Ragini FF- Love Once Again CH–29

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Scene starts with Rudra crying & fall down on road. Just then someone keeps his hands on Rudra’s shoulders. Rudra turns & is shocked to see the person.
Rudra – TUM….
Scene changes to MM—
Annapurna – Arrey Nikhil beta… U must be tired naa… Swara show him guest room, & since Shekher ji & Sharmishtha ji is also not in city, he will stay here only.

Swara takes him to guest room.
Annapurna- Ragini , beta u too go to ur room & get fresh.
Ragini nods & leaves from there.
Ragini enters her room & keeps her bag. She goes to washroom. She splashes some water on her face. She looks at the mirror. She gets the flashback of Rudra saving her from kidnappers that day & how she hugged him today being afraid. All there flashback came in her mind.
Just then she comes to her senses.

Ragini- Yeh Kya ho raha hai mujhe… Why am i thinking abt Rudra… Why i am getting attracted to him, Why do i feel safe in his arms, why ??? Am I…..
No… This cant happen… I cant fall for him, I am only of my Laksh.. How can i even think abt someone else… A drop of tear falls down her cheeks.. She closes her eyes… She sees Laksh face but within a sec it was replaced by Rudra’s face… She opens her eyes shocked…

Scene Shifts to Guest room—
Nikhil was roaming here & there. He was thinking something.
Nikhil—Aaahhh… Abb Intezaar Nahi hotta… I wanna make Ragini mine as soon as possible.. But how to talk abt marriage.. He thinks & smirks…
Nikhil- I know what i have to do…

Screen frezes on his smriking face…..

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