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It was evening. Ragini & Swara were in Swara’s room. They were talking. Just then Kavya & Naren comes.
Kavya- Mamma….. She hugs Ragini
Naren to hugs her.
Ragini was surprised seeing them there. She hugged them back. Tears flow from her eyes.
Ragini- Kavya, Naren how did you both come here.
Kavya- With Dad, mamma….
Naren- Yes badi Maa, we came with bade papa.
Ragini smiles but then she gets the flashback how Sid asked her to go.
Ragini- Lets go downstairs.
Suhana & Rohan comes. They ask Kavya & Naren to play with them. They start playing.
Swara- You all play here, okay & dont come out of the room.
Swara & Ragini goes downstairs in the hall.
Sid sees Ragini he walks towards her & vice-versa. They have tears in there eyes.Just then Dadi comes in between them. She eyes Sid angrily.
Dadi- How dare you come here.
Sid- Dadi Maa i have come here to take Ragini with me. I realised i was wrong. He eyes Ragini who had tears in her eyes.
Dadi- I have no relation with you, do u understand. And i will not let my Laddo to go in that house.
Sid- Dadi Maa, plz i……
I have no relation with you do you understand shouted dadi. And why do you want to take her to that house, to kill her, like your chachi killed Jhanvi.
Tears flow from Sid’s eyes.
Sid- You are taking me wrong, i will never hurt Ragini, i love her more than my life. He falls on Dadi’s feet. Others are shocked seeing Sid in this condition. Ragini runs to him & hugs him tightly. Tears flow from there eyes. Shekhar, Sharmishta & others smile seeing there love for each other.
Just then Dadi pulls Ragini away from Sid.
Shekhar- Maa, what are you doing.
Dadi- Dont speak a word, otherwise you will see my dead face.
Shekhar- Maa…..
Dadi- And Laddo did you forgot he was the one who asked you to leave his house. He…..
Ragini- I did not forgot anything, Dadi.
Sid- Ragini i did it because…….
He was cut of by Dadi- Because you dont care for her, you are selfish, all this is fake, crocodile tears but i will not come in this drama.
Sid- No, you are wrong. I did it……
He was again cut of by Dadi- You are arguing with me, she raises her hands on Sid to slap him but Ragini holds her hand in between.
Ragini eyes Dadi angrily.
Ragini- Enough, you have said enough Dadi Maa & who gave you right to slap my husband & insult him, who, she shouted on Dadi. You are calling him fake, his love fake, really, his love is not fake but yours is fake. Did you even tried to search me in these years. You never cared for others happiness. You only did what you think is right.
Dadi was shocked to see Ragini’s outburst.
Ragini continues- And he asked me to leave his house because he did not want me to loose my family once again.
Sid was shocked to hear it from Ragini. He eyes her emotionally. Ragini comes to Sid.
Ragini- You know Dadi, my & Sid relationship is connected by heart. I saw pain in his eyes when i was leaving. I knew reason why he did this.
Ragini sees towards Sid & says- I am sending Kavya & Naren. Take them with you. And plz dont come here again, i will not be able to bear if again someone will insult you.
She turns to go. But Sid holds her hand.
Sid- Plz Ragini, come with me. When you know the truth then why…..
He was cut of by Ragini- yes i know the truth because i can read your eyes. But you cant Sid. You thought that your Ragini is so weak that she will break if her family leaves her. You did not had trust that i will not let my family go away from me neither this family nor that. We both would have cleared the misunderstanding. But you did not had trust on me. She said with tears.
Sid- No Ragini, i know i was wrong, i realised it afterwards. But plz dont give me such a big punishment. I will do whatever you will say but plz dont go away from me.
Ragini- Plz Sid, I know you love me, but it will take some time for me to trust you again. She goes.
Swara goes behind her.
Screen splits in two with Ragini & Sids crying face.

Precap- Sid returns to Sood Villa without Ragini.
So how is this Chapter……..

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