why ragini fans so desperate?

Some ragini fans here are so desperate for ragini’s pairing with sanskar.. but no sanskar fan or no swasan fans like ragini and sanskar even in one frame.. so by making rag…. san as pair youvare agreeing that your ragini got a husband (laksh) who is a useless? no swara fan needs anyone other than sanskar for swara. no sanskar fans needs anyone other than swara for sanskar. then why some ragini fans stooping so low for pairing her with her jeth ji? because ragini fans think that laksh is not handsome and manly enough to pair up with ragini.. so you are agreeing that sanskar is the most handsome and divine character is sanskar..

I love sanskar very much.. he is the soul of swaragini.. but I don’t want that ragini near my sanskar.. I don’t like laksh also.. he is nothing. even ragini fans didn’t like him.. but it is disgusting to pair ragini with our sanskar.. sanskar is such a divine character . why ragini fans are so desperate? sometimes they want more heros for ragini.. chii.. such a cheap mentality. sanskar deserve the better. he is the main hero of swaragini. . laksh is nothing. he is just a supporting character.

Credit to: Pavani


  1. Drishya


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    I also can’t see sanskar pair witb ragini i don’t like it i am a swasan fan and can’t tolerate swasan pairing wiyh others but laksh is also nice when the serial starts i likes swalak alot when sanskar enter the serial i don’t like tht time swara pairing with sanskar but as the time moves i start liking swasan and now i am a die hard fan of them… I start hating laksh when he misunderstood swara without any reason tht time hate him alot but now he is fine…..

  2. Varsha


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    I accept SwaSan but no one has a right to say bad about Ragini. RagSan are friends and RagLak is the best pair forever. Sanky is also my favorite but Lucky is in 1st place, I respect Sanky as a good actor n rags friend and swara’s hubby. Even few people think about SwaLak also, then can we say that Swara is behind Lucky, please don’t justify your words and please don’t let me make more restless, I see this as a Serial and that’s it. Because of Swara fans only we are speaking harsh about Swara, we like her also, but we are fed up with Swara as Mahan and we want change in the track and please don’t badmouth about others as no one is fit to badmouth about no one, better we do our own jobs without getting into fights like this

  3. kee

    we are not desprite and my ragini is not like swara ek gaya tho dusra about sanky he is good but but not fit for ragini i think ur insecure about ur swasan haha well non us want sangini and ya raglak are heart of show

    • Anisha


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      Kee This isn’t the way to speak…..
      I agree Swara loved Laksh and then came up SwaSan but it was RagLak who ditched her. If u would have been in her place would you live ur life like that? Lonely? Without love?
      PLs this isnt the way to talk….
      That doesn’t mean I’m supporting Pavani… She too is wrong

      • Mica


        |Registered Member

        anisha…. nooo, nooo, raglak didn;t ditch her, in fact that was swara who left laksh for ragini happiness and their marriage. she sacrified her love even laksh begged her to back in his life. (after ragini’s truth revealed).swara was forced to move on.
        there is a huge differences between possesion and loyaltiness.

  4. Shipra


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    You can’t deny the fact that initially everybody thought it was swalak and ragsan.Few people liked ragsan and swalak,so they write ffs on these two pairs since the story of the actual serial cannot be changed now.You can’t call anyone cheap here.Nobody in their ff’s broke the marriage of swasan and raglak to get their favourite pairs.They either continued the story before swalak marriage or wrote completely different story.And in the serial Ragini is not given much importance.Even when she was given importance it was as a villian.So obviosly they will try to give more heros to Ragini to make her character main.And lets not forget the serial’s name is SWARAGINI , If they are the leads,Sanskaar and Laksh are also the main leads.Just because makers don’t give them much importance doesn’t mean Raglak is side characters.Please don’t call any fan cheap. You are simply encouraging the fight between Swasan and Raglak fans.

      • Shipra


        |Registered Member

        True that Anisha .
        Btw Pavani,you said that you find Ragini pairing up with other people very cheap.Did you feel the same when Swara was first paired with Laksh,then with Sanskaar and then with Sahil?And Sanskaar whom initially everybody thought would be paired up with Ragini was paired up with Swara and Kavitha?I doubt..you must have felt that will strengthen their relationship…did u even read the ffs properly?Most of hem them has the new characters as villians or catalyst in love story….just like Sahil and Kavitha were villians in the serial.I don’t understand what problem you have with Ragini.She was evil,true,but in the beginning even Sanskaar was.Now both are positive,then why do you have a problem?Instead of creating a rift why not appreciate each actor for their acting and all ff writers for their talent and hard work?If you can’t say anything good,then keep quiet.You will just get bashed for such analysis.

      • Anisha


        |Registered Member

        Shipra..i really agree with you…
        I too love Ragini…. She may be wrong but now she’s OK…. I have no problem with that…. But can’t change some people you know?
        It’s in them!

  5. CrazygirlS.P


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    You don’t have any rights to call any fans as cheap. Everyone has their fav. Couples. I actually never liked Swasan and Raglak, I still prefer Swalak and Ragsan, but I never put any of their fans down.

  6. Nirmal

    Did you realised how rude and harsh you were in this analysis. There are many Swara fans as well who still like seeing Swalak as a couple. And you have not visited the whole world but atleast you should read comments and realise that many Sanskar fans also like his pairing with Ragini. Ragsan and Swalak were the first expected pair, so if still some people do like them and want to read or write their ff then what is your problem. And as I said many Swara fans like Swalak so do they mean that Swara have got a husband(sanskar) who is useless??? Felt bad?? We also do feel bad when you write stuff like this so from next time just think how you would feel if someone writes this kind of thing for Swara. I am not opposing anyone so bashers just stay away.

    • Anisha


      |Registered Member

      I duely agree …..but I felt bad never say anyone useless….
      Both Sanskar & Laksh are awesome and I love them a lot…. My superheros… 😍😍😍

    • Pari123

      You are right nirmala i liked swalak from the first . here no one is forcing you to read swalak and ragsan ff. Even I had read some coments thar there was always fights between raglak and swasan fan . guys after cvs change the pair i simply quit the show. And here many swalak and ragsan fans are there. And it’s a serial. Why you are making a fight between all the four pair again.

  7. Pavani


    |Registered Member

    If u can’t see then dont read them no one begged u to read it it was our wish to write as we liked that pair that doesn’t mean we don’t like laksh nd their pair we saw them together nd liked their bonding so we want that pair nd we didn’t forced any cvs to change the pair in serial so we tought to see our fav pair by assuming in fictions nd u don’t have any right to tell us to stop pairing ragsan there is no problem for us if u like swasan its ur wish so don’t write these meaning less annalysis

  8. Sanjanaagrawal


    |Registered Member

    U r right …. ragini just look good with lucky ….. and swara looks good with sanskaar but that doesn’t not mean they can’t write ff on ragsan …. pavani di … sorry if u felt bad ….

    • Pavani


      |Registered Member

      Its ur wish completly whome u like I was angry as no one have a right to force people to do wt they like .we a not puppets of some … person that she told us to not to pair nd we will stop .I don’t hate swasan as pair but people like her making fans like me to hate .nd noo worries iam fine nd was not hurt by ur words

  9. Heltej


    |Registered Member

    Already world war is going between raglak and swasan fandoms… . Y u bringing another world war between swasan and ragsan! M swasan and raglak fan… I cant digest swalak and ragsan! But that doesn’t means i will badmouth about these pairs! If u have problem with these pairs… Avoid it… Please dont post your pov in public pages… Cause it will create more rift between fandom
    Its just a serial .. Where twist will happen during marriage… They will marry their brother in law…
    I appreciate your time to write this post for creating rift between fandom…!
    Thank you… God bless you dear!

      • lisa

        m not rude but this message she gave u seriously think it’s normal ,we r just fans we dont have any rite tooo insult them personally and she’s saying that her sankar or love for sankar, varun has been working in this industry for many years whr was she then, i also follow many actreese wid time i also changes my favourites but i never insult any1 of them this isn’t just rite i myself first follow drashti and then sanaya then nia then mahima then many comes and many go these actresses also m sure that after this show completed many of us won’t care so i only wanted to reply to this messenger whoever rite this bullshit that u all u have written is bulshit also i dont care whatever u guys think of me rude idiot watever we dont even know eachother , ff r just for enjoyment also many lead actresses got tons of heroes bcus it’s fan demanding not bcus they r loose character

      • Anisha


        |Registered Member

        I agree…. But if you don’t calm and keep quiet these people will bark…..
        Let them talk we aren’t going to bother… If we bother they are gonna bark more…
        Let them say what all they want when their mouth pains they’ll stop

  10. Anisha


    |Registered Member

    Everyone has their own opinion it’s better not to argue….
    Please don’t come up with something like this… I too don’t like RagSan but it doesn’t mean I hate Ragini…. Her character was showcased bad before… But now it’s good…. And moreover I’ll like to say it to you all PLs regard your self as Swaragini fans….. Don’t argue on these things….
    These are really silly…. Even if you don’t like someone Pls don’t say like this…
    Everyone is unique & best in their own place…
    Thank you

    • Anisha


      |Registered Member

      PLs try & understand you all should cooperate and stand side by side…. Don’t argue like this…. It looks like some ‘Divide & Rule’ policy….
      Never post such things publicly….
      This is rude. For u people many are fighting….
      Hold ur hands & be united for our lovely serial Swaragini

  11. RS

    Swasan are reel pair not real pair.if u don’t like ragsan pair leave it.we don’t force u to read ragsan ff.ragini can pair with any hero their jodi look awesome.In fb all swasan fans bash raglak fans & vice versa.now all started bashing our lovely couple ragsan.we didn’t want any bashing so plzzz leave ragsan pair.one thing remember in serial all pairs are just reel not real pairs.I think u got the point.if u have time go and praise ur swasan don’t start bashing on ragsan.if u have enough time go & write an article on swasan,swara,sanskar.don’t write these type of articles on our lovely couple.

  12. A

    Common babe..it’s not like Ragini’s fans are not sanskar’s fan..and chill ..if u don’t want the pairing don’t read the ff related to them…Laksh is good at acting for his age…..first started bashing ragini and now her fans…Really you ppl can’t take her gud acting…sorry for that.

  13. saranya

    I just want to say nly 1 thing tat every1 has their own likes like u said u like swasan d most…nd their pairing rags with sanky nd viceversa nd that too in their own ff so what u have written is absolutely wrong…,Don’t encourage fight between raglak nd swasan just for d fan fiction

  14. Bela

    Wait, I will try again…………umm?

    Seriously, I am at a loss for words. What really caught my attention was the title itself. Desperate? Seriously? Why would we be desperate? Swasan is a fab pair and Raglak is an awesome pair. But hey, initially, Swalak were a pair and everybody thought(and I 100% sure that you did too) that Sanskaar was roped in as Ragini’s love interest. Didn’t happen. Okay. But what is wrong if some section of the tellyupdates readers like Ragsan better?

    There are so many Swalak fanfictions written by Swara fans too. So I assume, that Swara fans think Sanskaar is incapable and doesn’t deserve to be with her(if I go by your logic). Lakshya was the main lead. CVs made a fool out of everybody, that isn’t his problem. Lakshya is one character who has been grossly mistreated. And Sanskaar is divine? LMAO. Swara has been shown ‘divine’ (which I never understand, she was always supposed to be a modern, independent woman, not a homely housewife).
    You are mistaken Pavani. Sanskaar isn’t divine. Sanskaar is HUMAN. A good human who did bad deeds in the past but is a genial character. Sanskaar is real.

    Lastly, you have no right to bash anyone who wishes for a Ragsan ff. You have no right if we wish for a different hero with Ragini. Everyone is entitled to a free speech here. Thank you for trying to hurt people and create a battle here in tellyupdates as you guys do in Facebook, insta and twitter. But it won’t work here. We all here are mature souls who are bound together by our love of literature and SWARAGINI. Doesn’t matter if an ff is Raglak, Ragsan, Swalak or Swasan. In the end, it is under the category of Swaragini.

  15. Angita


    |Registered Member

    Let’s justify
    Swara loved laksh at the beggining right?
    Ragini only loved laksh!
    I’m a silent reader but hamisha laksh is better than sanskarr
    And yes I hate your thoughts
    You’re calling us cheap
    Ragini deserves better than swara

    • Mica


      |Registered Member

      swara was forced to move on by condition.
      she can easily get laksh back if she didn’t think bout ragini’s happiness and their marriage.
      so don’t you ever think that ragini more loyal than swara.

      • Anisha


        |Registered Member

        When someone says something and you feel bad then Pls don’t speak that way back…. It’s not fair… And moreover Swara is much better than Ragini…. Ragini is changed & that’s the reason I love her now…

  16. Sammy


    |Registered Member

    Hey pavani take it easy girl ..its simple …here some fans like varun and teju more than helly and namish ….so they paired them together … as if you are talking about stooping low ..we are not doing continuation of the plot shown in serial …we are writing different story line …if you don’t like it ..ragsan pair ..don’t read it then but pls don’t hurt the sentiments of ff writers .. we love teju and varun and we want them to be shown together in a serial ..but writers didn’t do that …so we shifted them together …there is nothing bad and when we write some story …they are just characters ..that’s it …some ff writers still take varun as danny here and write ffs ..on saraswatichandra …so you can’t say that we like varun only with helly …I mean trust me pls read once the ffs written by Azure , RSR ….Roshni (KIndle swalak ) …and you will also enjoy it ..trust me …pls don’t bash writers …everyone has different choice …you like swasan …we like ragsan …our choice …and you should respect everyone’s choice …the way you written about the writers …it was really rude ..but still I am politely making you understand a simple thing .. my life ….my choice .. 🙂 🙂

  17. Sur

    Swasan is a nice couple n I respect them.But that doesn’t means we Ragini fans want Ragini to be paired opposite sanskar.Because Ragini only loves laksh n she cannot love anyone else. N we fans love our Ragini because of this.Raglak r perfect for each other.Agree sanskar is a lovely character. But laksh dear is not a side character.The way his character has shaped up is incredible.N we fans love this mature laksh who loves his wife so much.N please laksh is very good looking n a smart guy.He is the perfect match for our Ragini. So is sanskar for swara. Both the pairs r jaan of the show. N people r watching this show for their couples. N such post only instigate fights.

  18. KritikaRajpoot


    |Registered Member

    if u don’t like ragsan and swalak it’ ok but who give you the right to talk shit about any other pair and if we love ragsan that doesn’t mean that we don’t like laksh i also love laksh but i love ragsan more because after sanky entry ragini took care of him and they are also best friends in real life if you are a swara or swasan fan it’s ok but it doesn’t mean that u will bash any other pair…… and if you don’t like ragsan so don’t bad mouth about them…. And one more thing if we write ragsan ff so we are not connecting it to the serial we are writing by making our story thinking new ideas… And i m a ragini fan and all ragini fans should love ragini weather the pair is ragsan or raglak i love them both equally…Stop bashing and grow up…u r also proving that swasan fandoms have no other work than bashing fandom if u r a true swara fan than go and wathch the serial how swara support ragini and i also like swara but not more than ragini so that doesn’t mean that i will bash any other pairs i respect all fandom because every one has their own opinion but that doesn’t mean that u will bash any other fandom.. and read the whole reply carefully and again and again to see in this whole reply i didn’t bash swara or swasan or swalak

  19. anonymous

    Seriously……. Aren’t the fights going on between swasan/raglak fans…enough…..y r u bringing new issues…..We ragini fans aren’t desperate for new guys ……u r saying we r stooping so low……..Didn’t u even think twice that u r hurting ragini fans…. Ff,’s are no where related to original serial…other than the reel names nr actors……Where the hell did saali and brother in law relation came from…..It is totally readers and writers choice on pairs…..u r no one to say this…don’t waste ur time by posting such articles…..they will just create rifts…..hope I didn’t hurt anyone….

    • anonymous

      By d way u said Laksh is nothing,……Dear,I can understand u r obsessive fan of sanskar….that doesn’t mean u can as of ur wish……For ur kind info….. LAKSH IS NOT A SUPPORTING CHARACTER….HE IS ONE OF THE LEADS…….GOT IT

  20. crystal

    hi u don’t have any right’s to say so we are teju’s fan we like the fictional charcter that she plays its our choice whom we like her with i am die hard fan of raglak they both look good together if swsan are made for eachother then raglak is also a divine pair no one has right to badmouth them and by the way why u swsan fan behave as if ur inscure i know all are not but some fans do such cheap tricks that other fans starts hating show because of these stupid war btw fandom no one has askef ur opinion u have choice to like anyone but that doesn’t mean u compare them u can kerp ur opion but don’t bash them u have no right because of u stupid fans who actually don’t know meaning of fan we other raglak and swasan fans hate eachother because u such brainless fans we blame eachother uhh……….. U fr**ks are the root of all such fandom war go to hell …………alreday swaragini’s trp is low and beacuse u stupid fans t i am sure show will end soon u to hell this is my only message to u all stupid and brainless fans of both raglak and swsan who don’t have brain and make some stupid comments on fb and fans war start u all r the destroyer of peace i think swaragini’s star cast should legal court case against all those who pass nasty comments and opion on them u can request no one has right to say anything about any star u like then apperciate them don’t bash other leads

  21. Saria

    I am a big fan of sanskar and ragini.i always wanted ragsan to be the pair.but now it can’t possible because raglak are married now.and we respect their relation.some of us like ragsan that doesn’t mean we think laksh is not handsome.i don’t know what is making u think like that.there are so many swalak fan why don’t u say them that they r desparate to make swara pair with her dever ji??actually the main thing is u have cheap thoughts…for people like u swaragini serial fans are divided now. They are fighting among themselves.

  22. Pammy


    |Registered Member

    Oh hello….just mind ur language okay…who said that sanskaar fans dont like pairing with ragini… AM A DIE HARD FAN OF SANSKAR ACTAFLLY SANSKARHOLIC actlly he was d only reason fr me to watch a colors show which i never preffered…..nd i luv ragsan nd a die hard fan of temishvar….nd what did u say laksh z nt handsome i think u must consult optimist …before commenting on others personality jz think abt urself…everyone has their own fav…who r u to insult their choice…r u a writer?!! Did anyone asked u to pair ragsan…no na then y its bothering u?!! Be matured dnt poke into the matters which z nt unrelated to u….this post jz shows ur immature mentalty

  23. Mica


    |Registered Member

    i can’t bear ragsan also, but that is writer’s rite to writing whatever they want to rite. if you don’t want to see, simply you to ignore them or skip them, give a peace on your mind.
    give a RESPECT for other’s choice.
    swalak fans and ragsan fans already got dissapointment from swaragini serial, so the ragsan/swalak fans read/write kinda ff to make ‘dream come true” for them. why you still insulting them. what kind of person you are.ckckck, so pathetic.

  24. Dhara

    If u don’t like ragsan then don’t say bad about them.laksh is not useless.it’s ur own thought.don’t write such thing which spreds negitivity.we ragsan fan don’t think laksh useless.ok.

  25. Joy

    How rude can anyone be? If Ragsan fans like ragini with sanskar what’s your problem?? You can’t imagine Ragini with sanskar pls don’t imagine. I like both Ragsan and raglak but Ragsan a little more. How can you say that laksh is a supporting character?? If laksh is supporting then sanskar is also supporting. Pls think and write analyses.

  26. Sur

    Swasan is a nice couple n I respect them. Let me clear u one thing we Ragini fans love our ragu for her love towards laksh. Raglak r perfect for each other. N ya I always loved raglak n wanted them to be end game. Ragini n laksh r perfect for each other. Both now love each other madly.N ya we raglak fans think our laksh is very smart,handsome ,dashing n perfect for our Ragini. Raglak look damn good together. Raglak r each other soul.N laksh is not a useless husband the way he is supporting,caring for our ragu shows how he loves her. N we fans love him for that.N so r swasan.They always have supported each other.N ya raglak n swasan r perfect for each other. These 2 pairs r jaan of d show. N I love raglak.N its a person choice to write fanfictions on pair they like.We cannot question them.N such post only instigate fights when most of the people want this bashing to stop.

  27. liky

    I agaree with u bt nt totally bcoz in starting dere were swalak n i was also a fan of swalak even after sanskar’s entery i never had any idea dat in future dere will b swasan bt intially when swasan got united den i became a die heart of swasan. also i lyk raglak pair. And laksh nt dat much dumbo its only then point of view of people. Bt ya u r totally ri8 rag’s fan omg total desperate.

    • Pavani


      |Registered Member

      Ha ha ha u think we r desperate we never forced u to stop writing on swasan we just ignored it as we respect ur view nd it is ur wish iam not saying to support rag or us it was that plzz don’t support these meaning less annalysis which again create differences btwn fans

  28. tulsi

    plz stop it… enough is enough yar its just disguisting hw can u say like dt…. plz for god sake nd ur loved one’s sake dnt read ds analysis nd plz ignore it plz plz plz coz it creates more rift between fans plz i beg u all jst avoid ds stupid analysis

  29. akaashi

    tz is indeed too much stupid.u cant be so rude.laksh is fantstic.u cnt call any fan as cheap…common girl dont create fights…

  30. Alia


    |Registered Member

    i am swasan fan but you can’t say like this about laksh and ragini all of them have special character in swaragini.I love swasan but i don’t hate raglak also , you should not disrespect them like this , ur analysis can hurt raglak fans , so pls don’t bash on raglak.

  31. Astha


    |Registered Member

    hello pavani….. who gave ri8s to say some other cheap….. this showing ur cheapness only. what ever u r saying its in fan fiction. got it. its not a continuation of swaragini’s plot. if is the continuation of swaragini then what??? they all r just actors. ok… u r saying u r sanskar’s fan but ur article shows that u r swara fan. y u cant see ragsan??? varun played as partner with many not only swara. they all actors. dont use this jeth, devar, jetrani, devrani….. this all only on serial.

  32. sss

    like seriously..
    i bet that even swasan fans also won’t agree with you. stop bashing other and bring another swasan ragsan war.. there are many points why swasan shouldn’t be the pair which you just ignored..
    at first all thought its ragsan and swalak also liked as pair but cvs didn’t made them that doesn’t mean we stop liking our favourite and here you analysing some nonsense why are we still being them like seriously.. you need to see a phycitris n stop poking you nose into other favourite its our matter who we is our favourite or who is not

  33. ishaani

    Hey pavani don’t dare to bash ragini Iam sanskar fan and I like the pairing of ragsan more than swasan stupid how dare u to call laksh and ragini side characters and u think swara is important na so check check trp man it so low because of all importance to swara and treating ragsanlak as side characters

  34. Asmitha

    Why do you want to diffrentiate between swara and Ragini? Who are you and how dare you? I am a swaragini fan and as long as i know it is not ragini fans desperate but you! Everyone has a space for thier thinking. You cant be harsh and change others thinking. I hope you get to know about that!

  35. Ankita

    Hey are you mad what kind of article is this temish and raglak are best I don’t know why ppl want to bash temish everywhere plz see the comment below your post and you will know about what ragini fans want found some other way to bash but don’t do these kind of tactics temish raglak fans love their bonding

  36. Fouzarshi16


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys why r u spending ur energy on this analysis. U can’t call raglak fan. Don’t add feul in fore. There is already rift between both raglak nd season fan. Is n’t enough for u dr???. If ur season fan u should support them. U don’t have any right hurt raglak fans. If u don’t like pair of ragsan just don’t read ragsan ff . Don’t be that much rude. If u had any problem with raglak. Keep it with u. Don’t spread negativity. Hope u will not do anything like this again

  37. Fats

    I think its fair to say you don’t like the pairing of RagSan, however you can say that in a much more positive way. There was no need to criticise Ragini fans by calling them desperate. And there was also no need to bash the character of Laksh by referring to him as ‘nothing’ or a ‘supporting actor’. These harsh terms would unnecessarily lead to fan wars and I think we have had enough of those. I get you are a fan of Sanskar, but this does not give you the right to bash the other characters. It just isn’t right. Oh and coming to your point about RagSan. Although I an a huge RagLak fan, I understand that there are others to like SwaLak and RagSan even though they aren’t the pairs now. So please just respect what they like, because its not in any way affecting your love for SwaSan or my love for RagLak. Anyways I hope you get my where I am coming from.

  38. Lucky

    Such a cheap mentality u have….u r creating the rift between the swasan ,raglak,ragsan fans….just shut u r garbage mouth…if u r not interested it is ur personal feeling..swasan are not real pair…they are frictional characters…

    Dhanyamohan is wife of varun..keep that in mind…he is not for hellyshah and also they both are good frnds… don’t create rift and grudge and enemity between fans..

    Helly,varun,teju,namish are doing acting as their profession they are not real characters..

    Show some sort of maturity ..if u don’t have then join asylum…
    It is a serial watch it like that only…. don’t beyond that u r mental condition is not good

  39. Paru

    What non sense…u r talking… This is the worst post I ever read…..already there is a fight between both raglak and swasan..now this post will increase it….
    am also swasan and raglak fan…they r fictional character ….if some people like Ragini and Sanskar as pair.. Its their wish and like…how can you bash Laksh character like that…don’t post this type of article…no one will agree with u….

  40. Paru

    You have no rights to bash raglak and ragsan fans…plz stop it yaar…if u don’t like…don’t read…

  41. Sarayumane


    |Registered Member

    are you mad or what? idiot, how dare you to call laksh as a supporting actor, she is also a main lead in this swaragini.

  42. Iramya

    This is just a drama. And you please write such disgusting article.😨😨😨😨😨 Raglak and swasan are perfect ❤😍 Laksh isn’t useless. You’re useless and that’s why you’re posting such irritating post. Stupid.

  43. JezzachinnuS

    Please dont post like these article.
    if you dont lyk laksh and also ragsan as couple
    then please keep it with you no need to make public.

  44. Asmee

    Have u gone mad or wat?

    Non of Ragini’s fan r demanding for RagSan.

    U r talking of ur own nd instigating both Raglak nd SWasan fans to fight..

    Hw cud u ??

    Its a rqst to every Swasan Fans dis girl whoever she is telling lie … Ragini fans r happy wid RagLak..

    yeah few ppl r dere who want swalak so dey keep bashing Ragini nd Sanskar but plZ dont trust dis girl..

    She doesnt like laksh nd frm her post its clear she is Ragini hater so plzzz RagLak fans be aware of dis girl nd Sawsan fans dis girl literally want Both de fandom to fight ..

    B4 de couple was fix ppl hoped for Ragsan nd Swalak but aftr de couple got fixed Ragini fans r happy with raglak non of ragini fans want ragsan.

    M too ragini fans so i can say dere is no such post..

    i dunno wats ur intention is but dis post is very disgusting..

    RagLak nd Sawsan r perfect .Ragini fans knw it Laksh is perfect for her..

    so plzz dunt post things dat mislead people..

  45. Rasha


    |Registered Member

    The 4 are also the lead of swaragini & about swara r ragini the title is about swaragini it means both r imp & if ur sanskar fan it doesn’t mean that other’s r useless.. there everyone r talented in thr own way if about swasan the cvs giving more imp it doesn’t mean that raglak r waste in this drama.. Still I dnt understand if cvs is more interested in swara y they titled as swaragini & about pairing starting they showed like more triangle only now it’s confirmed of swasan but upto swara realisation it was triangle confusion story only.. here only ragsan were stubborn in thr feelings toward thr partners & rag is more possessed with laksh. by starting of the serial it was laksh the lead by cvs changing & giving imp to sanskar it doesn’t mean that by sanskar only we watched 1st but the fate is by laksh we started & loving for sanskar coz of showing him more good & extra scene & less scene with brat laksh it not mean of useless.. start of swara laksh pair made think of ragsan coz thr relation only start with good bond of frndshp to lead a best love life but cvs paused in thr frndshp & made them forever true frnds but still few fans cnt forgot thr old ragsan pairing then if u talk about ragsan then remember not only here ragsan fans r thr swalak fans r also lot of them r thr.. is not that mean sanskar is not best swara.. especially after al the love drama now more intense love bond is reached the peck of high in swasan & raglak then also especially recently am seeing lot of swalak ff.. ur sanskar fan so maybe u have missed to saw that properly.. About rag pairing with some other means it’s just a ff not any real so rag fans likes to pair with thr male favorite that doesnt mean hate of laksh like u doing being of sanskar fan & liking swasan but u only like swasan but rag fan love to watch rag in various way.. dnt try u bash anyone again to get a hatred to ur self & swasan fan also.. some of like people only true true starts fight by swasan & raglak that forgoting it’s swaragini…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.