Ragini ka Sanskar (3shots) shot-3 part-1

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Mmp(ragika)-dont wry dear..i will not hurt u(hope)

Ragika nd her friend desending stairs of temple after completing darshan..accidentlly ragika slips nd hits one woman who was besides her..that women fell on stairs..her face revealed to be sujatha..ragika widened her eyes..suji looked at her(thought as ragini):
Suji:areh beta tum
Ragika(doesnt heard):so…sor..sorry aunty jii..vo..vo(her eyes filled with tears)
Suji:its k beta(tries to standup but her leg got sprain)
Ragika( helps her to stand):sorry aunty jii..mistakenly i hitted u..is it paining aunty ji..
Suji:little..its k beta leave it..(she about to go but unable to walk)
Ragika:come aunty my home is near this temple only..after ur leg getting fine u should go home..
Suji nodded seing her concern..Ragika nd her friend takes sujatha to Ragika home…suji looks around home which was neet nd clean..nd small home temple which is beautifully decorated with flowers..paintings on wall it was looking pleasant..Ragika made her sit on chair…nd get a balm nd messaging her leng..suji was overwhelmed..she caressesd rahika hair..
Suji:my sanskar is lucky to have u in his life
Ragika looked at her confused
Suji:btw dont tell this to sanskar..he may get tense about me..
Ragika:sanskar???who is he aunty jii..
Suji(smiles):did u both had fight?
Ragika:fight?i dont understand aunty..i dont knw who is sanskar..
Suji:do u knw me
Ragika:no aunty..i saw u first time when i hitted u..
Suji shocked..
Friend:Ragika..now i should go home..i will meet u later..
Ragika nodded..
Ragika:ha aunty..my name is Ragika..
Suji was in hell confusion..
Ragika:r u fine aunty..
Suji (nodded):k beta i should go now bye..
Ragika nodded..suji was in deep thoughts…

@sanskar office
Sanskar was engrossed in his work..he seriously checking some files..he hears a knock..
Sanskar:come in
The person came inside nd stood infront of him..
Sanskar(without looking):tell(thought his pa r some employee)
Sanskar( doesnt realized it was ragini voice):y u came
Ragini:actually boss..my name is ragini..
Sanskar hearing her name he lifted his face..
Ragini(continued):i love some one named sanskar maheswari…he told me to wait at zyz place ..it has been 3 hours..i waited for him by bunking my college..but he didnt come yet.i called him but he was not lifting my calls..i got worried ..so.i came.tell me boss..y he havent come..
Sanskar(bited his tongue):sorry..i forgot
Ragini glares at him
Sanskar:sorry my love..last min i stucked with work..
Ragini(pouts):u should have told me na..
He closed all files nd asks her to come we should go now..
Ragini:have u completed ur work
Sanakar:i will see it later..come
Ragini drags him nd makes him sit on chair..sanskar looked at her confused…
Ragini:u do ur work..we should go whenever u hav free time..i jst come here to see r u fine r not as i became worried as u r not lifting my call..
Sanskar looks at her lovingly…
Ragini:now stop staring at me..concentrate in ur work..im going ..call me when u get free..
Saying she was about to go..sanskar holds her hand nd drags her..ragini fell on sanskar nd gives him a what look..sanskar said huskily in her ear i love u..ragini smiles nd kissed his forehead nd about to go..sanskar again pulls her nd kissed on her lips…
This is all witnessed by suji who came to meet sanskar to clear her confusion shocked to see this frm peeping into his cabin…she realized ragika is ragini look alike..but she cant digest that fact her son lied to her by saying Ragini was traditional nd all..she talks to herself is he know about ragika? Or not..may be he was not..i think he also mistaken Ragika as Ragini in temple..but whatever i will not make this shameless girl as my bahu.. she leaves frm there angrily..
Ragsan brk d kiss..
Ragini:sanskar this is office..
Sanskar:i knw..i dont care..u r my would be wife..i have right..i can do whatever i want..what ever..he winked at her..
Ragini smiles with a blush nd says k bye im going..sanskar nodded ragini leaves..

@rag home
Its night 12..ragini looked at her mbl as she was waiting for sanskar call..
Today is her birthday..1 hour passed..she doesnt get a call frm sanskar…it has been 2 years they r in relationship..he used to wish her 12 nd made a surprise for her..but now even he didnt wish her…she falls asleep while waiting for sanskar call…

Sanskar comes to his home at 2am after finishing his work..he was too tired nd slept…
At morning..ragini wokeup nd sees her mobile..she gets upset as there is no msg r call frm sanskar…
Sanskar wakes up at 11am nd hurriedly got ready as he has a imp meeting at 12 pm..he reached office nd finished his meeting at 2pm..he relaxed on chair..his eyes fell on calender which was on his table..he shouts oh god..tday is ragini bday..how could i forgot..he searches for his mbl to call ragini but he realized he forgot his mbl in his home..he gets annoyed..
Ragini was in clg ,every 5min she was seeing her mbl for san msg r call..she became sad…
Its evening…sanskar came frm office early..
Suji:sanskar u came early frm office..
Sanskar:ha mom..actually tday is ragini bday..i forgot to wish her..when i remembered then only i realized my mbl was in home..she must be angry on me maa..saying he rushed to his room..suji followed sanskar nd peeps into his room…
Sanskar takes his mbl nd calls ragini but ragini was not lifting as she was angry on sanskar…sanskar understand it..he got fresh nd comes out frm his room..
Suji(giving fake smile):areh sanskar..did u wished ragini..
Sanskar:no maa..she was angry..i knw how to pacify her…
Suji:what will u do beta
Sanskar:actually i planned surprise for her at xyz place..she was lifting my calls na so i will go to her home directly..bye mom..
Suji plastered a fake smile…

Sanskar driving to ragini home..he stopped d car in middle when he saw ragini(actually she is ragika) stands near ice cream shop..he moves towards her nd hold her hand..Ragika looked at him..she blinked her eyes nd recalling her meetings with sanskar..
Sanskar:im coming ur home only..come with me
Ragika:who r u
Sanskar:sorry baba..i got struck with work..im really sorry
Ragika:i dont knw what u r talking..leave my hand
Sanskar:i knw u will not listen me like this..
He lifts her in his arms..Ragika widened her eyes nd struggles to free..sanskar makes her sit on car.Ragika says what r u doing plz leave me…sanskar seriously stop if u r said anything i dnt knw what i will do..innocent Ragika scared nd sits quite nervously…after a while they reached isolated place..sanskar asks her to get down..she does nd looks around it was beautifully decorated with balloons nd flowers..Ragika gets happy as no one did like this for her..he drags her to a table which present there nd beautiful cake on it..happy bday my love written on it..Ragika was happy but she thought how he came to knw today is my bday(today is her bday too)..
Ragika about to speak..sanskar asks her to cut d cake first..She cut d cake nd feed eo…he gets a gift frm hid pocketnd wished her happy bday my love..he asks her to open it..she opend it nd it was chain with heart pendent ragsan written on it..sanskar takes it nd make her wear it..She jst states at him..he says i love u…ragika shocked by his confession..but happy too as she too fell for him seeing his love…she says i love u too..sanskar smiles nd about to hug her but stopped hearing his mbl ring..he gets annoyed..he takes his mbl to switched off but stopped seeing caller id which is shown Ragini..he puzzled..he looks at ragika who was staring at pendent nd he noticed mbl in her hand…he gets confused..he lifts d call..
Ragini(upset ,sad nd angry):still u didnt remembered what was today he na..
He was shocked..he went aside nd connects video call nd sees ragini who sits looking upset…sanskar looks at Ragika..then ragini who was in mbl screen…ragini asks him what happened..but sanskar continuously looks at Ragika nd mbl…he jst stood numb…

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