Ragini FF- Love Once Again CH–27

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Scene starts in car. Ragini was still afraid of whatever happened.
Rudra noticed this. He stopped the car mid-way.
Rudra- Ragini… He touched her hands..
Ragini jerked. She looked at him.
Rudra cups her cheeks.
Rudra- Ragini, relax i am with u naa…
Ragini nods… She hugs him & started crying like a baby. (She was very much afraid with whatever happened in last 2 days with her..)
Rudra hugs her tightly. He felt bad for her.

After sometime Ragini stopped crying. She felt secured in Rudra’s embrace.
Rudra breaks the hug realising Ragini was normal.
Rudra- Ragini are u kk now..
Ragini- Huh…
Rudra drives towards MM. They arrive MM. Ragini runs inside MM & hugs Annapurnna & sobs.
All were shocked to see Ragini like this. Rudra to comes inside.
Annpurnna- Ragini what happened betta…
Swara- Rudra what happened…
Rudra tells them whatever happened…
All were shocked..
DP- Thank u betta… He said keeping his hands on Rudra’s head.

Rudra was emotional but controlled himself while DP felt as he is someone close to his heart..
Sanskaar- But we have to find out who is targeting Ragini… First kidnapping & then this..
Rudra- U all don’t worry… I have told my confidential man to find out.
Ragini was now calm & composed…
“Ragini” all hear a voice. They look towards door. It was Nikhil.
He comes inside & act innocently.
Swara- Nikhil when did u came.
Nikhil- Arrey today only i came,thought to surprise u all.
Rudra was burning with anger seeing Nikhil. He remembered how he attacked him & threw him of clif. Just bcz of him he was staying away from his family & his Ragini. He wanted to beat Nikhil but he knew if he does anything now Nikhil can be more dangerous & harm his family.
Screen freezes on Rudra’s angry face…

Precap- Nikhil try to pressurize Ragini to marry him… Ragini decides to stay away from Rudra…

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    Outstanding one
    Super duper update
    Totally loved it
    Now what will rudra gonna do
    Precap seems bit disappointed
    As ragini is gonna make distance from rudra
    Eagerly waiting to read more
    Please do continue soon

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