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Hey guys i am back. Actually i am going outside the city for 3 days. My exams are getting over on 8 and on the same day i am going and i will come on 10 and after that i will be free. No not totally free as i have to give enterence exams for diff schools. But i will be free most of the time so i will read all your SwaSan and RagLak ffs and os.
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Daadi- i told you i told you this cooking will not help you but you you did not listen me now bear this
Sumi- what happened maa
Daadi- see your daughter ragini lost
Ragini goes out crying.
Sumi- ragini
While daadi fumes.
It was raining outside and Ragini was sitting on a bench crying.
“Hey beautiful”

Ragini hears this and finds a boy standing near her
Boy- hey beautiful why are you crying??
Ragini was puzzled.
Ragini- why are you asking I don’t know you I don’t want to tell you anything you go
Boy- Its universal theory when someone cries in rain he/she must be in immense pain and if he/she don’t tell the reason then its must be paining badly (its my logic don’t faint anybody if you faint that how will i tell you another theory of mine hehe)
The Boy keeps his hand on her hand which was on her lap.
Boy- you can trust me

Ragini feels care in his touch she feels that she can trust him.
Ragini(crying)- I am a good cook. I want to become a cook but my daadi she is against it she says its not right to do that i become cook i i participated in a cooking competition but i lost due to other participant she cheated
Boy- your name???
Ragini- Ragini
Boy- Ragini don’t think about the past. From where did you learn cooking??
Ragini- youtube tutorials
Boy- you got your answer
Ragini- which answer
Boy- what will you do next?? Answer to this question
Ragini- I did not
Boy smiles- thing about our conservation

Boy gets up and goes.
Ragini- your name??
Boy- i don’t think you need to know that
Saying this he goes from there. The rain stops and sun comes out. This sun was Ragini’s sun. Sun was giving her new hopes and new ideas. She smiled and went to home.
Sumi- Ragini beta see you are all wet go change your clothes otherwise you will catch cold
Daadi- did you thing what will you do next
Ragini- yess don’t worry daadi
She smiles and goes to her room.
Ragini- who was he?? Why he helped me?? Whoever he may be i need to thank him i need to find him but fast I need to find him before i start it….I think he must be coming there everyday I will find him
Ragini was determined to find him she went there everyday but she didnt find him but she kept on going.

After 7 days
Its was raining again. Ragini thought that she would meet him. She went to garden near the same bench where she found him. This time she found him but he was crying.
Ragini- hey handsome
Boy turned to find her standing.
Ragini- what happened ??

Boy- nothing
Ragini- Its universal theory when someone cries in rain he/she must be in immense pain and if he/she don’t tell the reason then its must be paining badly i know i know its your theory but now i am using it so tell mee
Boy cries badly and hugs her.

Boy- my sister died she was in coma from 6 months and today she died i had no one expect her i miss her very much everyday i used to make food for her she loved my food i tried to wake her up everyday but today she left me she left me
Ragini- your name??
Boy- Laksh
Ragini- Laksh your sister must be unhappy seeing you crying she must want her bro to do something naa don’t cry your sister loved your food naa why don’t you join me??
Laksh- Join you where
Ragini – in the idea you gave me
Laksh- which idea
Ragini- youtube channel!!
Laksh- ok
The rain stops and sun comes out

Ragini- see the rain stopped this means your sister is happy
Laksh smiles.
Laksh- thank you so much
Ragini- thank you vank kyu nakko re baba(Don can add her line any where she wants)
Ragini and laksh both start the preps to open their youtube channel. It takes them one moth to complete the preps but they do it.
Doing the preps they become good friends as well as start loving each other too.

In this one month they did every needful thing like learning new things making the things they know perfectly.
Laksh and Ragini were complimentary to each other. Things that Ragini didnt know were known by laksh and things Laksh didnt know were known by Ragini.
“What a Perfect Jodi” said sumi
Ragini and Laksh both heard this. They saw each other and turned. They both were blushing but started working.

Now the day came to open their youtube channel but name? What should be the name of their channel??It should contain Ragini and Laksh both name but how??
“Ragini ka Laksh” said laksh
“Awesome” replied ragini
They named the channel Ragini ka Laksh and uploaded a video tutorial. And it got 1,000,000 views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In a month they got 1,000 subscriber!!!!!!!!
They kept on working and after one year they ended up with A SILVER PLAY BUTTON (people those who beat 1,000,000 subscribers are awarded with silver play button by youtube) and called in a party organised by youtube.
Laksh to himelf- I will propose ragini today yess laksh youo can do it yess you can do it (don’t laugh boys need to do this before proposing)

In the party

Ragini was looking like a princess in a white gown and Laksh was wearing a black suit as they are complimentary to each other naa (hehe).
Laksh brings ragini in the centre
Laksh sits on his knees and takes out a ring

Laksh- Ragini Ragini Ragini You know when I saw you I never knew that You would become most important person in my life . I never knew this would happen I never knew that I would end up falling in love with you I don’t know when this happened when i fell in love with you but I LOVE YOU………….And I promise you the day I will go on knees for another girl is the day I will tie a shoe lace for our daughter .Ragini was blushing hard.
So MS. RAGINI would you like to enter my heart in present and become my beautiful future will you accept me?

Ragini was speechless she had mixed emotions. She was happy shocked and confused. But the fact was she also loved him. A drop of tear rolled down her cheek and she cried YES. Her answer was yes laksh took her hand and made her wear a ring he bought for her. She was flying in sky due to happiness she cannot utter any word.
Laksh hugged ragini.
They married each other after 2 months and they were also able to make their channel no.1 cooking channel and also able to earn Gold and Dimond play button.
They called in a press conference
Reporter- why you call this conference
Ragini- to give a good news

Reporter- what news??
Laksh- Laksh ki ragini is expecting their child.
After 9 months
Ragini gave birth to a daughter and they named her Nisha.
They lived their life as a happy family and their channel continued as no. Cooking channel.

Thanks for reading
I am sorry for wasting your time if you found it bakvas or boring.


  1. Dharani


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    so u r a don it means i am speaking to a don yaahoo i spoke to a don i am dancing anyways don ji the os is awesome

    • IME



      Hehe Yess dii I am Don of this site!!
      And Don is very intelligent
      And this Don cannot be rude to anyone as Ishita but can be more than worst as tanisha
      Dont dance too much otherwise your body will pain and everyone would blame me
      Thank you
      It means a lot for me 🙂

  2. sagar

    it was too gud…y der r oly swasan updates today…can someone plz undated any raglak or ragsan stories…dieing 2 read dem…pretty plz…thanks for dis update…swasan fans plz don’t gt offended bcz I asked for ragini’s ff…it’s just dat I luv teju more Dan helly…😆😙

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    Ohh great , I loved it totally…Khup chan ishu…love ya..and a request kindly send links when you have posted any ff or so..I am full on fan of reading!

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      Thank you sooooooooooooo much Taaa
      i am happy you liked it
      i would surely send you links of the os
      Love you
      Take care
      would talk to you soon!!

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