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Ragini wipes her tears before entering the room. She goes inside and hugs Kavya & Naren.
Ragini- Okay, Kavya go dad is waiting for you downstairs.
She take Kavya and Naren. Sid looks at her.
Kavya- You are not coming with us Mamma…
Ragini- I will come beta, but not now. You go with dad today.
Kavya & Naren hugs her & says bye to her. Sid looks at her with tears in his eyes. Ragini closes her eyes in pain.
As Sid leaves, Ragini runs to her room. Swara goes behind her. Ragini enters the room and breaks down on the floor. She cries badly. Swara comes to her.
She hugs her.
Ragini- Why Swara, why did dadi insulted Sid. What’s his fault. It was neither chachi ji’s fault. It was an accident.
Swara tries to console Ragini.
Swara- Ragini u shld be happy that your & Sid’s relationship is so strong. Take this as a testing time for your & his relation.
Ragini- Swara, plz leave me alone for sometime, plz.
Swara says okay & goes.

Shekhar comes to Dadi & says- Plz Maa, stop destroying my daughter’s life. Plz. I always thought that how you are but you love Ragini alot. You will do every thing for her happiness. But i was wrong, you are selfish. You dont care abt others. You are destroying her Life for your meaning less accusations. Jhanvi death was an accident, nothing else. So plz stop all this. He leaves. Dadi was in tears.
Scene shifts to Sood Villa–
All were happy as they thought that Ragini is coming back. Just then Sid’s car come. He come inside with Kavya & Naren. Sid just walked towards his room silently. Sensing the situation Nivi asked Nandu to take kids in there room.
They all go to Sid’s room. Sid was just sitting there lifeless, his eyes were red. Vandana goes to him. She cant see her son in so much pain. She lovingly puts her hands on Sid’s face and says,
Vandana- Sid, what happened beta, why did not Ragini came with you.
Sid hugs her tightly & says- I am sorry Maa, i broke her trust, she is very much angry on me, i thought that i will never let a drop of tears come into her eyes but today i am the reason for her pain and tears. He tells everything what Ragini told him. He breaks down in Vandana’s lap. He cries like a baby.

Scene in Maheshwari house–
Ragini was crying in her room,her tears were not stopping. Just then Shekhar comes to her. Ragini wipes her tears.
Shekhar- You dont need to hide your tears from your baba, beta. He lovingly puts his hands on Ragini. He continues- i am a very bad father, right Ragini.
Ragini nods in no.
Shekhar smiles- I never asked you what you want, i never stood up you, i never asked wheater you are happy or not. Tears flow from his eyes.
Ragini- No baba, dont say like this, you are the world’s best father. You know every girl have a dream that her husband should be as loving & caring as her father is. Her husband should be copy of her father and Sid is same. I love him alot, baba. I love him she cries badly in front of Shekhar.
Just then Dadi who was passing through the room sees this scene. She gets tears in her eyes. She decides something & goes away.

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