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Scene in Sood Villa- All the family members have returned & are sitting in the hall.
Vandana- Ragini beta, how is Sid’s fever now?.
Sid who was coming downstairs from his room says,
Sid- Ab thik hai Maa, waise aapki bahu ne mujhe bed se utthane hi nahi diya. He gives a mischevious smile to Ragini.
This was noticed by Nivi who smiled to herself.
Viren- Bhai, uss SSLM company ki file aapne check ki thhi na, uska kya hua.
Sid- Ya Viren maine socha hai ki hum iss deal ko final kar hi dete hai.
Viren – Ya ofcourse bhai, its a good idea. And bhai today i have to go for an imp meeting in Bandra so i will be late.
Sid- Ya, no problem Viren.
Sid leaves for his office.
Ragini was in her room just then Nivi enters.
Ragini- Dii, aaiye na, koi kaam thha kya.
Nivi- Kuy main aise hi nahi aa sakti tere room mein.
Ragini- Nahi di, mera woh matlab nahi thha, waise Mehra sahab ki beti ka sangeet kaisa thha. Baccho ne aapko jayda pareshaan toh nahi kiya.
Nivi- Mehra sahab ki beti ka sangeet accha tha, aur baccho ne mujhe bilcul pareshaan nahi kiya. Lekin lagta hai Sid ne kal tumhe kafhi pareshaan kiya hai. (She said with a teasing smile)
Ragini (Did not understood the meaning of last words) – Haan, bahut……
Nivedita bursts out in laughter.
Ragini realised what Nivi meant & what she said. Her face turned pink. And by seeing this Nivi burst out in a loud laughter.
Ragini- Nahi,Dii mera matlab……
Ab tu mujhe matlab naa samjha, mujhe toh pahele se malum thha ki Sid natak kar raha hai. Nivi said laughing.

Ragini was blushing. She shared her & Sid’s moments with Nivi (except Terrece romance). Nivi was more than happy for her because she too treated Ragini as her younger sister by heart. And seeing Ragini happy made her happy.
Nivi also shared her & Viren’s cute moments before marriage & after marriage.
Ragini- Di, kal dada saheb aur dadi ji ki 50th anniversary hai . Kuy na party plan kare unke liye.
Nivi- Haa, Ragini good idea. Lets talk to Sid & Viren too. I will talk to Viren & you talk to Sid and ask him to come home early tonight.
Nivi goes to her room to call Viren & Ragini too calls Sid.
In Sid’s office-
Sid was sitting in his office with two persons. They were talking abt a deal. The two persons were Sanskaar & Laksh.
Sid- Okay Mr. Maheshwari deal papers will be ready till tommorrow.
They shake hands & Sanskaar,Laksh leaves from there. His phone rings, he sees Ragini’s name and a smile appears on his face.
Sid takes the call.
Sid- Yes sweetheart, meri yaad aa rahi thhi. (He says in teasing tone.)
Ragini- Sid, aaj ghar jaldi aaiyenga, kucch baat karni hai.
Sid- Kuy koi surprise plan kiya hai mere liye. Waise kaho toh abhi aajau
Ragini- Sid.. aap ghar aayenge toh bataungi.
She cuts the phone.

In office-
Sid- Ab isse kya hua, jaldi kuy bulaya. He was thinking abt this when Viren enters his cabin.
Viren- Bhai, Nivi ka phone aaya thha aur ussne mujhe shaam ko jaldi ghar aane ko kaha.
Sid- Haa Viren, Ragini ne bhi yahi kaha.
Viren- Kya baat hogi bhai.
Sid- Pata nahi, yeh toh shaam ko hi pata chalenga.
In Sood Villa-
Nivi comes to Ragini.
Nivi- Ragini meri Viren se baat ho gayi, teri Sid se hui kya.
Ragini- Haa dii, ho gayi. Lekin dii humme Maa, aur chachiji se bi baat karni hogi,iss baare mein.
Nivi-haa, chal.
They go to Vandana’s room. They see Chanchal talking to her. They enter & closes the room.
Vandana- Arrey, Nivi & Ragini what you both are doing.
Chanchal- Why are you both entering the room like chors.
Ragini- Chachiji, humme aap donno se kucch baat karni hai.
Vandana- Kya baat hai beta?

Ragini- Maa, woh (they tell abt there plan for party)
Nivi- Haa, chachiji humme aap donno ki madad chahiye.
Chanchal- Arrey, tum donno pagal ho gayi ho kya, tumhe patta hai na Bauji kabhi nahi manege.
Ragini- Lekin try karne mein kya harz hai chachiji.
Chanchal was abt to say something when Vandana interrupted,
Vandana- Chanchal aggar baccho ka itna mann hai toh kar lete hai na, kya ho jayenga.
Chanchal- Hoga kucch nahi bhabhi lekin Maa-Bauji se party ki permission kaun lenga.
Nivi- Maa, woh hum log le lenge, bass aap dono hamara saath dijiyenga.
Vandana & Chanchal smiles & nods in yes.
Ragini- Chaliye dii, bahut si tayarri karni hai.
Nivi- Haa chalo, they go out excited.
Chachal- Dekha bhabhi, baccho ki Maa hai donno lekin khud baccho ki tarah behave karti hai.
Vandana- Jaane doo na Chanchal, Maa-Bauji ki anniversary party ko le kar kucch jayda hi excited hai yeh donno.

Scene in Maheshwari house-
Sanskaar & Laksh arrive.
DP- Kya hua Laksh, deal ka.
Laksh- Deal toh final ho gayi papa, aur kal papers par bhi sign ho jayen ge.
Adarsh- Yeh accha hua.
Just then Annapurna & ladies come.
Annapurna- Kya yahan par bhi aap log business ki baaten le kar baitho ho, hum yaha vacation par aayen hai na.
Swara- Haa, bade papa this is not fair.
Sanskaar- Swara, yeh deal important thhi isliye humme jaana pada.
Swara- Haa, toh thik hai ab hum sab ladies shoping par jaa rahe hai tum log baccho ko sambhalo.
Laksh- Its unfair kal hi maine,Sanskaar aur Adarsh bhaiya ne baccho ko sambhala thha.
Annapurna- Gabrao matt Laksh, aaj tum loggo ki madad ke liye tumhare papa,chacha aur Shekhar ji bhi rahenge.
Sujata- Haa jiji, chaliye hum chalte hai shopping pe.
All the ladies went away & all the males give each other a look.
In Sood Villa-

Nivi & Ragini were in kitchen.
Nivi- Ragini, kal party ke liye samman bhi laana hai, toh shopping par chale.
Ragini- Haa dii, chalte hai.
They complete there work and go for shopping.
The Maheshwari ladies come to a mall. Nivi & Ragini too enters the same mall. As they enter Ragini feels something strange but ignores it. Swara too feels but she also ignores it. Dadi feels it & turns saying Laddo. But finds no one. She gets tears in her eyes but wipes it before anyone else notice. They start there shopping. Nivi enters one shop & Ragini another.
Ragini was buying a purse when she collided with Monica.
Monica- Oh sorry,I did not saw you.
Ragini- Picks it up & says its okay, no problem.
As she gets up, Monica sees her & recognizes her as Ragini. She gets shocked.
Ragini- Shakes her a little & says are you okay.
Monica- yes, ya i am okay.
Ragini was abt to go when Monica softly says “Ragini”. She turns towards her & says- Yes, how do you know my name.

Monica gets startled & says- Woh actually my friends name is also Ragini.
Ragini feels something fishy but ignores it & goes away.
Monica thinks -” Ragini, here in Mumbai, should i tell this to Swara bhabhi, i know how much she misses her sister. Ya i shld tell her.” She goes away.
Monica goes to Swara.
Monica- Bhabhi, listen i want to tell you something.
Swara- Ya Monica tell.
Monica- woh… Just then Parineeta comes & drags them to Saree shop. Were other ladies are present.
Monica- Bhabhi, I saw Ragini here in the mall.
Hearing this all the ladies get shocked.
Swara- Are you sure Monica, were is Ragini.
They all start searching her but she already left with Nivi as there shopping was over.
In Sood Villa-

Sid & Viren arrived home. They saw Nivi & Ragini entering the house with shopping bags. They both go to them.
Sid- What happened Ragini, why you both called us early.
Ragini- I will tell you everything and she takes them to room.
Viren- What happened bhabhi?
Ragini & Nivi tell there plan to celebrate Dada-dadi 50th anniversary to Sid & Viren. They too get happy.
Viren- But Dadasaheb se permission kaun lenga.
They all look towards Sid. Sid sees them looking at him and says- No way, Dadasaheb se party ki permission lena matlab “Sher ke muh mein haath daalna” .
Viren- Plz bhai only you can do this. plz
Sid- No way, think another idea.
Ragini gets an idea and tells them.
Nivi- Ya,this is a good idea. And Dadasaheb will not be able to say NO for the party.
They give a hi-fi to each other.

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