Ragini ka Sanskar (3shots) shot-3 part-2

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Sanskar stood numb…he continuously looking at ragini nd then ragika..he recalling temple incident nd concert incident..nd realized it was not ragini..it was someone else…ragini who was on phone asks kya hua..y r u looking at me like this…sanskar says i will meet u in 15min..he cutted d call..he comes to ragika nervously,he dont knw what to do..if he told d truth he dont knw how she(ragika) will react..he even dont knw her name..
Ragika looks at him nd smiles..
Sanskar(gives a weak smile):chale
Ragika nodded..they sits in car keeping quite..sanskar was feeling guilt as he make one girl fall in love with him unknowingly..ragika looks at him lovingly..sanskar noticed this nd gets nervous..he asks hesitantly where is her home..ragika told adress..he drops her nd leaves frm there without even looking at her..ragini who was waiting for his glance feeling bad…

He comes to ragini home..ragini opens door..
Ragini:so now u get time to meet me na..
Sanskar looks at her nd hugs her immediately ,ragini too higs him but feels something fishy..
Ragini(brks d hug):r u fine sanskar..
Sanskar(he dont want to tell sbout ragika..gives a weak smile):fine my love
Ragini(glares at him):i was waiting for it since 12am ..nd u r asking what..she turns her face other side..sanskar smiles nd lifts her in his arms..ragini widened her eyes nd asks what he was doing..sanskar doesnt say anything,he walked towards terrace nd makes her stand…ragini sees the terrace which was filled with lots of balloons(after dropping ragika ,he called someone nd askd to decorate it)..sanskar moves towards ragini who was playing with those balloons like a kid..he back hugs her nd whispered in her ear happy bday my love…ragini smiles nd rested her head on his chest..
Sanskar:sorry for late wish..actually i got stuck with work nd after(he stopped as he recalled his surprise )
Sanskar:nothing..i love u
Ragini:i love u too
Sanskar:tell which gift u want
Ragini:ur love
Sanskar:its always with u
Ragini:i need more nd more..i want to knw how much u loves me
Sanskar:on bed..i will show u how much i loves u(he winks at her)
Ragini:chi sanskar
Sanskar:whst chi..u only ask me na
Ragini blushes nd hugs him..they had spend time with eo sometime..later he leaves…
@san house
Suji was smirking..thinking about what she had done…
After hearing about sanskar surprise for ragini…suji went to ragika house..
Ragika:aunty aap..how is ur leg
Suji:fine beta..actually mrng i talked something na..sorry beta i talked thinking about something..i came here to apologize u..
Ragika:no aunty no need to say sorry..
Suji:u r so nice beta..friends
Ragika smiles nd gives a handshake..
Suji:we became friends na..so i want to give a treat come
Ragika:but aunty
Suji:no but nd vut come
Ragika nodded..suji takes her ice cream stall om road..when she noticed sanskar car was coming..suji says beta stay here i will come in 2min..she nodded..suji walks few distance nd hides..she smiles when sanskar got Ragika into his car without listening her..suji smirks..
Fb ends..
Suji says to herself i have to workout my nxt plan…
@next day
Suji stops sanskar when he was leaving to office..
Sanskar:what mom
Suji:sanskar i need to talk about ur marriage
Sanskar:tell mom
Suji:i have talked with pandit.there is a good muhurt after 2days..so i want to do ur mrg that day..
Sanskar:but mom..u told after talking to ragini parents ,u would decide
Suji:ha sanskar but..this is a auspicious muhurt..it will be good for u both..
Sanskar:but mom..ragini parents cant come frm London na..
Suji:areh i will talk to them..now do simple marriage..after thst we will plan grand wedding..
Sanskar:k mom i will talk to ragini
Suji nodded..
Sanskar talked about this ragini..she felt happy nd agreed..
Suji went to ragika home…
Suji:beta do u knw my son
Ragika nodded as no
Suji(shows sanskar photo):now
Ragika blushes
Suji:he is only my son..
Suji:no need to say anything..i knw u loves him..nd he too loves u..
Ragika bowed her head feeling shy
Suji(caressed her hair):i want to tell one good news..my son wants to marry u..
Ragini(cloud9..):sachhi aunty
Suji:ha beta..he only sent me here..
Ragika recalled ,sanskar sirprise md hug at concert..happy tears flowing frm her eyes..she hugs suji..
Suji:one more thing..i fixed marriage date after 2 days..
Ragika:aunty this much early..
Suji:my son wants to u get in his life soon..
Ragika smiles shyly..
Suji:u dont wry i will take care of all mrg wrks..
Ragika nodded
@san home
Sanskar told to suji..he talked eith ragini nd her parents they agreed but they will do grand reception when they would cme here..
Suji(slowly):first let them search one groom for their daughter for reception..
Sanskar:nothing sanskar..

1 day passed
Ragini was seeing her lehenga nd jewelry which sanskar had bought for wedding..jst then she gets a call frm sanskar..
Sanskar:what r u doing my love
Ragini:preaparing to become mrs sanskar maheswari
Sanskar:so desperate to become mrs maheswari ha..
Ragini:ha very
Sanskar:me too
After chitchatting sometime..they dozzed of happily thinking about their mrg..
@next day
Suji comes to ragini home..showee some fake love..
Suji:ragini beta muhurt at 7pm..
Ragini:but aunty sanskar told it was 5pm
Suji(in mind manage suji):vo..i think he heard wrong..i told him 7
Pm only..get ready i will sent car to pick up u..
Ragini nodded..suji turns to go ,ragini suddenly hugged her ns says thank u so much aunty..u dont knw how much i loves sanskar..niw im really very happy…suji felt guilt for one moment but immediately brushed it..nd leaves frm there giving a fake smile..

After suji went to ragika home..nd asks her to pack her stuff..ragika does…suji takes ragika to suji home..sanskar sees suji with ragika(he thought it was ragini)..suji sends her to one room nd closed d door before sanskar get in..
Sanskar:mom y did u closed d door..i want to go inside..
Suji: no u cant..
Sanskar:why mom
Suji:sanskar u will not talk with her till mrg..its a ritual..dont try to talk with her..it will a badsign
Sanskar:mom i didnt believe this all
Suji:but i believe..go to ur room..nd dnt try to speak with ragini..
Sanskar nodded annoyingly nd goes to his room..suji takes a reliaf..

Sanskar searches for his mbl to talk with ragini but he doesn’t find it anywhere(suji hides it)..
Sometime passed..sanskar desperate to talk ragini..he noticed suji was bsy in marrage preparations..without suji knowledge he gets into ragini(ragika) room..nd sees she sits there..her back was facing..
Sanskar:my love i came..i was desperate to talk with u..but u simply sat here..
She (turns nd feels shy nd turns otherside):aap
Ragika:aunty told not see eo till mrg..
Sanskar:u didnt believe all this na..
Ragika:no ji..i believe..
Sanskar felt something weird..
He moves towards her nd makes her turn..
Sanskar looks at the locket which she wore..it was the locket which he gave ragika thought ragini..he was shocked nd immediately leaves frm there…his mind was filled with questions..why she is here..where is ragini..did mom got her thinking she was ragini…no..she was talking like her mrg is fixed with me..now what to do…
He goes to suji nd drags her to room..
Suji:kya hua sanskar
Sanskar:mom i need to talk to u
Suji:not now sanskar..after mrg we will talk
Sanskar:no mom..its important..this mrg cant happen
Sanskar:mom..im sry i hided one thing..there is girl look like as ragini..
Suji in mind so he got to knw truth..i have to manage..
Sanskar:she was not ragini who was present in that room maa..i dont knw how she came..
Suji:i only got her..i knw she was not ragini..its someone else named ragika..
Sanskar:mom u knw before only
Suji:ha i knw..
Sanskar:mom i loves ragini..not ragika..how could u do
Suji:sanskar u knw i hate mpdern girls..but u tries to make me fool..saying ragini is traditional..i impressed seeing ragika thought it was ragini but when i got to knw..there r 2girls..i want to
ragika as my bahu not ragini..
Sanskar:mom..what r u saying..she was modern but thst does not mrant she was bad..she knw traditional values..she knw how to respect elders..nd i loves her truly..
Suji:what is ur pblm to marry ragika..she lool like ragini only na..
Sanskar:she look likes ragini..but not my ragini..
Suji:but u have to marrg ragika
Sanskar:no mom
Suji:u have to sanskar..u only made her fall in love with u..u only gave hope to her..u only proposed her..
Sanskar:ha mom i did it all thought as ragini..
Suji: knowingly r unknowingly u played with her feelings..she is orphan sanskar..we cant ditch her like this..marry ragika
Sanskar:no mom..i cant..
Suji:k..if u r not..then u will see my dead body
Suji:decide sanskar..u want ur mother r ragini..
Sanskar:mom plz try to understand..
Suji leaves frm there without listening…
Sanskar throws all the things..nd cursed his helplessness…
Ragini was feeling restlessness here..she dont knw why but she feels strange..she was calling sanskar but it was out of coverage area…
Ragika was happy thinking about her mrg with sanskar…

Dnt angry on me friends…i will upload nxt part on wensday

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