Ragini and her husband (part-5)

key points to remember in this story…

1. This story is happening around 1947’s the early days of independence.
2. The whole story happens in a small village.
3. Laksh and Ragini here are village persons. You have to imagine Laksh as a village boy with khadi shirt and dothi. Ragini in simple olden days half saree. Visit any old hindi movies to imagine them. I recommend, ‘mother India’ old movie.
Imagine all other characters in same way..

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Epi 5

Next morning, Ragini is requesting a girl to come with her somewhere.

“Why are you asking me? You can ask your husband.”

“I don’t want to disturb him.”

Then only Laksh wakes up and comes there.

“Laksh Anna! Your wife wants to go somewhere. She is hesitating to ask you. Take her.” That girl says and goes away.
(anna means brother)

“Shall we go?” he asks.

Ragini will be walking silently. Laksh will be walking behind her. He is smiling looking at her.
“What am I doing? I’m looking affectionately at her. Do I love her or what?” he thinks.

Ragini stops at a place. It’s mango garden. She came to take mangoes. She took gardener permission and starts plucking them.
Laksh tries to help her. She rejects Laksh’s help.

Some mangoes are not reachable. She tries to take them by standing on toes. But she keeps on failing. Laskh looks at her struggle. Then he,

Then suddenly Laksh holds her and lifts her up in his arms, holding her thighs.

She shouts loudly.

Everyone will come there.
“How dare you to touch me.” She shouts on Laksh.
All people shocks.

“What are you saying girl! He is your husband. What’s wrong in it?”
One woman says.

Then Ragini bends her head. Tears starts coming from her eyes, laksh about to say sorry, but suddenly they hear some screams of a boy.
That boy gets drowning in river beside. Laksh is about to go to help him. But Ragini tries to stop him.
But he jumps in river to save him.
“Come back Laksh!” Ragini will be shouting.

Laksh swims in river to save him. Everyone will be seeing. Laksh too gets drowned in river along with that boy.

“Laksh…” shouts Ragini and falls on her keens to ground. She starts crying calling his name.

“There he comes Laksh.” shouts one man. Everyone looks another side. Laksh comes out along with the boy. That boy runs to his mom. Everyone praises Laksh.

Ragini feels happy looking at him. She runs towards him and hugs him suddenly. He amazes with this.

“I was scared. I’m glad you are safe.” She tells crying.
He will melt with her words.

“Thanks Ragini! Nobody has cried for me till now. But, today you gave me a hope that someone is there for me.” Laksh says.

She looks at him. She too amazes with her act and moves far from him. She runs away from there. Lakhs looks on…

She sat at the bank of a pool. She will be looking at the lovingly chit chatting birds and animals.
“What have I done earlier? I hugged him! Why did I do that? I have not done the correct thing. For everyone we are real couple. But I didn’t even commit him as mine.” Ragni thinks.

She looks at the cow and its calf.

“I and Laksh have decided only to be as friends, because it was a forced marriage to both of us. That means, we have to be far forever. That means, I’m not going to have a child?” suddenly tears come from her eyes.

“Why did I marry then!” she shouts loudly.

“I know you have done a wrong thing marrying a wrong man. That’s why this Sahil is still waiting for you.” Says Sahil and comes there.

Ragini: (in fear) what are you doing here? Why did you come?

Sahil: Why did you marry that stupid Laksh? If you have married me, by now you could have lived in rich palace. It’s not late now. You can marry me again.

Ragini: just go away from here. Laksh won’t leave you for your sin.

Some people just come over there. “Sahil, behave yourself. You can’t talk with her like this.” they said.

Sahil: you people think so? Then see this letter! This is written by this girl to me, asking me to meet in this place.
He shows the letter.

Then only Laksh comes. “If she really knows writing she could write. She doesn’t know to read or write!” says Laksh.

“Yes! She doesn’t know to read or write!” say some people.

“Really, Ragini is uneducated?” asks some people.
“Yes, she used to run away from school.” Others say.

Ragini feels embarrassed with their words.
Laksh stands beside her. “Thanks Laksh! Because of you all village came to know I’m illiterate.” She says. He laughs.

“Now say landlord son! Why are you trying to blame her?” asks one man.

“This Nikil will answer everything.” Says Laksh and drags him out of the crowd.

“See the ink on his hands. He is the one who wrote letter just now. The writing in this letter is his hand writing. Now tell idiot! Why did you do like this?” shouts Laksh.

That Nikil scares and says, “Ragini has said me to write this to Sahil.”
Ragini shocks with his words and says, “No, he is telling lies. I never asked him to do it.”

“So, Ragini asked you to do. When did she say?” asks Laksh.

“Just few minutes ago Laksh, when she sat near pond.” says Nikil.

“Don’t lie again idiot! Ragini was sitting alone here. I was seeing her from much time.” says a woman.

Then Laksh hits Nikil and asks, “Tell me! Who has asked you to do this?”

Nikil looks at Sahil. He gestures to be calm.

“Let’s say to Jamindar. He will make this idiot to tell.” says one man.

“Please don’t make this thing popular. Everyone came to know who the culprit is. That’s enough. Leave him.” says Ragini.

Laksh takes Nikil’s collar and says, “Never again try to harm Ragini!” and throws him away. He falls down.

Laksh takes Ragini towards him by holding her shoulder. She keeps on looking at him. “She is my wife. Don’t dare to look at her” says Laksh.

Sahil will be looking with anger at him. Laksh takes away Ragini from there. She is still looking at him. After going some far he leaves her.

Ragini: Thanks Laksh! You have saved me again.

Laksh: You need not thank me. But I’m sorry for that. I have raised you only because you can’t reach the fruits.

Ragini: oh! We forgot the mangoes basket.

They will go back and take the basket. They will be returning again.
‘I thought you are loving me laksh..so, you have held me like that.’ thinks Ragini.

Laksh: What are you thinking?

Ragini: Just a small doubt. You have raised me because I couldn’t reach. Then do you do the same thing with other girls too?

Laksh: Why I shall do this with others? I did this because it’s you!

Ragini (slowly): What do you mean, because it’s me?

Laksh remains silent with her words. She looks at him for the answer. But there is only silence till they reach home.

Later Laksh goes to work. Ragini doesn’t cook anything. She eats only mangoes for that day. Laksh waits for her afternoon. But she will not bring lunch. ‘I think she is angry with me still…’ he thinks.

Jamindar gives salary to Laksh and says, “You didn’t use to save your salary. You used to spend it on people to help them. But now, it’s not like that. You have got a family now. You have to take care of your wife. Give this salary to her.” Laksh agrees and goes.

He gives money to her.

Ragini: Why are you giving your salary to me?

Laksh: Now, you are the owner of this house. I don’t know how to run the house. So, you take care of them.

Ragini: I too don’t know looking after the house. Even though, I don’t have right on your money.

She is about to go away, but he holds her hand and puts money in her hands.

Laksh: Not mine or yours. Everything is ours.

She looks at him.
Laksh: In my childhood when my mother was angry, she too used to talk like this. Then my father used to tell those words. I didn’t understand the meaning of it then. But, I know now.

She is still looking at him. He smiles and he will do his work.

Ragini: Can I ask you one thing?

He looks at her.

Ragini: you have believed me only after knowing that I’m illiterate. If I know reading or writing you could have misunderstood me still! Is that so?

Laksh: You are still thinking about yesterday? I’m a sentiment less man Ragini. I was grown up all alone. I don’t know how to talk with women. I don’t know how to make them happy.

Ragini: But you know how to make me sad…

Laksh: Ragini…

She wipes her tears and says again, “If I really wrote such a letter what was wrong in that Laksh? I have asked you to love me, accept me. Is that what there in that letter? What was wrong in that? I have asked you! Nobody else! Then what was my mistake that made you anger?” Lkash shocks with her straight question and remains silent.

Ragini: Okay leave it. We still didn’t come to know who wrote that.

Laksh: You didn’t understand still? It’s written by Nikil. It is his hand writing. I think he is helping Sahil. Yesterday’s letter and today’s letter, both are written by Nikil.

Ragini: Why this Sahil is still back of me. Why he is torturing me like this?

Laksh: You know what Ragini..! You could have really married that Sahil itself. I guess he may never make you cry. And, you could have not got these many problems.

Listening to it she gets angry and slaps him. He shocks.

Ragini: You really make me cry always. You never understand me!

She starts crying lying on bed. He goes out and closes the door. He sleeps at his place.
“Did i hurt her again..? did i say anything wrong..? i was just trying to tell, if she would have married Sahil, he wouldn’t have created any problems. Moreover, she would have lived happily in that rich palace. Why she said no to him and married a simple man like me..?” thinks Laskh and remembers her words once.

“A rich man’s proud palace is good that a poor man’s loving hut.”

He turns in other direction, then he remembers her other words,
“If i really wrote such letter to you, what was wrong in that..?”

Laksh turns up again and he looks at moon. “Does she love me for true..?” he thinks and smiles. And remembers the way she cried for him that morning.

Sahil decides to book Laksh and Ragini again. Nikil rejects to help him being afraid of Laksh. Then Sahil himself makes a plan for that.
He appoints a man for that. He robs the jewellery of god in the temple. That man puts half of the gold in the cow shed of Laksh’s house. Laksh won’t observe it as he is sleeping.

But that man observers that Laksh is sleeping outside and Ragini inside. He informs this to Sahil.

Sahil: now, i got a nice chance to book you Laksh and Ragini..!!

Precap: a blame on Laksh. Jamindar’s punishment to him. Ragini will save him..?

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