Ragini ff – story of my story (Chapter 2)

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Chapter 2
3rd July 1998, Cochin
Dear Vaibhav
I am really happy that u got into IIT-D. Why can’t parents be a bit more understanding? How I wish I could study in Delhi. I knew that I can easily get into LSR with my academic records. What fun will it be to hang out together! But my mother says no. My dad seconds her. They want me to study here.

The college is not really bad. It is the best in the state and the oldest too. It’s a matter of prestige if u get in here. My parents have not stopped boasting to anyone who will listen that I have got into St. Agnes. I miss our gang in school. I wish my dad had not got a transfer here. We could still have been together then.
Take care

9th July 1998, Delhi
Dearest Ragini
We have to except the things we cannot change. I miss u a lot. I got ur letter just now and I’m replying immediately. My orientation is tomorrow. I’m exited! I cannot believe I’m an IITian now! I love the campus, hostel and everything else.
I tried calling u but your mother hung up on me. Looks like I have to wait for ur letters. It reaches me only on the 5th day of ur posting it. Five days is so long. But it’s better than nothing I guess. Do tell me how u like ur college. It must have started by the time my letter reaches u.

Before the advent of Internet we wrote letters by hand and waited eagerly for the postman to deliver one. Looking back I am surprised. Given how conservative, strict and Indian my parents were, they actually allowed me to write letters to a boy, considering the fact that I was not allowed to invite boys home or to visit any boy’s house, even if I was with a grp of girls. Perhaps they let me write letters as no one would SEE them whereas going out with them meant that people would SEE and they would talk.

The first feeling I had when I entered the college gates was that of breathlessness. I had hurried to make it in time for the first day at college. I could not believe that my school days were actually over and I was officially a college student. No more school uniforms. No more strict rules. No more being treated as a kid. I would be 18 on my next bday and officially an adult. I felt exited as legally it meant I was eligible to marry and to vote. The flip side immediately struck me too. I would no longer be a juvenile and could be arrested too. Of course at that time I had no idea how dangerously close I’d come to it. It was exhilarating feeling – like a caterpillar emerging out of a cocoon. I could hardly wait. It would take at least 20 pages of writing to describe my college to Vaibhav. The buildings were smart, modern and clean. There was a solitary tree in the middle of the courtyard, standing proudly on which hung a bell

The campus area was about 5 acres and the building had expanded vertically. There were 3 wings- the old, the new and the hostels. The old wing had spellbinding architecture and I gazed at it’s beautiful arches. The wing had a very large, well equipped library spread over three floors the administrative office and the principal’s office. Four spotless wooden showcases with crystal clear glass and 2 deep brown rosewood tables proudly displayed the glittering trophies Agnites had won over the past 80 yrs. It was giving a very positive and vibrant feeling.

The auditorium was large and easily accommodated all the students. The setup was very impressive and so was the principal, a nun named Sister Evangeline who welcomed us in perfect English. Never in my life I had seen so many girls in one place. Throughout my life I had studied in co-ed schools where men were a part of my world. Suddenly being thrust into an atmosphere without any had taken me completely by surprise. Everywhere I turned or looked it was girls, girls and more girls. The college must have had nearly 3000 students and it seemed that almost all of them had turned at the auditorium. I looked forward eagerly to the class that would begin soon.

Ragini Mehra- Tejasswi Prakash
Avantika Mehra- Manasi Salvi
Abhay Mehra- Ronit Roy
Vaibhav Sharma- Shivin Narang

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