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Vandana- Sid you know what you are speaking.
Sid (with stern face, trying to hide his pain while saying)- Plz Maa, no one will say anything. You can go with your family. I dont want to live with a girl whose family called my Chacha-Chachi a killer.
He takes a bag out from the cupboard and puts Ragini’s clothes in it. He goes to Dadi & says you can take your grand daughter with you. Ragini was just looking at him with tears.
Dadi- Waah, did you saw laddo the person whose side you were taking want you out of this house. This is there true colours. They dont know how to respect relations. Dadi goes to Sid- You dont need to worry abt Laddo her grand mother is still alive. And now i will not let her leave in this house even for a second.
She goes to Ragini & holds her hands.
Bhupat- Enough… Sid i am still alive. I am here to decide who will leave in this house & who will not. And if Ragini will leave this house than you too have to leave this house. Do you understand.

Ragini (who was silent till now)- No dadasaheb,dont say like this. If Siid wants me to leave this house than i will. I entered this house as Sid’s wife. Ppl say that husband & wife relationship is bound by trust & understanding. But if sid does not trust me then how Ragini- There is no doubt di that kavya is my daughter, i didcan i stay here.
Nivi- Ragini, you did not came here just as Sid’s wife but also as Kavya’s mother. Plz dont go think abt Kavya.
not gave her birth but she is my life. I will always be there when she will need me. I know after i go from this house you all are there to take care of her.
She goes to Bhupat.
Ragini- Promise me dadasaheb, you will not say anything to Sid after i will leave this house. No one will blame him.
Bhupat keeps his hands on Ragini’s head and cries.
Naintara- beta i dont have daughter but i will pray that you became my daughter in next birth.
She hugs Ragini & cries.
Vandana- Ragini…..
Ragini- No Maa, you are my strenght & if you will say then i will not be able to leave this house. She hugs her. Nivi too hugs them.

Chanchal- I am sorry Ragini, i am the reason for all this.
Ragini- No chachi ji, dont blame yourself. You are not in the fault.
She cries. Ragini goes to Viren.
Ragini- I know i dont need to say this but plz take care of your brother. She said looking at Sid (who had difficulty to maintain his stern face & hide his pain.)
Viren (crying)- Plz bhabhi, dont go, what will i say to Naren when he will ask me where is his Badi Maa. I will miss you bhabhi.

Ragini- Keeps her hand on his cheeks and says I will miss you too, bhaiya.
She at last goes to Sid. They both stare in there eyes. Sid could not control so he turned his back towards her. Ragini gives a sad smile. She leaves. Dadi holds her hands. Sood family come till gate to she her leaving. They had tears in there eyes. Before leaving Ragini sees towards her room window. But Sid was not there. She leave with Maheshwaris.
Sid comes out of the back of window. Tears flow from his eyes. He breaks down in his room.
All the Sood family members go to there rooms crying.
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Credit to: ck1234

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