Ragini ( intro )

So hello guyz my ff will start with when ragini commint sucide after laksh betrayed her.
Swasan are together. They have a daughter her name is soniya.

The episode start with.
A girl is doing arti and her lips are shown and suddenly camera roll on her face and its ragini.
Mom. Ragini beta.
Ragini. Ji mami ji.
Mom. Call me mom. After all i am also your mom.
Ragini. Ji mami ji….. I mean mom.
Mom. Ok beta i was saying that i am going to temple to meet my friend.
Ragini. Ji mom.
Ragini take blessings.
Mom. Jeti raho.
Ragini leave to her room.
A little boy is sleeping its ragini son( shaurya ).
Then a guy come from bathroom its ansh ( karan kundra.
Ragini. Ansh app.
Ansh. Or nahi tu kis ko eksept kiya ta.
Ragini. Aa bhi na.
Ansh. Oo Ragini.
Ragini. Kya hai.

Ansh. I was thinking of your ex husband find you.
Ragini. He never liked me ansh.
Ansh. But what if he have start liking you.
Ragini. Forget even you all now about my past and my name is not ragini its sanaya..
Ansh. O ho.
Ragini. App bhi na.
Shaurya get up and say can you guyz stop taking i was sleeping.
Ragini. Now get up.
Shaurya. Ok mamma.
Ragini. Mera bacha.
Ansh. Ha tumera bacha.
Ragini. Hamara bacha.
Ansh. Right.
Ansh. Champ get up we have to go out.
Shaurya. Yipee.
Ansh. I thought you will not like it.
Shaurya. Dad i am over excited.
Ansh. Like me.
Ragini. Mujhe do bache sambaleni parte hai.
Shaurya. Only one and its ansh.
Ansh. Champ.
Shaurya run from there and ansh run after him.
Ragini start laughing.

MM house.
Swara is doing arti.
Ap come there and say swara beta i am going to temple.
Swara. Ji ma.
And taking blessing.
Sanskar come there and say were is my darling.
Swara sanskar stop calling me.
Sanskar i never said that ok i said were is my daughter.
Swara get embrassed.
Laksh come there and say swara.
Swara laksh plz dont talk to me ok.
Laksh plz.
Swara plz laksh what you did will never forgived ok.?
Laksh get sad and goes from there.

Sanskar was finding soniya and say were is my darling.
Soniya who was hiding start laughing.
Sanskar hear this and say where is my daughter.
Sanskar goes toward soniya and hug her.
Soniya papa
Sanskar. Yes my darling.
Happy brithday.
Soniya. Love you papa.
Now were is my gift.
Sanskar. Ammm i forget that.
Soniya. Papa and get sad.
Sanskar. You will get it on tonight party.
Soniya. Ok papa.
Swara come there and wish soniya.
Swasan and soniya share a hug.

Sanansh ( ragini and ansh ).?.
Ragini , ansh and shaurya are at a shop.
Ansh. Ragini comeon take a dress.
Shaurya. I dont know why girls take too much too take a dress.
Ansh. How do you now.
Shaurya. What.
Ansh. Beta.
Shaurya. I always see mom she take too much time.
Ragini. Bas ok i dont take too much time.
Ansh and shaurya. Sorry to say but you take.
Ragini whatever and take a dress.
Ansh and shaurya. Finally mom.
Shaurya. Papa.
Ansh. I mean sanaya.
Shaurya. Yes right.
Ragini , ansh and shaurya leave from the shop and goes home.

At home.
Shaurya i will go too my room.
Ansh.ok beta.
Ragini goes to her room.
Ansh come there.
Ansh hug ragini.
Ragini. Ansh stop your romance.
Ansh. What abhi to mein khoch nahi kiya.
Ragini. Plz ansh.
Ansh. No BABA.
Ragini. Ansh what if shaurya come.
Ansh. He will not he is playing.
Ansh trun her and kiss her on her forehead and eyes, ears, and cheek.
Ragini blush.
Ansh blushing ha.
Ragini start hitting him.
Ansh smile and cup her face and kiss on her lips. Both share some romantic moments.
Shaurya from hall.
Mamma papa come down.
Ansh and ragini run down.
Ansh. Are you ok.
Shaurya . yes papa.
Ragini. Then what.
Shaurya. Mom granny said that we have too go at a brithday party at night. That why i shout.
Ansh. Champ.
Mom( anita. )
Mom. Yes its my friends granddaughter birthday so get ready.
Ansh. Ok mom.
Anita leave from there.

At night.
Ragini are getting ready she is wearing a light blue saree. With light makeup.
Ansh is wearing blue suit.
Shaurya is wearing black suit.
Anita is wearing red saree. With no makeup.❤.
All leave from there.

Precap. Sanansh enter mm house…..?

Hello guyz i am a silent reader i was inspired from you all and think to write. Hope you all liked it.
Plz i bred comment for too start this.

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  1. Why you stealing my plot ??

    1. Don’t worry i will not steal your plot. Your story is different and my is different. Sorry if you think i have steal your plot. But to be honest i didn’t do that. I hopefully you understood that. ?.
      Even i have read your story few hours over. Its also good but mine is different. Ones again sorry if you think that i have stealed your plot.?

    2. I was only joking, I didn’t mean to hurt you, but I’m sorry, my sister wrote this comment?, I loved your FF and please upload the next part? and I’m sorry if my sister hurt you,? she didn’t mean to and I’m not hurt either, it was a joke, sorry?????

      1. Its ok .

    3. Wats ur ff name ya???eager to read it….. Some one tell yaar…..

      1. Ragini that my ff name.

      2. I know wats ur ff name,Bbcvch’s ff name……wanna rd dat…….

      3. Plz tell ya some one help….m

      4. Plzzz natasha alteast u can tell na yaar…..

  2. Amazing update karan kundra and tejaswi good pair
    Pls update soon

  3. Hi, too good…. Update next chapter soon & a long one?

  4. Wow i just loved it. It’s my first time writing a comment on a ff because i’m usually a silent reader. Please upload the next part as soon as possible.

  5. who is the father of shaurya???Is it lakshya or Ansh??

  6. Gud one?waiting for ur next ??

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  14. Lol…its exactly like my ff.ragini..ek paheli….same plot..difference is that ragini’s son’s name was Ansh….in my ff and yours Ragini’s new husband’s name is ansh…

    1. Hello krystal can you plz update your FF soon i am waiting for that.

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