Ragini FF- Love Once Again CH–28

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Scene starts with Rudra angrily staring at Nikhil.
Nikhil looks towards Rudra & acts like he don’t know who is he.
(Nikhil knows that he is Rudra Raichand, Ragini’s boss & frnd… He does not know he is Laksh only..)
Nikhil- Yeh kon hai …
Swara- Nikhil, yeh Rudra hai Ragini ke dost & boss.
Nikhil- oo…He forwards his hands to shake.
Rudra glares at him. Then he fakes a smile & shakes his hands with him.
Rudra- Kk Aunty i shld leave now.
Annapurnna- Beta… atleast have food with us.
Rudra- No Aunty its kk..
Before leaving he looks at Ragini who in turns smiles a little assuring him that she is fine.
Rudra leaves MM but not before throwing a angry , hateful glare at Nikhil.
It did not go unnoticed by Nikhil. He gets thinking.
Here Rudra drives his car at full speed. He was angry… on himself, on his faith, that even being close to Ragini & Family he cant revel his identity. All the flashback of Nikhil attacking him came infront of his eyes. His eyes were red. He stops the car in mid road & gets out. He looks towards sky & shouts,
Rudra- Why, why god.. why u did it with me… I cant keep my family away from that bastard Nikhil, I cant revel his true face… then why did u save me… why did not u let me die…why??? And he breaksdown…

Screen freezes on Rudra’s face….

Precap- Nikhil try to pressurize Ragini to marry him… Ragini decides to stay away from Rudra…

Note– Ok i know i am posting after a month…srry for that… hope u guys will like it…

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