Ragini FF episode 1.

Hei guyz. In this FF ragini will be a modell This will be a new start. Guyz plz do comment. Let start. Plz let me clear one thing there will be not so much swasan scene. So sorry swasan fans.
Let start this FF.

1 year later.
In Pub.
There is a girl who is wearing a blue dress and white high heels. Open hair but they are curly.
She is dancing on rom rom. (mastizaade song).
And crowd is screaming and shouting. And its shown now that it none other then ragini.

Outside the pub.
A boy is standing and talking with his friend.
Boy. Lets go in.
Boy2. Yes i have heard there is a modell in this pub. Waiting to meet her.
Suddenly the boy turn round and its seen its none other then laksh.
Alle went in.
They see the crowd and goes in the front og dance stage. They saw that a beautiful girl is dancing.
Laksh. Who is she Ravi.
Ravi. Bro don’t tell me u don’t know.
Laksh. So what i don’t now tell me.
Ravi. She is that modell we was talking about.
Laksh. Dude u must be kidding.
Ravi. No bro.
Laksh. Are u ok.
Ravi. Bro i am ok.
After dance ragini goes to bar.
She start drinking.
Ravi. Bro u go i will dance with this girls.
Laksh smile and went from there.

At the bar.
Laksh sit beside ragini.
Laksh. One drink plz.
Laksh. Hei are you the one. I mean ragini gadodia.
Ragini. Yea. Call me rags.
Laksh. Oh rags.
Rags. What is now.
She is full drunk.
She call someone.
Rags. Can u pick me up.
Man. Ok i will come. U are drunk right.
Rags. Yes.
Man. Ok be there i am coming.
Rags. Ok bye.
Man. Bye.
Laksh. Who was that.
Rags. No one.
She gods from there and goes out.
Laksh follow her.
Outside the pub.
Ragini was standing there she did’t now anything because she was drunk.
Suddenly a boy come. He was also drunk.
He start staring and ragini. Ragini feel strange. She was about to go in when that boy pin her to the wall.
Ragini. Leave me.
The boy is holding her both hands. She is trying her best. But don’t have that strength. Ragini seeing here and there. But no one was there. She get scared. The boy was about to kiss her when someone hold him from hairs.
Boy. What the hell.
Laksh. Who are u.
Boy. Leave me.
Laksh. Ok.
He leave him and he fall down. He get up and start beating laksh. Laksh did the same.
After some time the boy run from there.
Laksh sees ragini and give her his jacket.
Suddenly a boy come he is wearing a black jeans and blue shirt. Its none other then sanskar.
Sna. Ragini. What happenend to her.
Laksh. Actually she was drunk and then some try to misbehave with her.
San. Thanks bro for saving my SIS.
Laksh. Is she your SIS.
San. Yea. Well anyway here is my number. And thanks for helping her.
Laksh. No problem bro.
Sanskar take ragini with him.
And laksh also goes from there.

Precap. Swasan and raglak meeting.

( So sorry guyz i can’t write fighting scene.).?
And do comment.

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