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Ragini-Ek nayi shuruwat ff chapter 6


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Scene starts in Maheshwari Mansion-All the ladies enter the house.
Sanskaar- Kuy ho gayi aap loggo ki shopping.
Nobody respond, all of them were disturbed.
All the males exchange glances.
Sanskaar goes to Swara & shakes her a little.
Sanskaar- Swara what happened.
Swara- Woh Ragini……
Sanskaar- Ragini, All were shocked.
Swara- Monica saw Ragini in shopping mall today.
Laksh- What. Did you all meet her.
Monica- No Laksh, till the time we went she had already left.
Dadi starts crying.

Shekhar- Dont worry Maa, if she is in Mumbai we will find her soon.
Scene shifts to Sood Villa-
All were sitting , Just then Kavya & Naren came and sits on Bhupats lap.
Bhupat- What happened kids, you are looking sad.
Kavya- Can we ask you a question Bade dadu.
Bhupat- Smiles & says yes of course my kids.
Till then Sid,Viren,Nivi & Ragini too came in the hall.
Naren- Bade dadu, when is your anniverssary.
Bhupat was shocked – 27th dec, Tommorrow,beta.
Kavya-So we will party , dadu.
Bhupat understands what they want to say.He looks suspiciously towards Sid & Viren. They both start looking here & there. He gives them chocolates and ask them slowly,
Bhupat- Who gave you idea of party.
K&N (in unison)- Papa & they run away with there chocolates.
Bhupat looks at Sid.
Sid- Dadasaheb, yeh… mera nahi… Viren ka plan thha. (he said hurriedly)
Viren- Bhai, aap mujhe kuy phasha rahe ho, Nahi dadasaheb, woh……
Bhupat- Enough. He goes towards them & says- I know this must be my daughters plan. He says keeping his hand lovingly on Nivi & Ragini.
Ragini- So it means you give us the permission for celebrating your 50th anniverssary.
Bhupat nods. They all get excited.
In there room Sid,Ragini,Viren & Nivi are planning for the party.(Menu,Decorations etc.) After everything is done Viren & Nivi go to there room.
Ragini – Sid i will check kids once & come.

Sid nods and she leaves.
Ragini go and kiss both the kids who were sleeping. She closes the door & goes to her room. She sees Sid sleeping , she remembers Kavya sleeping in same posture. A smile comes on her face. She thinks “both father & daughter are same.” She puts a blanket on Sid. She goes and stand near the window. She touches her mangalsutra & thinks- “I did not thought that i would fall in love again, but Sid changed my world.” She remembers her & Sid’s marriage. She thinks- “It was a compramise as they both did not loved each other. They married because of Kavya who was just 2 days old.But with time they grow closer and realised there love for each other. ” She smiles remembering her & Sid’s romantic moments. Someone hugs her from back.
Ragini- Sid you did not sleep till now.
Sid- How can i sleep when my beautiful wife is still awake. What are you thinking?
Ragini- Nothing. How fast these yrs passes. See 4yrs passed so easily.
Sid smiles. He says- You know Ragini our relationship started by a compramise marriage has turned into an unbreakable bound which has understanding, friendship, love for each other & believe on each other.

Ragini smiles & hugs him. She says- I Love You,Sid & I cant live without you.
Sid- I Love you too, sweetheart… Okay so now lets go to sleep otherwise we wont be able to get up early. And then Viren & Nivi will tease us.
Ragini- Why will they tease us. After all we are husband & wife. We can do anything.
Sid (with a naughty smile) comes close to Ragini.
Ragini realises the meaning of words she said. She blushes. Sid breaks into laughter & says- I did not knew my wife can be naughty too.
Ragini- Sid… Lets go to sleep.
They go to sleep.

In the morning-
All the servants are running here & there. The Sood Villa is decorated beautifully. Sid, Viren & Jawahar are in Bhupats room.
Sid- Waah Dada saheb kya you are looking so smart & handome.
Viren- Yaa bhai, infront of him we are looking like waiters.
Jawahar- Yaa today Maa will go flat on Bauji.
Bhupat- What Jawahar you too started with these two naughty boys.
Sid- Chachu is right Dadasaheb. And they all laugh.
Jawahar- BTW, Sid did you called all our business associates in evening party.
Sid- Yep chachu, i have called all.
Jawahar- Its good.

On the otherside all the ladies were in another room making Naintara ready.
Nivi – Dadi you are looking so beautiful today. Dada saheba and other guests will be just looking at you.
Ragini- Common di , nazar matt lagaiye, she puts the black teeka on Naintara.
They all laugh.
Vandana thinks Nazar na lagge mere pariwaar ko.
Just then Nandu comes.
Nandu- Ragini bhabhi, cook is asking for more things.
Ragini- You go, i am coming.
Ragini go to Kitchen.
Cook- Mam, Oil is over.
Ragini- Okay i will bring it from the store room.
She goes. Sid was asking workers to do some work. He sees Ragini going towards the store room. He was lost in her beauty. Just then a worker come and ask for something. He comes back to senses. He gives him and goes towards store room.

In store room-
Ragini was taking out the packet of oil when Sid comes & hugs her.
Sid- Whom are you planning to kill tonight with your beauty. (he said teasingly)
Ragini smiles & says you.
Sid- Ohh then i am already bowled not just by your outter beauty but by your inner beauty too.
They have an eye lock.

Just then Nandu enters saying,
Nandu- Bhabhi woh…
Ragini & Sid breaks there eyelock and stand at a distance.
Sid- Isse bhi abhi aana thha…..
Ragini- Haa, Nandu kya baat hai.
Nandu- Bhabhi, woh oil.
Ragini- Haa, take this. He goes.
Nandu before going- Sid bhaiya, workers are calling you.
Sid (miffed a little)- You go i am coming. He make a frowning face.
As nandu leaves Ragini burst out into laughter.
Sid make a fake angry face.
Sid- You are laughing.
Ragini (still laughing)- See your face. Kavya makes the same face when she gets angry.
Sid comes close to her.
Sid- And how do you make her calm.
Ragini (who was laughing)- by a kiss….
Sid – Then i want it too.
Ragini stops laughing and says – Sid let me go, i have a imp work.
Sid (showing fake anger)- Fine go, Pati ki toh Koyi izzat hi nahi hai.
Ragini smiles & gives a knowing look. Suddenly she kisses Sid’s cheeks and run away laughing.
Sid smiles & he to goes.

In MM-
Sanskaar- Bade papa, we all have to go Sood Villa this evening. They have called all the family.
DP- Is it important to come.
Sanskaar- Yes ,bade papa.
Dp- Okay then we all will go.

Precap- Party….

Okay guyzz just want you all to answer this-
Should i seperate Sid & Ragini for the time being & they will come together after sometime which will make there relation more stronger. If you want suggest me some ways too.

Credit to: ck1234

  1. No don’t separate Sid and ragini
    Plzz show more Swasan scenes
    But your ff is really good.

  2. no no plzzz don’t separate sid & ragini… dis part s awsm….

  3. Plz don’t separate ragini n sid

  4. Jyotika patel

    U first tell about how and when ragini went from mm….in detail. Show fb….then separate ragini n sid…

    Let sid n laksh meet first….

  5. It’s really awesome and wonderful. By the who is did ( means which actor ) if its abhishek it will be better..:-) 🙂

    1. Iam sorry guys.karan tacker is better songs separate six and ragini.

  6. It was soooooooooo late i thought u wont update it pls make it fst we love yr ff nd dont want to wait 4 it
    It was gud bt pls dnt seperate sid nd ragini
    Pls update the nxt episode fst plzzzzzz

  7. make rag and sid’s bonding strong

  8. No yar no separation because you shiwed sid as matured person and dont break their relation after all after knowing evwrything only sid married ragini.
    Dont show their relation weak because of their past it shoukd not break

  9. pls update soon

  10. Hey sid and ragini jodi is awesome . Dont separate them add a new character for whom laksh will fall.

  11. nice…….but update next part soon

  12. Don’t seperate

  13. No pls don’t separate them n waiting for the next update… If possible update it today dear

  14. dnt separate ragini and sid……..
    show dt sid alway stand beside ragini in any situation……

  15. don’t separate them..
    want swasan scenes. .
    missed ur ff a lot.. and u too..

  16. Name of dadi, naintara was sooooo funny….??? wow.. Excited about next. Y so late update yaar…

  17. Finally u upload it yaar… I was waiting for ur ff… Plsss don’t separate sid n rag… They r awesome couple….

  18. Hi ck1234 am a silent reader till now but I can’t just stop myself from commenting on ur ff it is awesome I really like it am a fan of swasan but in ur ff I became a fan of ragsid and plzz make ragini meet maheshwari and gadodia family soon and plzz don’t separate them show their cute bond in front mm family n especially laksh I really want to c the reaction of laksh when he will come to no that ragini is sid wife uptate soon dear if possible update the next epi today itself

  19. Plzzz dont seperate sid and rags plzzzz yaar

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  22. Nooooo plz don’t separate them…update the next soon

  23. Noo pls dont seperate themm

  24. Show some cute moments of sid and ragini and bonding of ragini with sood family and make laksh jealous on seeing this

    1. Hey I agree with u manisha show the cute bond of ragsid n the strong bond that ragini has with the sood family n ya make laksh jealous n uncomfortable to c rags bond with sid n sood family n show their bond in front of whole maheshwari family

  25. Make it ragsan plzzzzz?

  26. Amazing ff love u

  27. Nice….bt don’t separate RagSid…..Laksh should b jealous of sid…..nd plz don’t update soo late……we really miss it….try to understand nd update fast plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  28. Hey I have been waiting for you to update from so long. This is my favourite ff. Please try to update faster next time. Like always the part was great.
    Can you please show in detail how ragini came to Mumbai and how ragsid got married.Thanks

  29. It’s just awesome I am addicted to your ff ck1234

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