Ragini ( episode 1)

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So let start the episode.
Sanaya, ansh, shaurya, anita goes to mm house.
( house is little different so ragini dont know that its mm house.)
All goes in.
Swara was welcoming everyone and get shocked to see ragini.
Swara. Ragini.
Sanaya get shocked too see swara but try too control her emotion.
Sanaya. What.
Ansh. Who ragini its sanaya.
Shaurya. Yes aunt.
Swara. Am sorry i thought you are ny sister ragini.
Sanaya. Its ok.
Anita. Leave it beta lets go too my friend ap.
Sanaya is shocked.
Sanaya. Ok mom.
Ansh is tensed that what will happened now.
Anita. Hei ap.
Ap. Anita my friend.

Anita. How are u.
Ap. I am fine.
Ap. You said that you will take you daughter in law. Where is she.
Anita. Here is my daughter not daughter in law.
Ap is shocked too the face.
Ap. Hello beta.
Ragini. Hello aunt and take blessing.
Ap get teary eyed.
Soniya come there and say hello granny.
Sanaya is that you grand daughter.
Ap. Yes.
Sanaya oh yea. Hello beta its your gift from us.
Soniya. Thanks aunty.
Sanaya. Just call me sanaya.
Soniya. Ok sanaya.
Sanaya. Shaurya you go and play with soniye. Is it ok soniye.
Soniye. Yes
Shaurya soniye leave from there.

Swara come on stage and tell how they get soniye and now its her 7 birthday.Sanaya get teary eyed.
Ap come on stage and say its young people party. We will have our other hall.
All old people leave.
Just then laksh come down and say hello my princess who are you . and happy brithday.
Shaurya. Hello.
Laksh. Who are you beta.
Shaurya. I am shaurya ansh modi.
Laksh. Where is your mom dad.
Shaurya point at ansh and sanaya.
Laksh could’t see sanaya.
Laksh. Ok beta.
Ragini sees laksh with shaurya and get tensed.
Ragini goes to shaurya and say beta how many i have told you not to talk with stranger.
Laksh get up and is shocked to see the face.
Laksh. Tum.
Ragini. I am sorry do i now you.
Laksh. Mmm….
Ragini. Well whatever i am sanaya.bye.
Sanskar come at stage and say its getting boring letz have music and dance.
All. Wohhhh.
Music play sanam re.
Swasan dance on that everyone get happy.
All. Romantic jodi.
Music play wajha tum ho.
Sanaya, ansh dance on that.
Shaurya come in between at last and they all share a hug.
All. Nice dance.
Laksh get annoyed seeing sanansh.
Swara come to ragini.
Ragini. Hello .
Swara. Hei.
Ragini. Whats your name..

Swara. Swara sanskar meshawari.
Sanskar come to ragini and say my friend.
Sanaya. Can be your friend if you want.
Sanskar. Why not.
They become friends.
Soniye. Mom papa lets cut the cake.
Soniye cut the cake she first feed that to swasan.
Swasan give gift to soniye.
Soniye. Thanks mom dad.
Shaurya. Aunty mujhe bhi gift cahiye.
Ragini in kic…
Ansh come there and hug ragini.
Laksh also come there and is shocked to see sanansh.

Precap. Sanansh staying in mmm.

So guyz for short update but plz do comment.

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