Ragini-Ek nayi shuruwat ff chapter 2


Pooja ends. All the family members where having breakfast.
Sid & Viren where ready to go to office.
Vandana- Chalo puja acche se ho gayi. Hai na maa.
Naintara- Haa, aur Nivi & Ragini ne sab kucch acche se samhal liya.
Bhupat- Accha chalo ab main aaram karne jaata hoon.
Ragini- Dada saheb aap phir bhul gaye naa.
Bhupat looks towards Naintara. She signals like “I dont know”
Bhupat- (Looking confused) Main kya bhool gaya beta?
Nivi- Aapki Medicine Dada saheb. Ragini aapki medicine ki baat kar rahi hai. She hands over a glass of water to him & Ragini hands him his medicine.
Ragini- Dada saheb aap hamesha bhul jaate.
Bhupat- Jab ghar mein mera itna khayal rakh ne wali ek nahi doon-doon betiyaan ho toh mujhe fikar karne ki kya jarrurat hai. He blesses both of them. All the family members smile except Chanchal. She thinks-

Chanchal (self-thought)- Pata nahi kaun sa jadu kar diya hai jise dekho woh Nivedita aur Ragini ke hi guun gata rahta hai.
Bhupat go to his room. Others to went to there rooms. Only Sid, Ragini,Viren & Nivi are there.
Sid – Viren aaj tu hamare naye hotel ke liye plot dekhne jaa raha hai na.
Viren- Haa bhai, Bas direct wahi jaa raha hoon.
Sid- Okay chal phir shaam ko milte hai. Ragini main jaa raha hu.
Sid & Viren leave.
Ragini & Nivi finishes kitchen work. They go to see Kavya & Naren. They were playing.
Nivi- Ragini, Mujhe tummse kucch baat karna hai. Tere room mein chal sakte hai.
Ragini- Haa, dii, aayiey na. They go to her room.
Nivi- Ragini, tu mujhe apni badi bahen manti hai na.
Ragini- Haa, Baat kya hai?

Nivi- Ragini, Kya tere aur Sid ke rishte mein sab kucch sahi hai? Mera matlab tumhari shaadi ko 4 saal hogaye lekin tum donno ke beech aaj bhi kaphi awkwardness hai.
Ragini- Dii,mujhe pata hai aap kya kahna chachati hai, lekin aap toh jaanti hai na meri aur Sid ki shaadi kin circumstances mein hui thhi. Aur mera past… Darr lagta hai di, phir se kissi ke karib jaane main, phir kissi pein vishwaas karne mein, phir kissi se pyaar karne main, darr lagta hai ki phir wahi sab kucch toh nahi hoga na jo pahele hua. Tears were flowing from her eyes. Aapko pata hai dii, aajtak jis par bhi vishwaas kiya ussne sirf dokha diya. Maine uss aadmi se pyaar kiya thha, hamare parivaar waalo ne usse chunna thha hamare liye, lekin ussne kabhi hameshe pyaar kiya hi nahi, woh toh hamari bahen se pyaar karta thha, aur hamari bahen ussne kya kiya humnne uss par kitna vishwaas kiya thha lekin ussne hamare hi peeth par khangar laga diya. Aur jis insaan ne humme pyaar ke liye ladna sikhaya woh bhi humme majdhaar mein chod kar chala gaya. Humme har kadam par dokha hi milla… (She breaks down)
Nivi comes and hugs her.
Nivi- Ragini, kya tum jaanti ho Sid tumse kitna pyaar karta hai. Tumhare liye usska pyaar uski aankho mein dikhta hai. Woh tumhare saath kabhi bhi na toh galat karenga aur na hi hone denga. Uski aur ek kadam badha kar toh dekho.
Ragini- Hum jaante hai dii, jaante hai ki Sid hummse bahut pyaar karte hai lekin hamara darr humme aage badhne hi nahi deta hai.
Nivi- Toh nikal doon iss darr ko apni dil se Ragini, aur Sid ki taraf kadam badhao. Ragini apni aankhe band karo aur mujhe batao tumhe kiya dikhai deta hai.
Ragini closes her eyes. She sees her & Sid’s moments which they shared (like there wedding, there first hug, Sid consoling her after knowing her past etc.) a smile comes on her face. She opens her eyes. She was shocked a little.

Nivi- Mujhe ummed hai tumhe sab kucch samaj aa gaya hoga, Ragini. Mujhe kucch kaam hai, main abhi aayi. Nivi goes out, (Self thought) Main jaanti hu Ragini tum bhi Sid se pyaar karti ho, lekin jarrorat thhi toh sirf tumhare darr ko kahtam karne ki,jo ho chuka hai & she smiles.
Ragini again closes her eyes & remember her & Sid’s moments. She opens her eyes & say “I love You , Sid”. She thinks how to tell this to Sid. She thinks to call Sid but drops the idea. Then

Nandu- Ragini bhabhi aaj dopahar mein kya banana hai.
Ragini- (Coming out of Sid’s thought) Nandu, aap chaliye main aati hoon.
She goes down looking lost . Nivi was already there. She noticed and smirked to herself.
Nivi-(Softly in Ragini’s ear) Sid ke baare mein soch rahi hoon.
Ragini- (who was lost) Haa…
Nivi chuckels a little.
Ragini comes out of her world & says nahi mera matlab thha ki… (She bluses)
Nivi- Oye hoye, dekho kaise chehra laal hue jaa raha hai.(She said teasing her)
Ragini- Dii… aap bhi na…
Nivi- Tu kucch surprise kuy nahi plan karti Sid ke liye.
Ragini- Surprise, not a bad idea dii.

In evening, Sid & Viren comes and goes to there respective rooms.
He sees Ragini helping Kavya & Naren with there home work ( that ‘s A,b,c,d) He was mesmerised to see her, She had a smile on her face which was making her look more like an angel. He was staring her from the door. Ragini feels Sid’s presence & look towards door. They have an eye lock. Kavya too sees him & shouts, Daida… There eyelock breaks. Kavya and Naren run towards Sid. Sid hugs them and ask kaisi hai meri princess aur mera buddy kaisa.
Kavya- Main thhik hu Daida.

Naren- Main nhi accha hu bade papa (he says in his cute voice)
Aap dono ki padhai ho gayi, he asks. Haa (both say in unison)
He gives them chocolates and they go for playing.
At night, after dinner, he first goes to children’s room. he sees them sleeping & kisses them on head. He thinks, Ragini kahan hai lagta hai room mein hongi. He closes the door of children’s room & heads towards his room. He opens his room & get shocked. The whole room was decoreted with Candels. He sees Ragini standing infront of him in a beautiful red saree. He was mesmerized by her beauty. He goes to her and says,
Sid- Ragini, yeh sab…

Ragini puts her figures on his leps & says,
Ragini- Aaj sirf main bolungi aur aap sunne ge , She hugs him and says I Love you Sid, I love you alot.

Sid was shocked , he can’t beleive the day, the moment for which he was waiting has finally arrived. He hugs her back. The time stops for them. She breaks the hug and tries to go. Sid pulls her towards him and says abb main tumhe kahi nahi jaane dunga. He picks her up & goes to bed. All the candels blow off.
So how is ch-2?

Credit to: ck1234

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