Ragini-Ek nayi shuruwat ff chapter 7

Scene starts in Sood Villa—
Party is about to start, guests are arriving.
Viren & Sid comes with Bhupat.
Ragini & Nivi also bring Naintara with them. Vandana is with them.
They make Bhupat & Naintara sit together.
Nainatara- Ji how am i looking.
Bhupat- Like you were looking 50 yrs ago on our wedding day.
Naintara blushes. Others smile.
Vandana- Nivi beta did you called Chanchal & Jawahar.
Nivi- Yes Chachiji, they have reached hospital.
They will try to come soon.
Vandana- How is Mehra bhaisahab.

Nivi- He is fine.
(Jawahar got a phone call that his best friend Mehra has met with an accident so he & Chanchal left for hospital.)
Just then Maheshwaris & Gadodia’s enter the Sood Villa. Sid & Viren went to them & welcomed them.
They took them to Bhupat & Naintara.
They greet each other. Sid introduces his family.
Viren- Tayiji, Nivi aur bhabhi kahan hai.
Vandana- Beta they are talking to catrers.
Sid- No problem.
Maheshwaris & Gadodia sits down. They were talking abt business. And Ladies were also talking.
Nivi & Ragini instructed the caterers and were going towards them when Ragini noticed Maheshwaris. She was shocked. Her feets freezed were she was. She got teary eyes. Nivi noticed this.
Nivi- Ragini, What happened.
Ragini points towards Gadodia’s. She ran to her room. Nivi goes behind her.
Nivi- Who are they,Ragini.
Ragini (crying & hugs her)- My Family, Maa, baba….
Nivi- Is your first husband also there.
Ragini- Yes, but it does not affect me. Because i love Sid.
Nivi- Then what’s the problem.
Ragini- My family dii, i cant become weak infront of them. I cant show them how much i missed by Mom, Dad, Sister………
Nivi- Ragini, if they dont care abt you why do you think so much.

Ragini- Wiping her tears, You are right di, just like Laksh’s presence does not affect me. There presence will also not affect me. I will not become weak.
Nivi- Hugs her…
They both go down stairs and walks towards were they all are sitting.
Vandana sees them & says- See they have come. You both are working from morning. Cateres will handel everything.
Viren- Exactly tayaji, i am saying samething to Nivi & Bhabhi.
Sid- Maa, let them work they will not get happy till everything is perfect.
All laughs.
Gadodia’s did not see them till now as they were having there back towards Nivi and Ragini.
Ragini- Oh really Sid (she comes infront towards Sid, Gadodia’s are shocked, but did not react nor Ragini did) We are perfectionist that’s why the decorations & all are perfect. Right Maa.
Nivi- Exactly… she says coming towards Viren.
Vandana smiles at them.
Viren- Oh hello, I & Sid bhai were instructing workers.
Ragini- And readied the decoration plan, we.
Sid- So.. What. You cant take the credit alone. He makes a puppy face. Others laugh.
Sid- Btw Ragini meet them (he says pointing towards Gadodia’s & Maheshwaries who were happy as well as shocked to see them.) He introduces them. Ragini greet them casually.
Vandana- So kucch rang jamao….
Nivi- Ofcourse, Chachiji….

Ragini- So lets go.
The Lights go off & spot lights falls on Nivi & Ragini. They both dance on this song–
Sukh dukh jhoothe
Dhan bhi jhootha
Jhoothi moh-maaya
Saccha mann ka wo kona jahaan
Prem ratan paaya
Prem ratan paaya..

ni ni sa sa re re sa sa…

Payo… Payo…
Laayo… Chaayo
Aayo… Gaayo..

Saiyan tu kamaal ka
Baatein bhi kamaal ki
Laaga rang jo tera
Hui main kamaal ki

Payo re payo re payo re payo re payo
Payo re payo re payo re payo re payo re..
Prem ratan dhan payo (payo..)
Prem ratan dhan payo (payo..)
Rut milan ki laayo
Prem ratan..
Prem ratan dhan payo maine (payo..)
Prem ratan dhan payo

Kya main dikha doon
Yaa main chupa loon
Jo dhan hai mann mein
Yeh bhi na jaanu
Bajne lagi kyun sargam si tann mein
Khushiya si hai aangan mein

Chehre pe aaye meri rangatein gulaal ki
Laaga rang jo tera hui main kamaal ki

Payo re payo re payo re payo re payo
Payo re payo re payo re payo re payo re..
Prem ratan dhan payo (payo..)
Prem ratan dhan payo (payo..)
Mann gagan par chayo
Prem ratan..
Prem ratan dhan payo maine (payo..)
Prem ratan dhan payo

Mujhko the ghere jitne andhere
Ho gaye door sabhi
Sab sapno ki
Sab rishton ki paa li keemat bhi
Prem ko main samjhi
Kisi ne na ki meri
Tune jo sambhaal ki
Laaga rang jo tera hui main kamaal ki

Payo re payo re payo re payo re payo
Payo re payo re payo re payo re payo re..
Prem ratan dhan payo (payo..)
Prem ratan dhan payo (payo..)
Aaj mann bhar aayo
Prem ratan..
Prem ratan dhan payo maine (payo..)
Prem ratan dhan payo

Chaayo.. Aayo..
Laayo.. paayo..
As the song ends all claps. Sid & Viren were just looking at there beautiful wives. They came back to senses.
Ragini went to drink water. Someone pulls her. Its Sid.
Sid- Wow kya baat hai, hosh urra diye tumne toh mere. He pins her to wall and comes close.
Ragini (blushing)- Sid what are you doing someone will see.
Sid- Let them see, after all i am romancing with my wife. I am not afraid of anyone.
Just then they hear huhuhu… sound. Sid leaves her & turns back. It was Sharmishta.
Sid- Aunty you, do you need something.
Sharmishta- Actually a glass of cold drink fell on my saree so i was searching for washroom & come here.
Ragini- (She was abt to say Maa) But she says- come i will show you.
Before going she turned to Sid and chuckels a little to see his miffed face.
Sharmishta notices this. She feels happy that her daughter is happy.

Precap- Party continues……

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