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Its morning, sun rays falls on Sid’s face. He opens his eyes and smiles remembering his & Ragini’s moments. He watches Ragini coming out after her bath drying her hairs. She has a smile on her face. She goes to dressing table wear ‘s her mangal sutra and puts sindoor in her maang. She was smiling throughout. Sid notice this and a mischevious smile comes on his face. He goes to Ragini and back hug her.
Sid- What happened madam you are smiling a lot today.Were you thinking about me.
Ragini blushes a little and then turns to Sid,
Ragini- Mr Patidev I have a lot of things to think about except you, by the way dont you have to go on joging today. She says trying to go.
Sid blocks her way & says ab jiski patni itni khoobsurat ho uss pati ka mann bahar jaane ka kaise karenga. BTW if you say i can leave office too. He says coming very close to Ragini. Ragini blushes and pushed him a little. He falls on the bed & Ragini breaks out in a laughter. Sid says Ragini & starts running behind her. They run in whole room & Sid catches her. He comes very close to her. They both can hear there heart beats.
Ragini- Sid, what are you doing, someone will come. Let me go, I have a lot of work.
Sid- No one will come today because door is locked from inside. He gives a mischevious smile to her. He says if you want to go, you can go but firstly you have to give me something in return for letting you go.

Ragini- (with nervousness) Matlab, she could sense mischeif in his voice.
Sid- (grinning at her) One kiss.(he said pointing towards his lips)
Ragini blushed alot her face went pink. She thinks some thing and says okay but first close your eyes. Sid closes his eyes. Ragini comes close to him & he could feel her warm breath on his face. She was about to kiss but she kiss him on his cheeks and run away pushing Sid a little. Sid blushes & smiles to himself.
Ragini goes to kids room & see them sleeping. She goes and wake them up. Kavya , Naren wake up kids, dont you want to go to school ,she said.
Kavya- Let us sleep mumma, only for few more minutes.
Ragini- No way, Kavya common wake up its getting late, and she tickels kavya a little.
Kavya starts laughing and wakes up. Naren also open his eyes but closes it seeing Ragini. Ragini notices this and goes towards Naren saying arrey Naren toh abhi tak uttha hi nahi & she was about to tickel him when he stands & and says i am woken up badi maa. Ragini hugs both of them & get them ready. Meanwhile Nivi comes saying come kids your breakfast is ready. Nivi see Ragini smiling & she understands the reason. She too smiles. Childrens run down for there break fast.
Nivi- What’s the matter Ragini you are blushing like a new bride. (She said teasing Ragini)
Ragini- What dii you too are teasing me…
Nivi- BTW I am very happy for you & Sid as you both have realized love for each other.
Ragini- Thanks Dii, but if you would not have been there…
She was cut by Nivi,

Nivi- Why would not i have been there and they both share the hug. Come lets go downstairs all are waiting.
All the family members were having breakfast. When Viren asks Sid,
Viren- Bhai, i told you abt a deal which our Kolkata branch had done with SSLM Pvt Ltd.
Sid- Yes Viren i have talked too manager of Kolkata branch & asked him to send the file here.
Viren – Haa, good idea,bhai.
They both go to office.

Okay, So how is this CH-3. Any one can guess the owners of SSLM Pvt Ltd.

A Note- Guys i have tried my best to satisfy ppl who were complaining abt language. I think i have done full justice with it. plz keep showering your love on ff and keep supporting me. And those who want to read in hindi can visit IF same story with same heading. Thank u.

Credit to: ck1234

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