why ragini fans so desperate?

Some ragini fans here are so desperate for ragini’s pairing with sanskar.. but no sanskar fan or no swasan fans like ragini and sanskar even in one frame.. so by making rag…. san as pair youvare agreeing that your ragini got a husband (laksh) who is a useless? no swara fan needs anyone other than sanskar for swara. no sanskar fans needs anyone other than swara for sanskar. then why some ragini fans stooping so low for pairing her with her jeth ji? because ragini fans think that laksh is not handsome and manly enough to pair up with ragini.. so you are agreeing that sanskar is the most handsome and divine character is sanskar..

I love sanskar very much.. he is the soul of swaragini.. but I don’t want that ragini near my sanskar.. I don’t like laksh also.. he is nothing. even ragini fans didn’t like him.. but it is disgusting to pair ragini with our sanskar.. sanskar is such a divine character . why ragini fans are so desperate? sometimes they want more heros for ragini.. chii.. such a cheap mentality. sanskar deserve the better. he is the main hero of swaragini. . laksh is nothing. he is just a supporting character.

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  1. What non sense…u r talking… This is the worst post I ever read…..already there is a fight between both raglak and swasan..now this post will increase it….
    am also swasan and raglak fan…they r fictional character ….if some people like Ragini and Sanskar as pair.. Its their wish and like…how can you bash Laksh character like that…don’t post this type of article…no one will agree with u….

  2. You have no rights to bash raglak and ragsan fans…plz stop it yaar…if u don’t like…don’t read…

  3. Sarayumane

    are you mad or what? idiot, how dare you to call laksh as a supporting actor, she is also a main lead in this swaragini.

  4. This is just a drama. And you please write such disgusting article.????? Raglak and swasan are perfect ❤? Laksh isn’t useless. You’re useless and that’s why you’re posting such irritating post. Stupid.

  5. Please dont post like these article.
    if you dont lyk laksh and also ragsan as couple
    then please keep it with you no need to make public.

  6. Have u gone mad or wat?

    Non of Ragini’s fan r demanding for RagSan.

    U r talking of ur own nd instigating both Raglak nd SWasan fans to fight..

    Hw cud u ??

    Its a rqst to every Swasan Fans dis girl whoever she is telling lie … Ragini fans r happy wid RagLak..

    yeah few ppl r dere who want swalak so dey keep bashing Ragini nd Sanskar but plZ dont trust dis girl..

    She doesnt like laksh nd frm her post its clear she is Ragini hater so plzzz RagLak fans be aware of dis girl nd Sawsan fans dis girl literally want Both de fandom to fight ..

    B4 de couple was fix ppl hoped for Ragsan nd Swalak but aftr de couple got fixed Ragini fans r happy with raglak non of ragini fans want ragsan.

    M too ragini fans so i can say dere is no such post..

    i dunno wats ur intention is but dis post is very disgusting..

    RagLak nd Sawsan r perfect .Ragini fans knw it Laksh is perfect for her..

    so plzz dunt post things dat mislead people..

  7. Plzz dunt spread negativity by spreading fke nd rumours things.

  8. Rasha

    The 4 are also the lead of swaragini & about swara r ragini the title is about swaragini it means both r imp & if ur sanskar fan it doesn’t mean that other’s r useless.. there everyone r talented in thr own way if about swasan the cvs giving more imp it doesn’t mean that raglak r waste in this drama.. Still I dnt understand if cvs is more interested in swara y they titled as swaragini & about pairing starting they showed like more triangle only now it’s confirmed of swasan but upto swara realisation it was triangle confusion story only.. here only ragsan were stubborn in thr feelings toward thr partners & rag is more possessed with laksh. by starting of the serial it was laksh the lead by cvs changing & giving imp to sanskar it doesn’t mean that by sanskar only we watched 1st but the fate is by laksh we started & loving for sanskar coz of showing him more good & extra scene & less scene with brat laksh it not mean of useless.. start of swara laksh pair made think of ragsan coz thr relation only start with good bond of frndshp to lead a best love life but cvs paused in thr frndshp & made them forever true frnds but still few fans cnt forgot thr old ragsan pairing then if u talk about ragsan then remember not only here ragsan fans r thr swalak fans r also lot of them r thr.. is not that mean sanskar is not best swara.. especially after al the love drama now more intense love bond is reached the peck of high in swasan & raglak then also especially recently am seeing lot of swalak ff.. ur sanskar fan so maybe u have missed to saw that properly.. About rag pairing with some other means it’s just a ff not any real so rag fans likes to pair with thr male favorite that doesnt mean hate of laksh like u doing being of sanskar fan & liking swasan but u only like swasan but rag fan love to watch rag in various way.. dnt try u bash anyone again to get a hatred to ur self & swasan fan also.. some of like people only true true starts fight by swasan & raglak that forgoting it’s swaragini…

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