Ragini FF- Love Once Again CH–31

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CH – 31
Scene starts with Rudra’s shocked face.
Ragini – I am sorry Rudra, its just ….. woh i am having a headache, can i go home… plz….
Rudra – Okay Ragini , i will ask driver to drop you.
Ragini – No, i can go… plz try to understand.
Rudra nods, Ragini takes her bag & leaves office.

Rudra – I know Ragini, there is something which is bothering you… And i will find it out.
Scene shifts to Maheshwari Mansion —
Here DP & Annapurna call everybody & tell there decision of getting Ragini married to Nikhil.
All were shocked….
Swara – What… but badi Maa….. Nikhil…..

Annapurna – Haa Swara, he is a nice guy & will keep Ragini happy.
Swara – But badi Maa , did you ask Ragini… Is she ready…
DP – Yes Swara, we have talked to both Ragini & Nikhil.

Swara looks at Nikhil who was smiling at her. Even though he was her friend she was getting doubts abt him.
Sujata – All that thing is ok jiji… but what will society say, that we are getting our widow daughter in law re married bcz she is burden on us.
Ram glares at Sujata.

Annapurna- Let them say what they wanna say…. but it is our daughter’s marriage. And today i have also called Pandit jii for taking out Ragini & Nikhil ‘s engagement date. They all nod & goes to there room.

Here in his cabin Rudra was thing abt the reason Ragini was looking upset.
Rudra – What must have happened? Did Nikhil do something? Whom to ask?
He thinks to ask Swara, so calls her.
Here Swara too was not happy with Ragini & Nikhil marriage talks. Suddenly her mobile rings.
Swara – Hello…
Rudra – Haa… Swara , I am Rudra..

Swara – Oh yaa, Rudra say….

Rudra – Is everything fine…
Swara – Matlab…
Rudra- woh actually Ragini was looking upset today, she told me that she had a headache & needed a break.. So..
Swara – Nothing Rudra… She must had a headache…. She did not wanted to tell him.
Rudra – Oh okay.. Bye…
He was abt to cut when,

Swara – Rudra…..
Rudra – Yes Swara…
Swara – Woh actually ………. Badi Maa & Bade Papa wants Ragini to get married to Nikhil.
Rudra was shocked hearing it…. Mobile slips of his hands….
Swara – Hello Rudra are you there….. Hello.. She thinks phone is cut……
Here tears flow from Rudra’s eyes. He was angry..
Rudra- Nikhil…. But first i have to talk to Ragini.
He takes out his car keys & leaves from the office……..

Screen freezes……

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