Ragini and her husband (part-6)

Guysss… missed this story..?? I’m so sorry for being very late. I felt this story was boring, that’s why didn’t update it. But, as i mentioned it’s a short story.. this is last episode..

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key points to remember in this story…

1. This story is happening around 1947’s the early days of independence.
2. The whole story happens in a small village.
3. Laksh and Ragini here are village persons. You have to imagine Laksh as a village boy with khadi shirt and dothi. Ragini in simple olden days half saree. Visit any old hindi movies to imagine them. I recommend, ‘mother India’ old movie.
Imagine all other characters in same way..

Then Sahil himself makes a plan for booking Laksh. He appoints a man for that. He robs the jewellery of god in the temple. That man puts half of the gold in the cow shed of Laksh’s house. Laksh won’t observe it. But that man observers that Laksh is sleeping outside and Ragini inside.

He says this to Sahil. He feels happy and says another plan to that man. That man calls the all neighbours and takes them to Laksh’s house.

They see he was sleeping out. “Have you seen? This young couple are fooling all the villagers. They act as wife and husband. They have married on a purpose.”

Laksh wakes up to those sounds. Ragini too comes out of the house.

“See their acting!” while that man is shouting like that, another man comes and slaps him hard.

“Don’t you have shame to make this topic a mess? They are wife and husband. It’s their wish to live as they like.” says that man.

“Don’t try to blame Ragini or Laksh again. We all know how good boy is Laksh and how nice is Ragini.” says another woman. “Come on let’s leave the place. Sorry Laksh and Ragini.” Says those people and goes away.

That man looks at Sahil over there and leaves the place. They understand that it’s Sahil’s plan.

While he is about to go, Laksh comes in front of him and says, “Ragini is mine. Never again do your cheap tricks to separate us. We will be together always.”
Ragini feels lovely with his words.

Sahil leaves the place.

Laksh comes near her. She says, “I’m fed up with this landlord’s son. I want to kill him!”

Laksh laughs. She is about to go inside.

Laksh: You know Ragu! I’m feeling hungry.

She feels amazed as he called her closely with pet name.

Ragini: dint you eat anything from morning?

Laksh: I have waited for your lunch. But you didn’t come.

She feels sad and says, “I’m sorry Laksh! Just few minutes. I will prepare some thing.” and she goes inside.

She prepares rice and serves it with mango pappu to him. Laksh eats and says, “Umm…delicious.”

Ragini: All people believe us. Their belief has saved us.

Laksh: Yes, if we be good, everyone will be good with us.

Ragini thinks for a while and gets half of the money from Laksh’s salary.

Ragini: I don’t want to change your life into a selfish person. You used to spend all your money for people, but from now half of it.

Laksh: You are too kind Ragini. If there is another woman in your place, she never does like this.

Ragini: I’m not too kind. I’m saving half of money right! But it is important. They are helpful for household things. Even though in future, we have to save something for our kids!

She suddenly closes her mouth on what she said. Laksh calmly gets up and says, “Let’s go to bazaar tomorrow. We need some household things.” and goes out to sleep.

“Didn’t he listen what I said?” she thinks.

Next morning they go to bazaar.
Ragini: don’t Jamindar will be angry on you? You have skipped work today.

Laksh: I have asked him just yesterday that I will come afternoon.

Ragini: you are somewhat irregular to your work after I came into your life. Don’t you think?

Laksh: Of course I’m! Even Jamindar is giving me advices to bunk the work and enjoy with wife. But, I’m really punctual.

Ragini laughs. Suddenly some men come and surround Laksh.

“Jamindar has asked us to take you near him. You have robbed the god’s jewellery from temple.” They say and show the bag. “We found this in your cowshed.” Laksh and Ragini are shocked with this.

“No Anna! Laksh didn’t do that. Something is wrong in this matter.” says Ragini.
(anna means brother)

“Jamindar says everything. Let’s go!” that men says and takes Laksh to racha banda. All village people come there and keep on shouting that Laksh didn’t do this. He is innocent. Ragini’s eyes keep on tearing. Her parents too come there and stand with her.

(racha banda means court, this word used in olden days in telugu regions and Jamindar means head of village)

Jamindar comes to the stage. Everyone becomes silent.

Jamindar: Laksh! This is second time you are coming here. I hope this was not done by you. But we found the jewellery bag in your house. What do you say about this?

Laksh: You have believed what you seen. You may give punishment.

Jamindar: So, you accept this sin.

Ragini: Laksh, don’t be stupid like that. Everybody knows that you have not done this. Say loudly that it was not your fault. Why do you be silent for your innocence?

Jamindar: Tell me Laksh!

Laksh: If I say just by words do you believe me? You want proofs for everything. Just believe your proof.

Ragini: Laksh…..

Jamindar: then pay for your stubbornness. Beat him 100 times with whip.

One man will start beating him with whip. Ragini will be requesting to leave him. Even all the villagers support Laksh. But Jamindar was on his duty.

Sahil will be laughing looking at this. Ragini sees him. She understands that it was his plan. He goes behind a tree. Nobody can see him.

Ragini comes in front of him and asks, “Why are you doing this with Laksh? What do you want?”

Sahil: My war, my plans are for you Ragini.

Ragini: “How dare you to say like that. I’m somebody’s wife.

Sahil: Now, don’t waste your time. He will die if he gets 100 whip beats. Of course, he is a strong and muscular body man. But still he is a human. He can’t survive with them.

Ragini listens to Laksh’s shouts due to whip beats. She feels sad listening to them.

Ragini: What do you want? On what condition you are going to prove that he is innocent?

Sahil: leave that Laksh and marry me.

“That’s it!” they listen to Jamindar’s voice. They turn back to see him.

“I know very well about Laksh’s innocence. But I wanted proofs. Now, proof is clear. Everyone heard!” shouts Jamindar.

Laksh is released. Ragini runs towards him.

Sahil is taken into custody.

Jamindar: this cunning Sahil has troubled Laksh and Ragini very much. I know that this was done by Sahil. But he was now caught red handed. I was helpless about Laksh because I have to prove the truth. For that I need to all this. I’m sorry for that Laksh!

Laksh: It’s okay sir! At least the truth came out.

Ragini will be wiping the blood coming out from his mouth. She puts her head on his shoulder.

Jamindar: You idiot Sahil! You wanted to trap an innocent girl and you have cheated this village racha banda. You need to face your sins for cheating a nice person as Laksh. Your punishment is 100 whip beats and abolishment from this village!

The landlord comes and requests the Jamindar to take back the punishment.

Laksh: Sir! Leave Sahil

Everyone amazes with his words. Even Sahil amazes.

Jamindar: but why Laksh? He cheated you much.

Laksh: I’m asking for that poor father. He shouldn’t be childless.
Everyone gets moved with his words.

Jamindar: My word is word. He will be punished!

Laksh: the mistakenly punished persons will be given a wish on this racha banda. My wish is, please excuse Sahil and leave him.

Everyone amazes again and praises Laksh.

Jamindar: Today I’m feeling sad that why you aren’t my son Laksh! You have tied me with racha Banda’s rule. Okay, I’m releasing him.

Landlord and Sahil feel happy.

Shomi: At first I felt sad of making my daughter’s marriage with you. But, her choice is correct. You are a nice boy Laksh. God bless you.

Shekar: I know about him. That’s why I have agreed for their marriage.

Later the landlord and Sahil come near them.

Landlord: Laksh! I have cheated your parents and grabbed their land. For that they have done suicide. Still, you helped me today. You are really great. I’m thankful to you always. I’m sorry for what I have done.

Sahil: yes Laksh! Today, you have given me life again. I can’t forget your excuse. Ragini! I’m sorry for what all I done. I promise I will never enter into your life again. I’m leaving to city.

Jamindar: Yes you have to be far from this village.

They will go away. Jamindar appreciates Laksh. They namskars to him and they leave.


Ragini will be treating to the wounds of Laksh which are on back. She is putting warm water dipped cloth. Whenever she keeps, he shouts in pain. Whenever he shouts a tear from her eye falls on his back. He tries to control his shouts as she is crying but he can’t bear the pain.

Laksh: ragu! Your tears are dipping my back.

Ragini: Laksh, I’m the reason for this condition. I’m a bad lady.
She starts crying. He sits and looks at her.

Laksh: When did you start loving me Ragini?

She looks at him.

Ragini: The day, when you said about your past. I liked a helpful person in you. You said that you have none. Then itself I have decided, I have to be with you forever. But I was not dare enough to express my love.

Laksh smiles looking at her. She too smiles.

Ragini: You know, that night I was looking at you from window as along it was sunrise. Morning, I left to get flowers.

Laksh: I still feel bad for the words I said you Ragini! I didn’t even understand how I spoke like that.

Ragini: leave it! Misunderstandings are very common.

Laksh: But you know, later I felt if those words are really truth how great it would be.

She laughs.

Ragini: I really wanted you to propose that morning. But looking at your anger, everything was failed.

Laksh is silent.

Ragini: However you are already in love with me. I thought you won’t reject my wish.

Laksh (amazingly): How did you know that I love you?

Ragini: On the marriage day, you have looked me after the curtain is removed. Then itself you have started loving me. Is it right?

Laksh: Yes Ragini! You are absolutely correct.

Both will look at each other lovingly. Suddenly Ragini hugs him. He too puts his hands around her.

Laksh: You could have said me this before.

Ragini: you could have said me earlier.

The end..
…………………………A Cute love story begins………………………….

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