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Scene in Maheshwari House-
Dadi- Laddo, see i made your favourite dish with my own hands. come & eat.
Ragini- Thank u, dadi Maa, but i dont want to eat.
Dadi- Laddo, you know Chanchal….
She was cut of by Ragini,
Ragini- Dont you dare to speak a word against Chachi ji. Do you understand. She goes to her room.
Shekhar- Maa, plz stop destroying her life.
He too leaves. Ragini was in her room thinking abt the incidents that occured in her life. Just then Swara & Sanskaar entered the room.
Ragini- Swara, Sanskaar come, sit.
Swara- So, did not you missed us in these 4 yrs.
Ragini- Ofcourse, i missed you all, my sister & my best friend she said looking towards Sanskaar.

Sanskaar- Ragini do you still take me as your best friend. After how we got u to speak your truth out &..
He was cut of by Ragini.
Ragini- Its okay Sanskaar, i have forgotten that & you too forget it. You know may be it was destiny. In that Sid’s name was written.
Sanskaar hugs her.
Sanskaar- You know i missed you alot. You know na how much your sister is stubborn. So i had to deal with her alone. If you wld have been there we both wld have handeled her.
Swara- Sanskaar… what did u say.
The trio laughs.
Swara- Tell us abt you & Sid.
Ragini (blushes a little)- You know Swara, Sid is a man with golden heart. He has always stood for me in my weak moments. Any girl wld fall in love with him. Our marriage was a compramise for Kavya but later it turned into love. A pure relationship which have trust, understanding & love between us.

Just then Laksh & Monica come there.
Laksh- Can we come in.
Ragini- Yes, ofcourse.
They enter the room. Laksh & Monica looks towards each other. Monica signals Laksh to speak.
Ragini- What happened Laksh, do you want to say something.
Laksh- Ragini, can we become friends again, he asked hesistating.
Ragini smiles & says yes.
Monica- Ragini, actually Laksh also wanted to ask sorry from you.
Ragini- Its okay, never live in past, we should always move on.
They all start gossiping.
In Sood Villa-
Nivi, Viren & Sid were disscussing plan to get back Ragini in house.
Viren (little frustrated as they were not getting a perfect plan)- Bhai, the main problem is that Bhudhia…..

Nivi- Virennnnn..
Viren- I mean Bhabhi’s dadi.
Sid- Exactly Viren, even if Ragini will forgive me , i doubt Parvati dadi will let her come.
Just then Nivi gets a plan & tell Sid & Viren. They give a hi-fi to each other.
So how is this chapter……

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