write my nxt os with a happy ending πŸ™‚

  2. Fats

    |Registered Member

    This was such an emotional OS. All the relations in this OS were so pure and nice ❀️. Thank you so much for writing this πŸ’•

  3. Anjali

    You made me cry yaar. Soo emotional os. I really love ragsan bonding especially ragini she sacrifice her life for her swasan. This is the best os that I read. You nail it seriously . Feeling bad for laksh that her lady lover left him alone. Brother and sister bonding was outstanding .
    Please come back again with another marvellous os . Really feeling bad for swasanlak. But mostly ragini. I really love your writing skill and imagination .😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ😭

    • Kyvalya


      sorry…. i have made RagSan scenes cuz i wanted to show the purest relation that is of Brother and Sister… and u knw even i cried when i was writing this os…. thank u for commenting….

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