Ragini ( episode 2)

Hello guyz.

Recap. Sanansh and shaurya at mm house.
Precap. Sanansh staying in mm house.

After party.
Ragini. Ansh lets go home.
Shaurya. Yes i am tired.
Ansh. Ok beta.
Ragini. Where is mom.
Anita. Here i am beta.
Ragini. Mom.
Ansh. Mom we are going back.
Anita. No beta we will stay here.
Ragansh is shocked.
Ansh. But mom why.
Anita. Our house is not done propely so you guyz have too stay here i will leave.
Ragini. We can also come with you.
Anita. Bas. I have said you guyz will live her. What is the problem. Its my best friend house. When they dont have any problem then why do you have.
Ragansh. Ok mom.
Anita. That like it. Ok bye.
She leave from there.
Ap. Beta come i will show you guyz room.
Ragini. Ok aunty.
Ap show then the room and goes.
Ansh and ragini sleep. When shaurya get up and say i want ice-cream.
He goes down.

Everyone was awake.
Shaurya. Laksh uncle.
Laksh. Yes beta.
Shaurya. Do you guyz have ice cream.
Ap. Beta you will caught cold.
Shaurya. No na dadu.
Ap. What just you call me dadu.
Shaurya. Ha woh dadu left so i thought to call you dadu.
Ap get teary eyed.
Ap. Ok beta i will give you ice cream.
Shaurya. Yea.
Ap goes to take ice cream and give it too shaurya.
Shaurya eat it and goes to sleep.

In morning.
Ragini wake up and goes to get ready.
She wear a pink jumpsuit with pony til.
Ansh wake up and see her and say.
Ansh. Ragini you are looking dannet hot.
Ragini. Shhh dont call me ragini ansh. Call me sanaya.
Ansh. Oh sorry wifey.
Ragini. Thanks for kompliment any ways.
Ansh goes to ragini and kiss her on cheek.
Ragini. Bas yeh romance.
Ansh. Tum.
Ragini push him and say go to bath.
Ansh smile and goes to get ready.
Ragini. Shaurya.
Ragini did’t got respond and think Maybe he is sleeping.
Ansh come out and get ready.
Ansh got a call.
Ansh. Hello.
Caller. Hello sir plz come soon Australia cilent have said they will come in 01:00.
Ansh. Oh shit i forget i will come.
Ansh. Sanaya i will go to office i have some important work.
Ragini. Ok.
Ansh kiss her on cheek and leave.

Ragini goes down.
Ap. Beta where is ansh.
Ragini. Ansh had meeting so he left.
Ap. Ok come have breakfast
Ragini. Ok aunty.
They all had breakfast.
Ap Dp sanaya beta we are going to temple.
Ragini nods in yes.
They leave.
Swasan we will also leave we have to drop our daughter.
Ragini. Ok guyz see you.
They leave.

Ragini room.
Ragini. Shaurya get.
After some time goes to shaurya and check him.
Ragini. He have fever.
Ragini try to call ansh but he did’t picked up. After trying many time ragini goes to laksh room.

Laksh room.
Laksh was sleeping.
When ragini come and wake him up.
Laksh. Sanaya.
Sanaya. Yes actually shaurya have fever and i have tryed to called ansh but he did’t picked up.
Laksh. Ok you get ready i will take you guyz.
Sanaya. Thansk laksh.
Laksh. No problem lets go.

Ansh who was coming home sees raglak going out with shaurya and get angry.
Ansh. How dare he.
What is ragini doing with him. She hates him. Are they too still together. Is ragini cheating on me. Ansh get angry and goes in.

Doctor check shaurya and say he just caught cold nothing else he will be alright.
He give some medicins and raglak leave from there.

In the way.
Laksh stop the car and goes to but medicins.
Ragini. Laksh you have changed so much. Maybe you shiul’t have betryed me then we have been together. But still i am happy with my ansh.
Laksh come back and they goes go home.
Ap Dp come back.
Swasan also come back.
Just then laksh enter.
Laksh was lifting shaurya.
Ap ask them what happenend.
Ragini told everything.
Ap get tensed.
Ansh who was seeing laksh lifting shaurya get angry and did’t listened any thing they was saying.
Ragini take shaurya from laksh arms and goes up.

Precap. Ragansh moments

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