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They all enter and start the shoping. Ragini was not interested. Sid too enters the same mall. They both feel each other presence. Sid takes Kavya and Naren to gaming zone. Laksh sees Sid entering the gaming zone. He tells this to Monica.
Monica signals Swara.
Swara- Ragini, its look like you are not interested in shopping. Will you plz take Suhana & Rohan to gaming zone.
Ragini- Yaa, of course. She takes them with her.
Swara gives thumps up to others.
Ragini enters the gaming zone. Rohan & Suhana start playing. On other end Kavya & Naren are also playing. Sid is also there. Since his back is towards Ragini, they did not notice each other. Just then Kavya sees Ragini. She runs to her.
Kavya- Mamma…..
Ragini- Kavya, beta you here with whom you have come.
Kavya points towards Sid.
Kavya- Mamma, i and Naren have come with Dad.
Naren too comes to her. Ragini sees Sid. All the flashbacks come in both of there minds. They eyes each other but control themself. Kavya,Naren,Suhana & Rohan start playing. Sid’s phone rings so he went to talk. Just then two men enters there. They see Ragini alone smiling at the kids. They go to her.

Man 1– What happened madam, you are alone, come we will give you company.
Man 2– Yes baby, come with us. He holds Ragini’s hand.
Ragini- Leave Me, she gets her hand out of his hold.
She raises her hand to slap that man but Man 1 stops her.
Man 1– what happened babes, you got angry. Haa.
Just then someone punches him on face. He is Sid. He is boiling with anger. He punches 2nd man too.
Sid (in anger)- How dare you touch my wife. He beats them. They both run away.
In fight Sid got a cut in his hands. Ragini notices this. She gets teary eyes. She goes to him, torn her duppatta and put it on his wounds. They both are teary eyed. Ragini hugs Sid and cries. Sid hugs her back. He closes his eyes to feel her so close to him.
Ragini- I am sorry Sid, I love you.
Sid- I love you too.
Just then those two man enters clapping with Swara,Monica,Adarsh and Parineeta behind them.
They both are none other than Laksh & Sanskaar. They had put on false beard, moustache & wig.
Sid & Ragini break the hug.
Sid (still did not recognised them)- How dare you both come again. He moves to them making a fists.
They move there fake make up.
Ragini- Sanskaar & Laksh you both.
Sanskaar- Yes this was our plan, too unite both of you.
Laksh- But Sid i did not knew man you hit so hard. He said touching his face.
They all bursts out in laughter.
Its evening–

Sid- My wife is looking so beautiful, hot & s*xy today.
Ragini- Oh really.. You are also lookig nice. She laughs.
She stops when she sees Sid’s serious face.
Just then Sid bend down on his knees with a ring in his hands.
Sid- So Mrs Ragini Siddhart Sood will you marry me once again. I promise i will not let a tear come in your eyes. I will always keep you happy. Lets do a “Ek Nayi Shuruwat”
Ragini gets happy and hugs him.
Sid- So lets go downstairs.
They went down. Maheshwaris, Gadodias are present there. Party starts. They all cut cake & dance on the song “Happy Ending”….

The End…..

Okay guyz i am already writing Ragini- Ek Kahani… Will update a new one soon….

Credit to: ck1234

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