Ragini-Ek nayi shuruwat ff chapter 4


In office, Sidharth ‘s cabin-
Someone knocked the door. Its his assistant Raju.
Sid- Come in.
Raju- Sir,this is SSLM Pvt Ltd. file.It has all the details of owners.
Sid- Okay, thanks.
Siddharth opens the file & reads the name of owners given on first sheet- Sanskaar Maheshwari, Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari , Laksh Maheshwari & Monica Laksh Maheshwari.
Sid thinks not bad, there reputation is quiet good. He calls Viren in his cabin & talks about there deal with SSLM.
Viren- Bhai, Mujhe pata chala hai ki inka purra parivar Mumbai aaya huya hai , toh kuy na innhe yaha bula kar baat kar li jaye.
Sid – Good idea, Viren.
Scene in a bunglow-
Its Maheshwari’s bunglow in Mumbai. They all hav e came to Mumbai for a week as kids wanted to go for vacation. Gadodia Family is also with them.
There are three kids in Maheshwari Family-
Rohan (3.5 yrs old) Son of Adarsh & Parineeta
Suhaana (3 yrs old) Daughter of Swara & Sanskaar
Ananya (1.5 yrs old) Daughter of Laksh & Monica
Laksh- Adarsh bhai do you remember when we used to visit Mumbai in our chilhood days.
Adarsh- Yes Laksh,I remember.
They start remincing there childhood days. Sanskaar too joins them. Just then they see all the ladies going somewhere.
Sanskaar- Arrey, Maa, are you all going somewhere.
Sujata- We are going to Siddhivinayak Mandir. And they leave.
Scene in Sood Villa-
Ragini was lost somewhere. She thinks “Why am i so restless today, why am i getting a feeling that something big is going to happen”

Vandana- Ragini, what happened beta, you are looking lost. Any problem.
Ragini- No Maa, I was just thinking to visit SiddhiVinayak temple today.
Vandana- Ofcourse beta, there is no need to ask for it.
Ragini- Maa where is Nivi di?
Vandana- Beta,she gone to market for some work.
Ragini- Okay Maa, then i will go to temple alone.
Ragini goes to her room to take her purse. Just then her mobile rings…
Sid- Hello, sweetheart what are you doing?
Ragini- Sid…. nothing i was going to temple.
Sid- For my long life.

Ragini- (smiling a little) Why cant i ask something for myself.
Sid- Ofcourse you can but you already have so handsome, stylish, smart, hot&s*xy husband who loves you alot. So what else do you want.
Ragini- Mr Patidev, if your flirting session is over should i cut the phone. I am getting late for temple.
Sid- Okay but before that just give me a one kiss.
Ragini- Sid… And she cuts the phone.
In office- Siddhart has a sweet smile on his face. He picks up a photo frame kept on his table. It have his, Ragini & Kavya’s pic. He thinks ” Thanks Ragini, thank you so much for coming in my life.” He thinks about all his and Ragini moments.
In car- Ragini leaves to go to the temple. Her car stops at a traffic signal & beside that its the car of Maheshwaris. Swara & Ragini felt something strange. But they ignore it. Ragini was abt to see Swara when signals go green.
Maheshwaris reach the temple. And go inside it.
Ragini to reaches the temple. She buys prasad & goes upstairs. She goes and give the prasad thaal to pandit ji. She stands besides Maheshwari’s family and prays. And see was abt to see them when few ppl stood in between them. Maheshwari too were abt to go. Ragini was standing outside the temple & talking on the phone. Her side face was visible. Swara sees her and runs towards her but before she could reach her Ragini already had left.
Outside temple- Swara was looking here & there. Just then Sujata comes & asks her to come as they were leaving. Swara silently follows her.
In Sood Villa- Ragini enters the house and sees that no one was there. She calls Nandu.
Ragini- Nandu saare ghar wale kahan hai.

Nandu- Didi, sab log dadaji ke saath Mehra shaab ki beti ke sangeet mein gaye hai. Kal subah tak lautenge. Aur Nivi bhabhi ne kaha hai ki woh baccho ko school se pick up kar lengi. Unho ne aapko phone kiya thha lekin aap ka phone switch off thha.
Ragini- Arrey ha, woh battery down ho gayi thhi. Accha, Sid bhi gaye hai kya.
Nandu- Nahi didi, Sid bhaiya ko fever hai issliye woh room mein aaram kar rahe hai. Aur didi woh, kya main aaj chutti le sakta hu. Maine aap ke aur Sid bhaiya ke liye dopahar ka khaana bana diya hai.
Ragini- Arrey, Haa Nandu, aaj tum chutti le lo.
Nandu- Thank you Didi, and he leaves.
Ragini goes to her room to check Sid. As she enters Sid hugs her from back.
Ragini- Sid, aap ko toh fever thha na.
Sid- (laughs) Fever nahi madam, bahana thha.
Ragini- Bahana…
Sid- Haa, bahana… Aggar bahana na banata toh humme bhi waha jaana parta, aur mein pura ek din apni khubshurat biwi ke saath bina kissi disturbance ke romance karne ka mauka kho deta.
Ragini blushes hard.

Sid- Toh, plan kiya aapka, ghar par hi romance kare yaa bahar ghumne chale, kuyki raat toh aakhir hamari hi honi hai.
Ragini (blushing, her face has became pink) pushes him a little & was abt to go. Sid holds her & pins her to wall.
Sid-I told you i will never let you go away from me. No one can seperate us except death.
Ragini puts her hand on Sid’s mouth and says- Dont talk abt death Sid & she hugs him tightly. Tears roll down her eyes. Sid can feel his wet shirt. He breaks the hug, make Ragini face him, cups her face and says-
Sid- Arrey, Ragini main majak kar raha thha, tum toh emotional ho gayi.
Ragini- Aisi baat phir kabhi majak mein bhi matt boliye ga Sid, hum aapko khona nahi chahate. She hugs him tightly.
Sid- Okay baba sorry, aaj ke baad phir kabhi yeh nahi bolunga and he kisses her on forhead.
Sid- Waise, Ragini mujhe lagta hai ki tumhe aaj sirf ghar mein mere saath romance karne ka mood hai, i dont mind, toh bed pe chale. (He said with a naughty smile)
Ragini pushes him a little & says hum abhi tayaar ho kar aate hai.
Sid smiles and thinks ” Main tumse durr jaane ke baare mein kabhi soch bhi nahi sakta Ragini, Zindagi ho tum meri aur bina zindagi ke koi kaise rah sakta hai, Main kabhi bhi tum par koi mushibat nahi aane dunga aur na hi tumhari aankho mein aashu.” He also goes to get ready.
He gets ready. He was wearing a blue t-shirt with black blazer on it and blue jeans under it. He was looking handsome.

Ragini jaldi karo, Sid shouts. Ragini comes out wearing a beautiful sky blue coloured suit. She kept her hair open. She was in her minimum make-up, even though she was looking gorgeous and stunning. Sid was mesmerized seeing her. She comes to Sid and says,
Ragini- Toh chale patidev…
Sid- (mesmerized by her beauty) Nahi..
Ragini gives him a look. He comes out of his imagination & says – Haa, chalo na maine kab manna kiya.
Ragini smiles seeing him. They leave.
Sid- Okay lets go for Shopping first. He drives his car to a mall. They start there shopping. Ragini purchases clothes & other things for Sid & Kavya.
Sid- Arrey, Ragini you have purchased all the things for me & kavya only. What abt you.
Ragini- Sid, i already have so many dresses which i dont wear too. Why waste money in purchasing new clothes.

Sid- Accha toh tum aise nahi manongi. And he takes her to a ladies shop.
Ragini was abt to say something when Sid says no arguments. And he buys two beautiful sarees for Ragini. They leave the mall. It was already 6pm. Then they go for the Shahrukh khan’s romantic movie. Only they were present in the hall as Sid has booked all the tickets.
The movie starts. Ragini was busy watching movie and Sid was busy adoring her beautiful smile. He thinks “Your smile is so beautiful Ragini, I promise i will never let this smile vanish from your face.” The movie ends. They come out of the threater. They go to a Resturant for dinner. After dinner they arrive home. Ragini goes to the room and was abt to change when Sid comes & hugs her from back. He gives a box to her. She opens it & finds a beautiful purple color gown in it.
Sid- Wear this and come on terrece,i have a surprise for u.
Ragini wears it and comes to the terrece. She sees whole terrece decorated with lights & candels. There was a bed covered with flowers. A soft music was playing in the background. Sid comes and gives his hands for dance. They both dance romantically. Just then Sid puts a beautiful pendent on Ragini’s neck. Ragini was surprised. See looks at Sid with tears in her eyes. Sid signals her too speak whatever is in her heart.
Ragini- Why do you love me so much Sid, dont do this, because i fear that this may be a dream which will break if i open my eyes.
Sid- (wiping her tears) All this is not a dream Ragini, its a reality. And my love for you will never end.

Ragini hugs him tightly and says “I love you,Sid”
Sid smiles and says “I love you too, sweet heart”.
They kiss each other and they fall on the bed. All the lights go off.
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Credit to: ck1234

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