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Scene starts in Maheshwari Mansion, Ragini’s room—

Ragini opens her eyes shocked. She had tears in her eyes.
Ragini- No, how can this happen.. I cant give Laksh’s place to anyone. No…
She again closes her eyes & again sees Rudra’s face. She opens her eyes & wipes her tears.
Ragini- No, this cant happen… I have to stay away from Rudra… She looked determined…
Here Nikhil goes to Annapurna’s room—
DP & Annapurnna were seeing Laksh’s pic & talking abt him.
Nikhil- Can i come in.
DP- Nikhil betta come naa…
Nikhil- Woh Uncle… woh…
Annapurna – What happened Beta… Say naa…
Nikhil act like a innocent guy.
Nikhil- Woh Aunty… I don’t know how to say, but i came here to talk abt Ragini.
DP & Annapurna- Ragini… What happened to her beta…
Nikhil- Nothing happened to her aunty, actually i was thinking that Ragini has become so dull, Aunty its been more then 8 months , i cant see her like this.. so don’t u think she too deserves happiness. Aunty now Laksh cant come back but Ragini have her life so…
DP- You are right beta.. We too were thinking that Ragini needs someone.
Annapurna- Nikhil… beta will u marry Ragini..
Nikhil (act like innocent) – Aunty … mein… Woh..
DP- Its ok betta, we understand.. tum..
Nikhil- Nahi Uncle, mujhe Ragini se shaadi karne mein koi problem nahi h but, Ragini bhi ready honni chahiye naa…
Annapurna- Dont worry beta , I will talk to Ragini…

Scene shifts to Rudra –
Rudra walks angrily inside the Raichand Mansion. Avantika , Vijaya sees him, but he walks to his room.
Vijaya- Maa, I have never seen Rudra in so much anger…
Avantika- Hmmm, wait i will go & talk to him.
Rudra in his room was throwing things on floor.
Avantika comes & stops him.
Avantika- Rudra, what happened beta..
Rudra – I saw that Nikhil mom, he is still out… when he shld be in jail…
Avantika- Rudra.. Dont worry he will not harm them, for him Laksh is dead.. He just want Ragini & u have to save her for now…
Rudra- U are right mom…
Avantika- And now go & get fresh we are waiting for u at dinner… Rudra nods…

Next Day In MM—
Ragini after getting ready for office comes to Annapurna.
Ragini- Maa , u called me.. DP was also there.
Annapurna- Ha Ragini, woh i & DP ji wanted to talk to you.
Ragini- Haa Maa tell na…
Annapurnna- Ragini see beta we want u to be happy in life, so we want u to re-marry.
Ragini with tears- Maa…
DP- Plz beta, see Laksh will not return he is dead.. plz & we have choosen Nikhil for u.. he is good guy & will keep u happy…
Ragini- Fine whatever u all think i will do that..
Ragini walks out from there.
Nikhil was listening everything by hiding…
Nikhil- Dont worry Ragini, Once we get married u will be mine… He smirks.
Here Ragini reaches Raichand office. She was still thinking abt Annapurna & DP’s decision. She goes to her cabin. She looks at Rudra who was seeing an important file. Rudra senses her gaze on him. He looks at Ragini’s cabin. She was working.
Rudra- Why did i felt that Ragini was looking at me.
Here Ragini noticing Rudra gonna look at her start pretending to work.
After few minutes Rudra calls Ragini in his cabin.
Ragini comes. Rudra was talking abt a project but Ragini was in her own world. Rudra notices this.
Rudra- Ragini, he shakes her a little…
Ragini- hmmm, What???
Rudra- What happened Ragini, u are looking lost? Any problem.
Ragini- abbb No… nothing…
Rudra- Ragini, u know na u can share it with me…
Ragini- Enough… Haa what do u think … Stop interfering in my life Mr Rudra raichand…
Rudra was shocked at Ragini’s outburst.
Rudra- Ragini…
Ragini realises what she said..
Ragini- Woh… I am sorry… Rudra… plz I want a break … Can i go home…
Rudra nods. Ragini leaves from there.
Rudra- I know Ragini something is wrong … And i will find about it….

Screne freezes on Rudra’s face…..

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  2. Shrilatha

    where were u i missed this ff..i know i didnt comment but i was not on tu that time ..i love all ur ff..could tell u r ff names so that if i missed any i could read them.and this this is awesome

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  4. Hoooooo………. U r taking tooo muchhhh break…….. Give us atleast once in week

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    after a long time…where you go dear….missed ur ff’s….plz update every ff dear…. ragini- rishto ko jode ti ek dor update that ff dear and another ragsan ff also….plz update dear….waiting for ur update..
    it’s awesome update dear….tkcr dear…

  6. After a long break, superb dear. Please update your other ff also

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    fab but really sorry for late comment xx

  8. A.xx

    fab and really sorry for late comment xx

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