ragini i am coming your swara is coming (epi-7)

recap-raglak,arjohi,sumishekhar marriage
veer-so they were settled ….know what
swara-they might go on honeymoon
veer-shut up
swara-i didnt wore shirt
veer-i will kill you

swara-enough ha
next morning
in mm
dp-prepare the presentation….take the help of our expert team
lucky-yeah dad why are u straised so much we daily prepare presentation
sanky-yes papa
rp-because many reivals are also their in line
sanky-so what dadwe are the best
dp-and we have to deal with a beast

dp-its project worth 800crore
rp-and we are going to deal the one an only swara janaki mehra
sanky-whattt the arugent and real devil
rags-plzz dont call her like that
rags tell them everything
lucky-then she will give the project to us only……know she is our relative na
rp-if you are thinking like this then its your greatest mistake
dp-yes rp is right she never mix personal and professional relationship
sanky-dont worry i will not let u down
sujata-enough of her talk come and dinner
all-yes boss

in dida house
sumi standing in a room which wall is filled with small girl photo decorated beautifully its wall is coloured with purple she has tears in her eyes someone touch her shoulder she turn see shekhar …..he is also having tears in his eyes
shekhar-misthi this room
sumi-shekhar firstly this room was arjun but swara like this room very much for getting this room she always fight with arjun even though she has her big room in gd ….for stopping the fight dida given this room to swara….she was very happy that day as she won the war
shekhar-from childhood she is very naughty
sumi-when she was kid she loves me very much more then janaki …u know one day a lady comment on my character i was crying my swara throw stone on that lady
sumi-hmmm….she loved me very much and this room when she was to hide her thing she comes her …….she always have her breakfast with my hand and never go to sleep without giving me god night kiss

shekhar-i know mishti……i have seen her
sumi-but maa ji doesnt like it so always scold swara but she never listen to her ..when maa ji stand in her way to reach my house then our little swara started climp pipeline for coming to me….i still wounder how she learned it
shekhar-actually misthi i tought her
sumi-whatttt are u mad
shekhar-what i can do ,i cant go against maa and neither i can see swara sad
sui-come i will show u something she tae him near three cupboard and open one…..look shekhar i have purchase it for swara look the toys and teady bears which i purchase for rag and arjun and for swara….this shrock and dress and gifts and jewellery i wanted her to give her but she was not with me i haveonly her childhood memory …..i always wished that in her every birthday i can make her ready …..when she comes from clg i hug her and feed her from my hand……when she fight with rags and arjun she comes me for rescuing
shekhar-when she get know about rags and arjun crush she pretend as she tell us for blackmailing them….when some one flirt with her me arjun and rags will break his bones….
sumi-their always be fight whom i love the most but all broken in a day
shekhar-i am yours and janaki culprit because of me you all suffered
sumi-forget it shekhar we cant do anything it was all happened
shekhar-what was in these two cupboard

sumi-one is of rags and other is of arjun ….come i will show u and opens arjun cupboard
sumi-these dolls he purchased for swara because in childhood she loves it ….so arjun purchase it on her birthday and rakhi….see this dress which he purchase one for rags and other for swara….this watch when he won the foot ball match….this lappy from his first salary
and takes to other cupboard which is of rags its also contain many thing
sumi-cries shekhar you know how much i am dying to hug swara and to hear maa from her i was to keep her in my lap and say that i am with you beta….but the moment i say she leave us shekhar
shekhar-mishti she cant able to go by leaving us again ….she cant able to avoid our love
sumi-i cant able to see hatered in her toward me
this all was heared by swara she also have tears in her eyes and arjun and arohi is seeing swara
arjun-arohi she will understand our love na
arohi-yes swara has to….she is very lucky everyone loves her janaki given her good upbringing all comfort of life she even doesnt know meaning of love …..because of her mother condition she is angry on u all

arjun-i wont allow her to go by leaving us i can tolerate all her hatered and anger but not her sepration
in meanwhile sumi shekhar comes out and swara hides and arjohi also hides swara enter the room and arjun and arohi hides and see swara..
swara enter the room she was happy and teary eye to see the room comes near the bed and bend takes out something from the surface of bed its a small ring which she hiden in childhood and goes near the cupboard takes out a gift from sumi’s cb and a doll from arjun cb and letter from rags….she is hugging the doll and sit on the floor adjusting her back on bed side and opens the gift which is group photo in which janaki and swara also their swara with teary eye and lovingly kiss it and opens the rags letter
dear swara
i am missing u….please come back to me i am dying to hear di from you…today i saw to girls fighting for a dress in a mall they were sisters…i remember our childhood were we fight for chocolate…yeah i know u doesnt need to fight for anything janaki mumma has given you luxuries life but still i want to fight with u for particular item,share my thing and give you all the happines
your sister
swara was in tears and hugged the items arjun is having tears of happiness that swara accepting them slowly but his happiness vanish seeing her reaction
swara open her eyes its anger is clearly seen her eyes swara get up throw thing to the cupboard and get out in full on angry visible in her face
arjun breakdown seeing swara
swaveer goes to temple for asking a priest to perform the last ritual a priest agree ask them to come day after tomorrow
swaveer house
veer know the mental state of his best friend…she is pretending to be fine but she is broken from inside….swara lie on the bed hugging the kalash as it was her heart
next morning

arjun and arohi came to swaveer to call them for breakfast but they where fighting by holding each other hairs and hall is completely messed up
arohi-stop it guys are u both are kids to fight like this
arjun-why are u fighting
swara-i want see tensports
veer-i want to see zee new
arohi-for this silly reason you are fighting
both nodes innocently
arohi-did u cooked breakfast….i know u are ausome cook
arjveer-looks to eachother and burst out in laugh
arohi-what happened
arjun-cooking baby she doesnt know c of cooking
arohi-she has defeated rags desribed the recipe also
arjun-i know but i didnt able to find out but i am 100% sure they have done something
swara-i have learned the recipe
arjun-who cooked the food ….
swara-aru he falls in my category
veer-chef sanjeev kapoor

swara-we kidnapped him
arohi-hyyee ram u both are master in kipnapping
veer-thnx us ….thats why you are wife of arjun today
arjun-but how we all searched whole house taken phone lappy from both of you
swara-but u all didnt search in fridge
veer-we have table too which we have hidden in dustbin and explain everything
arjohi-fold their hands
arohi-come for breakfast and after that you to have to accompany arjun to mm for bringing raglak….for that only mummy ji and papa ji has gone to dida house for pug phere ritual
swaveer- has hiden tears in her eyes
veer-can we proceed know
arjun-what happen
veer-actually i have an appoint meant in hospital to see two patients and shona has a very important meeting
arjun-okay get ready
after sometime they reach mm arjun park his car outside mm gate….
swaveer-see the dogs were not tide they were playing with a little girl surrounded by servents by seeing dogs both jump on arjun
arjun- what are u both doing
swara-just checking your fitness
arjun-come down
swara-veer u get down
veer-why should i you get down
arjun-shame on u look that little girl is playing with that dogs
veer -their teeth are very sharp i and my back have personal experience
swara-battry not i we have
arjun-both of u getting down or

arjun-throw them down
by the noise dogs get alert and running comes toward them swaveer started running here and their actually dog was coming toward arjun because they know him but by seeing swaveer running they thought they are thief so they run towards them
swara-run battery other wise they will lead us to hospital
veer-and our soft body they convert it to pounds
arjun-stop running
all mm comes out
swara-for sacrificing our back no way
arjun-if u run they became agrassive
veer-now how cool they was na inviting us for brkfst
ragini-stupids stay their
both stand like statue but dogs bark on them so they started running
swara-battery runnnn
both climb on the tree and sit in its branch…..dogs were standing below the tree
laksh-oh god …come down
veer-so that they have their brkfast
swara-we are not intrested to became breakfast
dp-bacchoo they didnt bit
swara-yeah u are right

veer-they only eat
sanky-i promise they dont do anything and how long u are going to sit their
veer-till they were not tide
dog barks
veer-why you are barking by standing down if you gutts come up
swara-you black bhoots
veer-if any angel see your face she will became a dayan
swara-always shows your teeth ewww sometimes brush it
all were laughing hearing them ….
veer-u are hearing some sound
swara-i am seeing also and show the branch in which they are sitting in breaking
veer-looks down then to branch……u both are fair angels
swara-we are just kidding
they both falls down as branch fall both dog see them angryly they started running finally they climb the pipe and enter into sanky room
all see this open mouth except sanky
finally all comes in swaveer also comes down

sujata-u both have did stunts so u were tired …have some juice u feel better
sanky-they are habbitual of it mom u dont worry
ap-raglak go and get ready….fast
arjun-what happen aunty
ap-actually beta laksh have to attend a meeting its very important
arjun-ohhh same as shona also have to thatsa why we came early
sujata-come have something
arjun-thnx aunty but its okay i am fine
ap-she is not asking u she is telling to have breakfast
sujata-ha chore u have came first tym after marriage i will not send u without feeding
uttra-understand na maa he want to do it with arohi its her pehli rasoi
dp-someone is blushing not bad
swara to veer-now what is phli rasoi
veer-who knows pehli means first rasoi means kitchen
swara-first kitchen whats that yrr i never seen it
veer-me too
lets go and see
swara-aunty can we see your house
veer-if u dont mind
sanky-yeah in dark u wont able to see the house properly
sanky-i mean if it get late they wont able to see properly
swaveer know what he is talking about so with out wasting tym they goes
laksh-what are you saying man sometimes before

sanky-u only know they came to give cd here mom considered us as begger…..u know why they fear of dollar and champ
arjun-i have heard that in finding rags husband they were bitten up….wait that means dollar and champ has bitten them
sanky-yes they came to mm also and describe everything
everyone burst out in laugh
sanky-not only that do u know when we gone out for dnr they are the one who stolen our purse
arjun-anything remaining that the both ghost didnt do
rags-mixed expression of tears happiness,…… for our happiness they became thief kidnapper begger and beaten up by me ,dida,public bitten up by dogs
dp-but they never back off
arjun-ha they finally takes out their frustation by beating ssp
sanky-bhai shona is sweet but swara is devil we have to give final touch up to the project
rp-yes gety ready fast and come down in 10 mints for breakfast
all run to their room arjun talking with ladies
swara-battery by this speed we cant find it u go their i go their if u find call me
swara was searching but suddenly someone pull her into room she was about to shout but that person closed her mouth with his pam by this sudden action swara closed her eyes
person-the one who make fear on her employee by her one gaze she has closed her eye
swara opens her eyes saw sanky
swara-what are u doing wear some clothes have some shame only wearing towel
sanky-if u want i can remove it to

sanky-u like my packs na then see it closely jaan
swara-are u drunk
sanky-before your s*xy figure alchol is also not have any effect
swara-u ar
sanky-place his index fingure on her lips…..let me concentrate
swara of a sudden with all force pull sanky pin him to wall
swara-yes dont waste tym we should focus on
sanky-fearfully…. on
swara-i am thinking to make u mother of my child
sanky-u want to rape me
swara-yes…that will be the headlines of tomorrow that the great business tycon sanskar maheshwari is been raped then society will taunt u then u became pregnent ur dad says to abort ur child if u do so then i will come again and rape u…and if not he will throw u out …..nobody will help u every goan girl will see u lustly…..then u so how get job and give delivery then people ask who blood is that kid people try to take ur advantage
swara-dont spoil my mood baby and push him on the bed she takes out flower from vask and comes toward him he was shivering swara rub the flower on his chest…and by seeing him swara burst out in laugh
swara-u idiot dumbo does men get pregnent
sanky he was sweeting
sanky- u know that i was just teasing u
swara-yes…beta sanky from the school u learn flirting its i am still tuting its principle
sanky-you were not afraid of loosing ur dignity

swara-instead of u someone else was their i would have definitely afraid…but u are pure sole who cant do such thing…ok get ready and come down for breakfast
swara comes out and see laughing
swara-what happen
veer-we are really mad we are searching first kitchen …..when i was tired of finding i asked bhabi about it she told me the food bride prepare first tym after marriage is called pehli rasoi
veer-where were u
swara told him everything both burst out in laugh
in dinning table all were seated for breakfast execpt swara after sometime she came and sit beside veer but for her bad luck all the food were served
rags-dont i will make something quickly
ap-swara if u dont mind we all will share
swara-dont worry aunty chillex rago u all know na my mini mom is their
dp-what u mean beta
swara-plz look toward battery plate
all see it …it is filled completely with food not inch space remaining
lucky-know we get it…he had a fear that till when u arrive whole food will be finshed
swara-thats why he is my sweety
swaveer-eat in one plate all were admiring their bond but sanky was jealous but he also doesnt know the reason all had their breakfast
lucky-dad bro i will catch u guys in meeting only
dp-dont be late
all mm goes inside except sanky swaveer is standing as they were waiting for car
sanky-today was very nice
swara-day is not completed yet
sanky-ha i know….and u battery u were really funny
veer feared because he know what is going to happen veer hold her hand
swara-his name is veer

sanky-but he do the activity of battery only
swara-(full on anger)i said his name is veer….dont cross your limit sanskar maheshwari….only i have the right to call him battery….i am warning you…. if i can solve your house problem i can destroy you all in seconds only
sanky(equally angry)-oh really miss mehra who doesnt have gutts to say that u are swara janaki mehra
swara-i dont want to show off
in the mean while all comes out…arjun raglak also comes…they try solve but swasan warn them not to interfer
sanky-for him you fighting with me…just tell which kind of frnds you are bst frnd or bed frnd
swara-every one is not creep like u bustered
sanky-u pr*stitute(by hearing it veers rags and arjun blood boiled before they take action swara takes it)
swara gives him tight slap in return sanky twist her hand but he get a punch all shocks she the person its veer first tym they are seeing veer angry face in short a deadly dangerous anger
veer-today u dared to touch her …. but in future u think it in your dream also ur head is rotating in ground apart from your body …. veer has became dentist before 4yrs only before that veer was raghuveer rajvashi the don till know people fears from my name like hell dont force me to became like before
all were shock
sanky-by keeping tiger in cage it forget to hunt
swara-but still tiger is tiger dont forget that…..battery come
sanky mali kaka open both dollar champ but for this tym they didnt run or feared they stood their as the dogs approch near swara takes out the gun shoot on the ground by hearing the sound dogs run away all shocks and feared by seeing their behaviour
arjun-swaveer come lets go

they goes from their sanky thinks why he get anger and he also leaves
in car
no one is speaking all were silent
swara-anyone has died for which keeping silence to get peace to their soul
arjraglak-where shocked by her changed mood
veer-they dont be bore yrr ….if u are afraid of me then no need to be yrr i am a changed person
rags-no yrr we are not u are the same veer which we know before it doesnt matter what were you before it only matters know what u are know
swara-pagali dont see the serial to much u became like daily soap actress
veer mimics rags they all enjoy the ride and reach gd
all welcomes them sumi was little angry on arjun he notice it and take her aside and ask about the reason
sumi-that sanskar was abusing your sister u were standing like statue their
arjun-how u know about it
sumi-ap called me and told mre about everything
arjun-u were not afraid of veer
sumi- say the same line which rags said
arjun-smile know i got know from the feature of acting gets in to rags

then raglak bhag phere is completed sumi shekhar gift a beautiful saari to rags and a branded watch laksh they takes blessing and go …arohi was sad all tried to cheer her but fails then veer and swara comes veer has wore blue tshirt and black jeans and swara pink anarkali suit
veer-hello we are here to take our sister arohi and arjun for pug phere
swara-only if she except us as her sibbling
arohi hugs both and nodes in yes
arjun-u both have cooked i will not come
arohi-they are not asking u mr gadodiya they are telling u ,,,,dont dare to trouble them come
arjun-sari duniya ek trf joru ka bhai ek trf
they goes to swaveer house
they had prepared juice noodles bread with butter and jam…milk biscuit and namakin
veer-we both doesnt know cooking
arohi-its fine
they have complete the lunch swara gives saari with making jewellry and veer give honeymoon ticket to swizerland
after that both swaveer depart to their destination after hours of meeting project goes to maheshwaris swara congratulates them but avoid sanky he was hur by this before leaving wara turn
swara-mr dp its my mom’s dream project it should be perfect if anyone takes their personal issue in project it wont be good for them and for maheshwari group…….and goes from their
adarsh-i thought after morning incident she wont give this project to us
rp-thats whyvevery businessman wants to do business with her she never mix personal and professional relationhip
swaveer house
swara cames and takes out her mom asthi kalsh and sleep by hugging it veer and sumi comes to call her for dinner but see her sleeping hugging asthi kalash sumi moves toward swara but veer stops her and takes her out
veer-let her be with her moms asthi kalsh today because tomorrow is asthi viserjan
sumi-u came and have something
veer-no aunty i cant leave her alone …..she is broken from inside she need me
sumi -i will send food
veer-no aunty when she is hungry i cant able to eat

sumi kiss his fore head and goes
in morning
swaveer dress up in white and goes near to river gadodiyas follows them swara completes all ritual priest and ask to do asthi viserjan in river swara slowly goes as her leg were not moving she and veer reach to river they are standing in some distance to the shore
swara untie the clothes tied abive the kalash and puts the kalash in away that asthi falls and mix in river and leaves the kalash swara is standing like lifeless body but sudden see the kalash going away
swara-shouts mammaaa dont leave me and start going toward the kalash
veer-control yourself swara
swara-leave me my mamma is going away by leaving …..i cant stay without her…
veer-ur mamma has already left this world
swara-leave me i want to go to mom
veer gives her tight slap…..swara hugs veer and cry why leaved me
all gd were seeing them with teary eyes
veer is with swara as a shadow….but swara disappeared…..after searching her everywhere he got her but she was not in her sense she was drunk veer manage to take her to badi where all gd were waiting for them by seeing swara drunk dida slap her
arohi-maa dida did right she cant distroy her like this
swara-then their is some other way also
arjun-shona care ful(because she was unable to stand)
swara see janaki in sumi so she goes to her by falling and geting up she reached toward sumi and hugs her mamma u came back why you leaved me
sumi understands swara is imagining her as janaki

swara sits down and make her sit also sumi see swara with teary eyes
swara-dont cry mamma its burns me from inside you always cried because of me……… ha u cried that day first tym because me when you got high fever no one was their to help us i bought medicine for u ..u throwed it out because u thought i have stolen it and u cried a lot but mamma i didnt stolen i have begged money with beggers and from that money i have purchased your medicine
sumi-cares her hair you have begged
swara nodes innocently
swara-then u cried haa remember u work as a maid in others house but u didnt get that much money from which we both can eat food but u always feed me and u act like u are eating but maa i know that u are acting thats why i worked in circus as joker when i bring the money u thought i have some criminal activity for first and last tym u slapped me and cried alot by hugging me
arohi-come lets go
swara-no mom is angry on me……yeah know i remember why you are angry….u are angry because i killed that creep na
swara-what was my mistake when i came from school a beast is tring to play with your dignity thats why i killed that creep because i was eleveen i got seven years of imprisonment …they beated me like animal does give me anything to eat only sometime i get that..but i have get the education facility…. i was happy because you were with kokila and gopi aunty…… u are angry because you came with bail papers but i never came with you….mamma if i do so people will got one more reason to comment u ……by saying u are the mom of a criminal…..when i was freed before one year because of my behaviour i tried many things i jumped from bridge cut my nerves and hanged my self tosave you from society comments…but this battery comes and saved me.. by saying she fall unconcious veer pick her up and place in bed and comes out and sits in couch by closing his eyes
shekher breaks down-its all because of me my child suffered a lot

dont worry sanky will not turn negative
plz comment whether swara should forgive shekhar or not??
shocked about veer
recap-veer’s point of view…..slap…..entry of villans

Credit to: unknown


  1. Priya

    No don’t make Swara forgive sekhar plz janaki as single mother bought swara don’t forgive them

  2. Divyanshri

    |Registered Member

    No swara should never forgive Shekhar….. stupid coward Becz of him he destroyed so many lives….. hate him……
    Love u….. awsome episode u made me 😢

  3. little princess

    Awesome chappy…so emotional too…swara should not forgive shekhar… She n her mom suffered alot just bcoz of him..her childhood is spoiled by them…after too much struggle only they reached in such a position… If she was in a poor condition n all,will they accept her…they may taunt her by saying that its all bcoz of her upbringing…they said the same abt her before knowing abt her real identity…swara is right…veer is her only family..only he can understand her n support her in every situations..try to bring some betterment in her relationship with everyone…but she should not forgive them so easily as they all r at fault for their sufferings…why dida slapped her??..no one has the right to raise their hands except veer…
    Swara-veer bonding is really adorable… Loved them alot..they r the best..sanskar was too much..how could he speak ill abt her n her frndshp with veer..i thnk sanskar had fallen in love with swara..but he is not realising it…let him realise it n start their love story… Waiting for next episode… Update it asap..loved ur ff…

  4. AnuAnn

    |Registered Member

    Wt an episode yaar… 1st part was too funny.. Later become emotional .. I don’t want swara too forgive shekar easily

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